Blogging In 2012 vs Now: 5 Years Since Disco Pants and 'Shit' Pics

(Not so) fresh from the Robyn Mayday archives, I've extracted some of the highlights of blogging circa 2012.  And it's all because this week five years ago, I started a blog. There are some cracking trends and changes we need to talk and laugh about!

At almost twenty years old, I was bored by Tumblr, a bit 'meh' about my degree and inspired by up and coming bloggers of the time (think LLYMLRS, Beautycrush etc.). So, *cue mystical music and smoke machine* let's take it back to a time when disco pants clad the legs of bloggers, my photos were, admittedly, shit and I wore pastel green jeans (please assess this look at the end of the post. Serious lols. You're gonna love'em). 



Frills: 4 Takes on the Trend You'll Want to Wear

black ruffled jumper

Frills. Ruffles. Whatever you want to call them, I'm ridiculously into them right now. Ruffles have been filling my favourite high-street and online shops since late last 2016. Replicating some of the frilly and exaggerated trims seen on catwalks, with far more affordable price tags. Fast forward to spring and frills are still set to be a key trend. Thank the fashion people - as I can't be bothered with one-season wonders.



Things To Come in 2017

Nottingham blogger

Oh hi January 1st 2017. How did you happen?! They weren't lying when they said the older you get, the quicker the years pass by. I'm not much of the reminiscing type (if that's a thing), but I wanted share with you some of my plans for the next 364 days. From a new job, to blog plans and more - let's make it good one! Oh and please enjoy this whimsical photo of me.

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