Gran Canaria Holiday Cheap
It seems like my holiday was yonks away now, sigh! To be fair it was 2 months ago... almost. I realised today that I hadn't looked over the photos from our week-and-a-bit away to Gran Canaria, to the Playa del Ingles region to be specific. That might seem a little odd, but we've been rushed off our tootsies over here! So rather than do an outfit post today I decided to compile a little collage (yes, kind of like being back at school in year 3 art) to show you what we got up to. We - if you're wondering - being me and my other half (pictured above for the first time ever on my blog, probably to his dismay).

In case anyone is curious, we booked through Monarch and flew from Birmingham and our hotel was called Sol Barbacan. It looked like a throw back to the 80s in their promo photos. But upon arrival we weren't traumatised by garish decor and complimentary speedos... although, I'll admit, that would have been a cracking arrival. It seemed freshly decorated - for a pretty affordable holiday it was better than expected! 

Alas, the (minor) tan has faded, but I'm still pining after mojo sauce (bottom right!). That's some guuuud sauce - bravo Canarians!
cheap clutch bags

Steve Madden Mint Green Stud Regan Across Body Bag
Black Stud Tassel Duffle Bag
Nude and Transparent Stud Clutch
White Cut Out Clutch

It's got to be said, when it comes to buying super affordable, on-trend bags New Look has been my go-to shop for years now. Recently I've got back into using a black and gold cross body bag I bought from New Look about 3 years ago. I think it was only a tenner and it's still going strong - impressive!!! It's the ideal size to hurriedly pop my purse, phone and keys in and shoot out of my flat to run errands. 

The top two bags I've picked out here are also bargain cross body bags from the New Look site. I've definitely fallen for this Steve Madden beauty - it's now half price and is such a cute style! I can imagine this looking super with some cut out boots. Equally, I think the duffel bag would look amazing with some boots and more gold detailing. Ohh black and gold. I do love you.

I'm also a lover of clutch bags as they have some kind of magical ability to instantly dress up an outfit. I love the cut out deets on this white clutch! For £9.99 this would be the ultimate accessory for an all white outfit. Transparent bags have been massively popular over the past months too, especially on the blogger scene, and there are a fair few in the New Look sale. Personally, they're not for me (I'm too care free about my bags, you'd have to make sure there was nothing embarrassing in there... plus my bags are full of receipts and coppers! Not worthy of a transparent bag!), but I know some are desperate to hop on that trend wagon! To be fair to you transparent bags, you do look cool.

Let me know which is your favourite, for me the white clutch is definitely my top pick!

*sponsored post, written by yours truly!
UK fashion blogger UK budget fashion blog how to style a fedora zara hankerchief print jumper cheap fedora hat Chloe Susanna Dupe Boots
Silk Hankerchief Print Jumper | Zara
Pleather Pleated Skirt | Lashes of London
Chloe Susanna Dupe Boots | Daisy Street *

Oh hello fedora on my head. I'm really not a hat person (besides beanies or whatever they're called. Why would you call a hat something to do with a bean?! Annnyway...), but I'm sure you guys will agree that Amy (from The Little Magpie) pulls off a fedora like nobodies biznizz. (Really, you should sell fedoras Amy. You'd make a mint.) So I ventured into hat land with this little baby from ebay. I made an offer and got some money off the Buy It Now price - cheap as chips as my bargain hunting bud David Dickinson would say. Here's my first go at styling a fedora then! Who knows what hat could be next - maybe some kind of Cossack number?

And... I went to Zara... oh dear. I managed to pick up this rather snazzy jumper though. It was £5.99 reduced from £25.99 I believe - cheers Zara sale! I was a bit naughty though and bought a skort... I'm deciding whether to keep it or not at the mo as I'm at an annoying between-sizes-stage at the moment due to gaining a few pounds from spending most of my day sat hunched in front of my laptop seeking some kind of employment (BUT NOW ON A SOFA. YES! It finally arrived!). Plus, it's a little pricey! We shall see... (but we all know that means I'll keep it).
uk fashion blogger british style blog lashes of london heart dress cheap topshop cut out boots
Floral & Spike Headband | Miss Selfridge

I definitely get too excited by how well these boots go with this fab dress. Black with cut outs and gold hardware. My fave combo (as you may know by now!). This dress is sold out right now unfortunately (although you could be desperate sneaky and do what I do... bookmark the page and see if anyone returns it!). But it was just £15 reduced from £50 - an absolute steal for something so intricate and edgy. As it's a kinda denim-y fabric it'll make a super transitional dress for when the horrific weather comes back - oh the joy. Do look at the rest of the Lashes sale though - there are some reeet old bargz to be had!

 Hope you're all basking in the last of the sunshine! I hear it's going soon. Not a suprise!
University of Nottingham Graduation 2013 Nottingham Uni graduation Summer graduation UON
Cream Dress with Black Collar and Lace Detail | A Wear via ASOS
Graduation Shizz | A whole new world of polyester

I am now, somewhat sadly (bye-bye student discount)... yet kinda happily (hellooo no more exams or essays), a graduate of the University of Nottingham. I must say, us summer 2013 graduates have been mighty lucky (or unlucky, depending on how you feel about wearing layers of black clothing in the heat) with this weather. As Nottingham is quite a leafy campus it was good to have the sun out - it reduced the 'oh-snap-my-heel-is-lodged-in-the-grass' situation at least. 

I went with this A Wear dress despite having bought a dress way back in March for graduation. I'd made the mistake of buying quite a thick jersey dress, which I'm pretty sure would have made me sweat 10x more profusely (mm.. delightful, but I swear these gowns are torture in such weather!). So picking out this pricier but airier dress a week ago from ASOS was a very, very good decision!

The bottom image was a request by my Mum for me to do a 'meercat pose'. I'm not sure I achieved that, but I couldn't leave this gem out.

A lot of you lot graduated this week according to my Twitter / Instagram, so congratulations everyone! If yours is yet to come, I hope you enjoy the day, despite the ruddy polyester!

Top | Primark
Lace Skorts | Primark

Ohhh man. I was going to title this post 'Hot in Here', but I'm not sure a Nelly song is permissible as a blog post title. My life still consists of sitting on the floor (our sofa still not shown its... fabric.. thanks Asda), hunting for jobs, eating the occasional bit of cheese and sweating profusely in our lounge that I should advertise as some kind of sauna. Although, I don't really want random naked people in here, so scrap that idea. Anyway, hence, the rather uninspiring outfit. I'm all about staying cool and comfortable at the moment. 

Hope you fabulous lot are surviving in this heat! I graduate tomorrow (finally!) so you can look forward to (maybe) seeing some photos of me sporting a mortar board soon. How very exciting.

Ps. you can tell these shoes are bloody old (perhaps 5 years old.. eek.). Can't find this colour anywhere online!

Ahh yes. Another video. I'm on a roll. As I mentioned in my last post, I did a bit of a (mainly sales) shop to cheer me up. So, here are the goods! As for the inserts of me wearing things: I apologise they aren't overlayed with the audio, but I have the joyous Windows Movie Maker to work with. And it's not at all magical. Maybe I'll get to use my boyfriend's Mac soon., but at the moment I'm going with the flow Roly Mo (if you don't know who Roly Mo is, you're missing out. Look at his beautiful chops.)
UK Fashion Blogger UK Affordable Fashion Blog Cheap Floral Spike Headband
Spiked Floral Headband | Miss Selfridge
Crop Top | Primark
Hamsa Hand Necklace | BHS
Kimono Jacket | Select
High Waisted Grey Shorts | River Island
Studded Slip Ons | New Look

So, I did a cheeky bit of rejection / my-life-is-currently-a-fail shopping. Job application after job application and I'm nowhere - but my fingers and toes remain crossed. Gotta stay positive, eh! These high waisted shorts from River Island are a success in some respects - £30 reduced to £12 in the sale: bargain! It might be worth me mentioning that some Rhianna for River Island items are available in the sale online and in store too!

 And this little spike and flower headband was probably my least required but favourite buy. It was a tenner initially, but I got it for £5 in the Miss Selfridge sale. It's relatively subtle, which I favour as I'm definitely not cool enough to don one of those incredible huge flower headbands! I couldn't find it online, so check in store to join my flowery-spiky-crowned gang.

I've made a small haul video today including these items and a few more I've bought in the past week or so, I'll let you guys know when it's up! Enjoy the sunshine buddies!

Ps. I've also been selected to feature in this Safestore poll for Favourite Student Blog! I'm technically still a student until next Thursday, so if you could spare a few clicks to vote for my blog I'd love you like a big slice o' cake.

This month's finds:
Cami Top | Primark
Crop Top | Primark

Bonjourno amigos! Well, isn't it just sizzling at the moment?! All I can say is our flat must be pretty well insulated... as I'm cooking in the living room right now!

Uploading videos is proving a little temperamental at the mo, but this one finally worked - better late than never eh! Onto my finds - Primark had some crackers in last month - check out the two tops I picked up from there in this vid! I was also contacted by and Hidden Fashion in June who both sent me fab items. The skorts from have fast become a favourite in my wardrobe!
midi dress cheap uk style blogger uk fashion blog UK budget fashion blog
Neon Studded Bag | H&M

Midi dresses always make me a little nervous. Not in the way that the world's ugliest spider living in your gas meter box might (I found it this morning... and it ran at me). But in an 'am I too short for this / will it suit me" kind of way. I was a little worried about styling this dress then, which may I add is an absolute bargain at £6.99. I don't tend to wear midi dresses as they can be mighty unflattering on me. But this one cuts off at around my knee - a little shorter than most others that I've tried and far better for my stature! So cheers for a midi dress that's bang on the money Karma Clothing!

On another note, I'm not sure if I mentioned it but I'm doing a video about my uni experience soon. So if any of you have questions about uni / my course or anything like that feel free to leave them in the comments! I'm currently having internet issues (booooo) so hoping to catch up on everyone's blogs / YouTubing once it's (finally) all up and running.



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