Ahh more autumn cosiness! But before everyone clicks away from this post immediately... I KNOW, I know... those BOOTS. I'm hankering after them madly too.  They're available online very soon, so hold yer horses. Bookmark the page - or better still, if you pop on the product page you can get New Look to email you as soon as they hit the site! Really tempted to get these to set off my all-too-frequent all black outfits! I do get a hospital vibe from them admittedly, but let's call it NHS chic. I love'em.

I recently bought the black version of this furalicious cossack hat (you can see it here in my previous post). These cream mittens would match the hat perfectly. I definitely need some mittens or gloves right now - it's getting pretty nippy out there! 

When I popped into New Look the other day I spotted this grey shearling coat on offer - it's £20 off the original price at the moment. The Chritsmas jumper is another bargain, plus, I think it's quite a cute and modern take on the good old Chrsitmas jumper! 

Finally, these cute little cat print cupcake cases in matching packaging are very me! Plus, I crave cake in cold weather (not sure why, but gotta love cake). As a self-confessed crazy cat lady and cake lover I pretty much need these. Although I'd probaly never use them... they'd be kept for decoration because I'm weird like that.

Let me know if you're crying at the beauty of those boots like me... (sad aren't I).

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British style blogger UK fashion blog personal style blog outfit post cheap black fur hat
Faux Fur Black Cossack Hat | New Look   Scarf | Primark   Shearling Coat | Missguided *   
Jumper | F21   Skirt | Missguided   Boots | Missguided

You can never have too many furry things. I'm a right snuggle bug you see. I spend most evenings sat under a fluffy blanket nestling into the sofa. Larrrveeely. Needless to say, this jacket is so, so me! This isn't just fluffy on the outside... OH NO. The inside is fleecy too! All too dreamy. I've been wearing it (non-stop) instead of wrestling on a big old coat - it's incredibly warm and cosy. Such a perfect buy for this time of year!

I also picked up this Cossack hat from New Look today - it's the cheapest one I've seen around the high street. Now I've got no excuse to complain I'm cold with these new furry buddies of mine. I'm sat here now in the evening whilst I'm writing this still donning the hat and coat... see - I really am wearing these non-stop!

UK style blogger British fashion blog outfit post Personal style blog
Biker Coat | OASAP
Polo Neck Dress (worn as top) | eBay
Eye Print Skirt | H&M
Body Chain | eBay
Boots | H&M

Every coat needs to take heed from this furry number. When I ordered it, I though it'd be more of a shearling-type fabric. But it's actually short faux fur on the inside. Oh my is it warm! There should be a rule to make every coat fur lined. Offttt. That'd be heavenly.

I'm totally obsessed with this polo neck top at the mo - craving more neck hugging items now! It was a total eBay barg that I bought last year and completely forgot about. It's actually meant to be a dress, but at a mighty 5ft 4 it fits me as a top after washing it at 40 (IS THAT SUCH A CRIME?!). Guess I'll remember to wash it at 30 next time or it might turn into a turtle neck thimble or something.

I've also been featured on ASOS Fashion Finder here in the partywear to daywear style challenge along with Carla and Helena! How incredible are our party pieces?! I'll be featuring this rather fabulous bomber jacket that I styled on my blog very, very soon! It's an awesome dupe for the Isabel Marant for H&M jacket, but instead in gold.

Hope you're all liking this new design by the way! Re-vamped it to make it a bit more grown up. Ohh-e!

Harrods Christmas Fashion Wishlist 2013

The Row | Chanel Makeup | Michael Kors Bag | Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch | Harrods Christmas Goodies
Victoria, Victoria Beckham | Acne Shoes  | MCM 

A Christmassy post. Yes, I went there. There's five and a half(ish) weeks to go until the day with turkey and all the trimmings. Got to say though, I can be a little bah humbug before December hits. I'm really not one for putting a tree up way in advance, or cracking out a Christmas tune before the 1st December. But there's certainly one big old part of Christmas festivities I love and that I'm more than happy to partake in at any time of the year. Shopping.

Now, what better store to focus my ultimate Christmas wishlist on than Harrods? For me, Harrods is incredible for not only it's famous Christmas window displays, but also for the sweet, sweet co-existence of food and clothes in one place. Luxury food + designer clothes = the dream.

Clothing and all things sweet are generally top of my Christmas lists, hence my Harrods picks! My favourite items have to be the black oversized The Row jumper and the Michael Kors bag. They'd look fab together. I love cosy knits as I'm forever complaining I'm cold... and hungry. So if the pretzels can go in the Michael Kors bag - that'd top it all off.
What designer items would be top of your dream Christmas wishlist? Also, if you're planning on popping to the store for some Christmas inspo, I'm so jealous! Darn living in the midlands.

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UK Style blogger outfit post British fashion blog affordable cut out boots missguided Seanna buckle boots

Panther Jumper | OASAP   Dress (as skirt) | Rihanna for River Island   Seanna Boots in Burgundy | Missguided *

EEEK! That's the only way I can voice my excitement about these boots. They're the comfiest (yet cheapest) cut out boots I own. Compared to my other Topshop pairs these don't rub the back of my heel, so I can actually wear them sockless (if I'm brave enough at this time of year!) Oh and they're oxblood red with gold hardware. Urm, hello coolest cut out boots around!

I also discovered that this dress looks pretty snazzy as a skirt with a jumper layered over it. Seeing as I haven't worn it much recently, I think this will defo be my new way of wearing it. Although, perhaps with tights... when I took these outfit photos yesterday I actually managed to ladder my tights horrendously, hence the bare legs. Best go and buy some new ones before I freeze my butt off.

UK fashion blogger British style blog personal style blog
Jumper | Forever 21   Snapback | eBay    Vagabond Dioon Dupes | H&M    
Bag | notonthehighstreet.com    Super High-waisted Jeans | Primark

Words cannot express my adoration for Primark Super High-waisted Jeans. I fell for the blumin' hype around Topshop Jonis last year (love ya Toppers, but those black Jonis aren't your best...) and was pretty dissapointed by them after a few wears. My less-than-brill Joni experience was just with the black pair though; I know people have found other shades to be better fortunately. But I've found a reeeet old gem in Primark with these black skinny jeans. I already had them in navy, but picked them up in black after I gave up with my Joni jeans. 

These Primark babies are just £10 - definitely fashion-blogger-dupe material (or better than dupe..?!) They're not as stretchy as the Topshop Joni jeans and are thicker; although, this comes as a bit of a bonus as they don't go out of shape as rapidly!

Let me know if you've owned either pair of jeans and what you thought of them - always good to hear other people's experiences :)

affordable autumn coats
1) Elegant Suit Neck Woolen Coat (here)
2) Colour Contrast Zipper Design Coat (here)
3) Long Pattern Slim Fit Woolen Coat (here)
4) Zipper Long Coat with Pockets (here)

There are so many gorgeous coats stocked by the likes of Zara and Topshop (my personal fave being these Topshop Teddy Fur Coats. BE. MINE. Please...). Unfortunately I just can't fork out 80 odd squids on such dishy numbers. But, fear not, I've stalked Persunmall to find some absolutely cracking, affordable coats for autumn. These coats range from just £36 (that's near Primark pricing!) to a reasonable £43.

As I'm after a smarter-looking coat at the moment, I think I might have to give one of these a go! Shipping is free if you spend over $50 (that's around £30) and you can use the code in my sidebar to get 10% off an order over $80 too. Keep snug ;)!

UK fashion blogger British style blog tartan dress InLoveWithFashion Personal style blogger outfit post
Check Tea Dress | InLoveWithFashion.com *
Red Envelope Bag | notonthehighstreet.com
Fedora | eBay (here, or cheaper here)
Boots | H&M

Now, I don't think I've ever owned such a flattering dress in my life. Full. Stop. The cut of this In Love With Fashion tea dress is incredibly flattering. It nips in at just the right point and flares out to cover your belly, which, if you've just gorged on brownies like me, is just perfect. It's also made in Britain and is so well made -  for £30 it's really quite a steal! It'll be back in stock in around 2 weeks - if you want to be on it as soon as it comes back, click the 'notify me' button on the product page after selecting your size! There's also an equally fab green tie dye version here.

Today seriously called for opaque tights. Wahh! Is my skin thinning with age or is it flipping freezing outside?! Wouldn't be surprised if I have papery thin skin already. Had a eye test over the weekend and I'm in major need of new specs. Having been longsighted for the past 5 years, I'm now shortsighted. Whut. Why hello AGEING. Should probably go grab some new specs then!
UK fashion blogger British style blog outfit post Fashion Union slip dress Personal style blogger
Slip Dress | Fashion Union *
Check Shirt | Topshop
Watch | Michael Kors via ASOS
Vagabond Dupes | H&M

Despite the sunshine seemingly creeping into these photos, the weather is just grim. Sigh. Rain, storms, even some snow today apparently?! Unfortunately my trusty, bright pink Ikea brolly isn't stylish enough to make the cut on my blog! Expect to see more indoor snaps... the trials and tribulations of outfit blogging eh! Guess outdoor photos are going to have to bemore of a seasonal thing!

As I've been a bit freezing recently, layering up has been vital. This slip dress is so good for layering. Pop a shirt or a tee under it - easy business. Means I don't have to wear my massive fur coat yet and can still get away with a leather jacket and a woolly hat!

These shoes... I just cannot wear them enough. They took about 2 weeks to arrive, but oh myyyy, are they worth it! They are so comfortable (apart from chaffing my ankles slightly... but I'll let 'em off!) and are perfect for making my short-ass legs look a tad longer. I don't think I'll be wearing them to the fireworks tomorrow though... gotta dig out the wellies!



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