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If you'd have known me as a kid, you'd probably be shocked if you met me now. Not just because I was desperate to be an archaeologist (I really liked Time Team...). Needless to say, that didn't go to plan. You'd be stunned because I was an insanely timid child. But look at me now posting my photos all over the bloody internet?!

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"No". Sounds blunt, bitchy and a bit mean really. Doesn't it? Well, I think it's powerful, focused and positive (in the most contradictory way possible). But, equally, for me at least, has been difficult thing to say. But here's how I've made turning things down, or even just questioning things, easier for myself.

Valentine's Day outfit
Ah, Valentine's Day. Another day where the sun rises in the East and sets in the West and pigs don't fly. How wonderfully pessimistic of me. Really though, Valentine's Day is just another day... isn't it? Well, I've realised this year that maybe it's not.



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