Skirt - River Island
Top - H&M
Cardigan - Warehouse
Necklace - Tiffany's
   Hey everyone,
   I hope that your not missing Robyn to much and that your enjoying my fellow bloggers and myself trying to fill her place for a while.

   I bought this skirt the day before my 20th and love it! It's very 'Kate Middleton' (well at least I like to think so!) but my dislike is the length, its really short! Like, I can see bottom short.

   I am going through a bit of a style rut at the moment and not really sure how to style it, how would you lovely lot style it? I am quite keen to mix it up with colour! I am always interested to hear about how other bloggers would style some of my garments so always feel free to tell me! 

I'm @GeorginaPorgina on twitter! 
or you can ask me on Formspring if you want to remain anonymous.

   Anyway i'll keep it short and sweet, how have you all been? What have you been up to this week?
Ps. Robyn: I love Georgina's skirt! I'm obsessed with lace (especially cream and white lace) at the moment.
   I'll be back in England tonight (whoopie...) and back to blogging in a couple of days (YAY!) with some decent outfit posts as I've moved out of my house with an overgrown, scary, dead bird filled garden! So fingers crossed the weather isn't too bad! Thanks to all my guest bloggers and I hope you've all enjoyed a bit of a variety show on my blog haha! :) xx
   Hello everyone,
   I just wanted to introduce myself! My name is Georgina and I am going to be doing a few posts whilst the lovely Robyn is in Tenerife. (lucky!) I thought the best way to introduce myself is with a questions and answers summary, so here it goes.
Who is Georgina, and what is Little Miss Sunshine Style?
I am Georgina, I am 20 years old. I have a background in beauty therapy, but changed my career path to e-commerce, I am now a website merchandiser for clothing! My job means that I am in charge for my department when it comes to anything website related (bar actually buying the products) so I manage promotional creative, making sure we have appropriate marketing coverage, assessing sales figures and click rates etc. As I have both a background in clothing and beauty 'Little Miss Sunshine' is my outlet! It contains snippets of my life, DIY, beauty reviews, my lookbook and anything else I want to ramble on about. I also own an online jewellery boutique Jimmy and his girl with my boyfriend. 

Where does the name 'Little Miss Sunshine' come from?
It's what my boyfriend calls me, I also think it comes from my love of sunshine and all things 'tan'

Why did you begin to blog?
When I left college in 2010 I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do, In my last few weeks of college I was only going in a day a week and I didn't have a job. I had decided at this point that beauty therapy wasn't for me as a career path, but I didn't know what was! I then bought my first copy of Vogue and things became a little clearer... I've always loved clothes, but I never was that passionate, I never thought I had the 'stylist flair' - At this point though I knew I wanted to work in clothing! Going back to college and then uni wasn't really an option for me, I don't really get on with education, so I began reading blogs to get my fashion fix! I then plucked up the courage to start my own!

What's your greatest blog achievement?
I know it sounds really cheesy, but I am proud that people actually read my blog. All of my followers mean the absolute world to me, and although they may not know it, I am always snooping on their blogs too. But if I had to pick a certain landmark, I think when I was contacted by George at Asda that was pretty big. They asked me to review an item of clothing, and I must say I felt so privileged. 

How do you know Robyn?
Robyn and I come from the same hometown, I am also best friends with her big sis!
 Ps. Robyn: I asked Georgina to do a little introductory post for you all, as I love a little nosey into the life / reasons behind the blogger / blogging! She's also been kind enough to do another post for me, which will be popping up on your feeds in the next few days.
   I am Katrin from Tarte Aux Fraises. I am 23 years old and live in Geneva, Switzerland. I wanted to show you today how to do a Switzerland inspired messy bun. I wear this a lot when my hair is dirty, it takes super short time and I only need 5 bobby pins for it! 

Step 1

Begin with brushed dirty hair. 
Step 2

Split hair in two parts, lower and upper.

Step 3

Twist the upper part and form a bun, bobby pin it down. (I use 1 - 2 bobby pins)

Step 4

Split the lower part into two parts and start braiding one side.
Step 5

Pin the braid on the opposite side of head with a bobby pin

Step 6

Do the same with the other half.

Step 7

Make sure the braids are stuck and the bun is holding. Spray with hairspray if you want (I never do)

As you can see the hair needs to be long to do this. 

If you want to know what make-up I am wearing in these pictures, it is from my Make-Up Monday #10

Bisous :) 
Ps. Robyn: This hairstyle is so cute! I might even try it out on holiday! Doesn't Katrin have the most gorgeous hair you've every seen?!
   Hi everyone,

   My name is Sophie and I blog over at Sophee, my blog is a mix of beauty reviews and fashion posts. When Robyn said she was looking for people to guest post for her whilst she was away I thought it would be a great chance for me to share a product with you that I think will be great to use over the coming summer months.

   The product is the Natural Collection Tinted Moisturiser in the shade 'natural'. I picked up this product on a whim, it only cost me £1.99, and to be honest I wasn't expecting great things, but I was pleasantly surprised.

   It is described as giving a 'Light, sheer cover for a natural looking finish.' From the minute I applied this I knew it would be a winner, it blends effortlessly into the skin, and it moisturises and adds a hint of colour at the same time - perfect for those hot summer months when you don't want to be applying heavy foundation, but would still like a little coverage.

   The only downside about this product is that it comes in a fairly limited colour range, there are only 3 shades available, making it difficult to find the perfect shade for your skin. (I am fairly pale, and found that natural was the closest match for me).
   The moisturiser also gives skin a more dewy look, which may not be for everyone, but you can just apply some powder over the top of it if you fancy a more matte look. All in all I think it's a great product, and for £1.99, it is definitely worth checking out!

   A massive thanks to Robyn for letting me guest post!

   Sophie x

Ps. Robyn: Thank you for letting us know about this little gem Sophie! Next time I'm in Boots I'll have a look at it, definitely! Sophie is similar to me in that she loves a bargain too - check out her blog for some great beauty posts in particular.
   Hi Guys,

   My name is Caroline from all about the girl and I offered to do a guest post for Robyn while she was away on holiday (not jealous at all!!!). I love Robyn's blog and I think she's got great I hope I don't show her up with my measly little offering.

Shoes - Office
Jeggings - Gap
Blouse - Urban Outfitters
Jacket - Miss Selfridge

    So here I am, this is me, and my outfit. If you know my blog you'll recognise these wedges, I bought them for my holiday and they've barely left my feet since I got them...too bad it's now forecasted to rain in England for the rest of year (probably!) so looks like they'll be resigned to the back of the wardrobe for a while! As wedges go, they are the comfiest I've ever owned...AND they do them in tan, next pay cheque's purchase perhaps?! 

   The rest of the outfit is a fairly standard work day outfit for me, jeggings and a blouse?! Check! I bought this jacket a couple of years ago, and forgot about it for a while, and I just discovered it again the other day...I've since stuck it on top of every outfit this week! 

   I apologise that my photos aren't as pretty and as good quality as Robyn's but I'm pretty new to blogging and still getting to grips with photos...haven't braved outdoor pictures yet, but I'm feeling inspired by Robyn so watch this space.... 

   Hope Robyn is having a fab hol and hope I haven't bored you all too much :)

Ps. Robyn: Thanks so much Caroline! I love your jacket it's gorgeous! I love the variety of posts on Carolines blog, I love a bit of beauty and fashion mixed in together! Definitely go and have a nosey at her blog here!
   As some of you will have spotted from my post about the Benefit event I attended last week, we were given their not-yet-released Box 'O Powder Lip Glosses to try out. The glosses aren't actually released until the 28th of June in the UK! So I was super keen to review this product before I go on holiday, as it may well sway some of you to buy it on the 28th!

   First off, let me just make this clear - I'm not someone who buys lip gloss. I just prefer a more matte look on the lips in general, just personal preference! So in all honesty, if I had come across this on the Benefit counter on the 28th of June, it wouldn't be a product I'd be trying out. I think the ultimate reason for my indifference about lip gloss stems from the terrifying lip glosses that were available when I was about 12 - sticky, tacky, overly shiny messes slathered all over girls' lips. Really not attractive. Benefits' new lip glosses are a million miles away from this though, to my delight!

   The packaging of the lip glosses catch your eye, as ever with Benefit products. The glosses are available in the shades Box 'O Powders come in (so Dallas, Dandelion, etc.). The Coralista shade was my favourite upon trying out the glosses at the event, it's not shimmery, which I prefer, and it adds a subtle, soft hint of colour to the lips whilst feeling moisturising and rich, far from the thick gloopy messes of my early ventures into lip gloss! See for yourselves.

   It smells delicious - a kind of fruity fragrance I'd say! The applicator is perfect for the contours of the lips and it's quick and easy to use. If you're a lip gloss fan then you will definitely love this, even as a lip-gloss-phobic I have found myself picking it up several times, as it's way more convenient than lipstick! That in mind, it would also look gorgeous over a pinky or coraly lipstick if you wanted a glossier looking finish.

   So, if you're interested in giving these a go pop to a Benefit counter on the 28th! They are £13.50 (15ml) each, which isn't bad for a higher end brand. If I were to repurchase I'd definitely go for Coralista again, what shade are you interested in trying out?

Ps. A relatively important note! My blog is going to be taken over for the next 2 weeks by some exciting, brilliant and beautiful guest bloggers! I'm off to Tenerife to escape this bleak country that is England. God help my pale skin, my factor 50+ is at the ready (not even joking!). So, I hope you enjoy the variety of posts coming up! See you guys again soon, around the 29th I expect! xx
   Sorry for my lack of posts recently, I've been unwell. But fortunately, just as I was coming down with this weird coldy illnessy thing, I recorded a video. I wanted to do a tag video so you guys could get to know me better / get an insight into my strange, little brain.

  I'm going on holiday in a few days, but to prevent my feed looking boring / empty I've been lucky enough for a few bloggers to offer to do some posts for me. I hope you enjoy the posts and I'll say a quick thank you to them now - thank you!!!

   This may well be the last post from me before I go on holiday (although, I hope it isn't!) but I have a lot of packing to do, as the day after getting back from my holiday I'll be moving straight back home. So, enjoy the posts and I'll see you guys in a couple of weeks (but you might spy a post within the next couple of days!).
   Today I hopped on the train up to Leeds to attend the Benefit Northern Bloggers event, hosted by MichelleLeanne and Adele (who are all managers at Benefit).Now, I know, I'm not Northern... but Leeds really isn't far from me at uni and who can turn down a Benefit event?! Little did I know or even anticipate that we'd be given a soon-to-be-released product, an exclusive, it's not released until 28th June! But I'll come onto that in a second.

   First off, just a few pictures from the event. There were Benefit products galore dotted around the room.We were free to try these out as we wished and we got to see them applied by a professional (Adele!).

   We were also given a little presentation by Michelle about the history of the brand, about their upcoming Mascarathon and an exciting new product. I didn't realise how long Benefit had been around for (since 1976) and we were told all about their packaging, philosophy and much more. I'm sure most of you will be wondering what a Mascarathon is, well, Benefit are raising money by doing a marathon, all the way from Edinburgh to London, for the charity Refuge - a charity for victims of domestic violence. As a sociology student, this is a cause quite close to my heart and I've just given my donation. Here's the website if you would like to donate too. They are hoping to raise £20,000, which I think is such a brilliant thing to do and they've even got some celebs involved, such as Caroline Flack and Jeorgie Porter. 

   Now, if you're a Benefit fan, you might have used their Box o' Powders. If you have, or even if you haven't, you might be interested to know about this new release from Benefit. It's a lip gloss, retailing at £13.50, corresponding with the Box o' Powder shades. I'm not one for lip gloss usually, but honestly, these are so lovely! I received the Coralista shade - a kind of coral (duh) pinky shade. I'll give a proper review on this in the near future! But in the meantime, here's a little preview!

   Also, anyone who may find themselves in Leeds, if you go to the Benefit counter in House of Fraser and have a makeover then buy a product, if you quote my blog name (Robyn Mayday) you'll get a free gift. Now, I'll admit there is something in it for me, if I get 30 readers of my blog to do this first, I can win a load of Benefit goodies. But if I did win them, I'd love to do a giveaway of Benefit stuff (of about half of what I'm given)!

   Sorry this was quite long, but there were a few important bits I wanted to let you guys know about! Benefit is the quirkiest cutest cosmetics brand out there in my opinion and it was great to have an event for Northern bloggers! Let me know if your excited about the new lip glosses!

 Vest top - Primark
Shorts - Levi's (DIY)
Bracelets - eBay
Necklace - F21
Lipstick - 17 Lasting Fix in Hot Chilli
Tan - St Moritz ;)

   I just came across these outfit(ish) photos on my camera that I took in that heatwave week that we had. I totally forgot about them, so I thought I'd upload them now, even though it's a little late! This was prior to me cutting my fringe, plus my roots look horrific... this was, what, two weeks ago? Reaffirming I need to sort my ruddy roots out!

   I'm growing to like 17 Lasting Fix in Hot Chilli. Although I feel I have to be tanned to wear it due to it's warm tone (yes, I'm wearing fake tan here... I'm really pale naturally). I've had it for about half a year now, but I rarely bother to put lippy on, so it's grown on my, slowly.

   I love this Aztec, burnt-out effect vest top from Primark. It was just £4 - absolute steal! I love it so much that I picked it up the other day when I went shopping in grey - you can see my haul video here! 

   Hope you've all enjoyed the bank holiday weekend - I haven't had one as such as it's just been revision, revision, revision (moaning student!). I'm also waiting on some new fake disco pants to arrive (mine have finally started to die!) and some Docs too, so I've been waiting over the bank holiday! I'm going to try not to make any impulse purchases for a while...!
   I'm such a youtube noob / half asleep this morning. I actually managed to upload the wrong version of this video about 20 minutes ago, so now I'm sat writing this post while, fingers crossed, the correct version of the video goes up!

   The majority of the haul is from Primark - they have some brilliant holiday bits in at the moment, and if you're not overly fussed about looking stylish on holiday and just want some bargains  (like me) it's definitely your first port of call. Don't get me wrong I do love the dresses, but the shorts, for example, aren't something I'd wear day to day.

   Bear with me on the camera quality, I'm getting a new camera in the coming month or so!

   If you've got any favourites from my haul / recently picked up bargains, comment and tell me about it - I love bargains! Also any ideas on future videos you'd like to see are kindly welcomed, as although I have some ideas, It'd be nice to know what you guys want to see!

   A very, very quick little mention of an issue I've realised with my blog... I've become aware that since changing my URL I'm pretty sure my blog posts aren't appearing on your blog feeds (GFC users) :(! I have signed up to feedburner and I'm hoping this will help resolve the issue. (Update: Resolved just as this posted as far as I'm aware!? I think all my 2 weeks of posts have just gone onto your feeds?! Appologies if they have as that's going to be annoying ... haha! Let me know if it didn't come up on yours / did!)

   Secondly, I though I'd share a discount that I just used on Amazon (UK), which is 20% off clothing or shoes if you sign up to their newsletter here. It's valid for 30 days of receiving it (from what I can remember) and there are probably some restrictions on the usage of the code, so look at the Ts &Cs. 

   I managed to get some Dr Martens for £46.36 (ish?!). I've been thinking about getting them for a while now, as I'm such a boot wearer, but they're a bit pricey so I wanted to wait for a discount like the one I found to come out before splurging! I'm aware this is still quite pricey (I rarely spend more than £30 on a pair of shoes) but Docs are made to last and I'm sure I'll wear them a lot. I'm selling some of my unused shoes on eBay soon too, so I'm sure that will counteract the cost!

   Here they are in all their glory! I got them in matte black, size 5 for anyone wondering. I'm so excited to wear them, but not so excited about wearing them in haha. I've set a click through link to the product from the image if anyone else wanted to buy them / have a gander!

   Let me know if your use the offer and what you buy, as I'm so nosey, I'd genuinely love to know :)! Also, a quick mention that I have filmed a 'haul' video, I'm yet to edit it but it should be on my youtube channel in the next few days!



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