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Ok. We need to talk about this coat. Yes, it's a velvet puffer coat (- or is it puffa?!). And it's potentially the best highstreet find... ever. Coming across a Stella McCartney style jacket for less than 10% of the designer price is a pretty bloody exciting thing, is it not?! I know, I know... velvet isn't everyone's cup of tea. So, if you're not sold, read on to find out why you need a velvet puffa in your life too.

radley kennington

So, it's just over a week until Christmas... yes a week. How terrifying, but equally exciting! To add to my festive excitement, I received this amazing little gift from Radley the other week - the Kennington Mini Domed Grab Bag. And the verdict: I'm seriously besotted! They weren't wrong when they said good things come in small packages.

wearing double leopard print

The cold weather brings with it some wonderful stuff. Snug nights in, crisp leaves, hot chocolate... and leopard print. Ok, so a slight jump there. But it is the ultimate Autumn / Winter print! So I've been thinking of how can I can wear more of it.  And to go the extra mile for this post, I'm not just wearing double leopard print. Yes - that's triple leopard print. Uh huh.

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Now, I don't wear dresses that often. But this one is something special. This bargain £19.99 LBD from New Look is an absolute cracker. With a nod to the choker trend and a simple, flattering style, it's just what I need in my wardrobe for the festive season! ie. perfect for skimming a cheese and wine filled belly... or any other Christmassy treat - I'm open to it all 😏. Whilst being easily paired with any shoes or accessories.
House of Holland style

When I spotted this House of Holland sweater I totally fell in love with it. But not wanting to splurge right now, I quickly found this way cheaper ASOS Space Cadet sequin adorned alternative that had to be mine. I came across this £28 beauty hunting on ASOS (as you do) and I featured it in my Velvet and Metallics post a few weeks back.
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Tie Front T-shirt | New Look
Leopard Print Neck Scarf | New Look
Joni Jeans | Topshop
Star Print Bag | TK Maxx
Studded Ankle Boots | Daisy Street @ ASOS

Making smart casj and casj smart since... well whenever they were invented. I'm a sucker for a tie-front garm. They're contemporary, yet timeless and a bit interesting. Admittedly, they do seem to cause confusion. I still wear this River Island tie sleeve dress three years on (ok, it isn't looking it's best anymore) and to this day it continues to spark conversation. 
Robyn Mayday blog Robyn blogger Primark band t-shirt

Guns n Roses Band Tee | Primark (men's section), similar @ Missguided
Pink Zip Petite Skirt | Missguided, also via ASOS
Heavy Chain Necklace | similar @ ASOS
Biker Jacket | similar @ Vero Moda, via ASOS
Silver Ankle Boots | New Look

As lover of clothes from the boys section, a bit of Playstation and being quite the slob, I've never been the poster girl for traditional femininity. But scarily, approaching my mid 20s, I find myself questioning if I'm 'girly' enough. Inspired by the fierce lady that is Megs over at Wonderful You in her post this week, I wanted to share my own thoughts on why it's ok to be you, even if that means getting an Action Man for Christmas (... read on!). And use my sociology degree for the first time (jokes.)

With Autumn coming our way, some of my fave cold-weather trends have crept back in. Namely, velvet and metallics. There are some seriously fab pieces around at my favourite spots (New Look are killing it right now! As are ASOS... as ever... and Misguided).

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Well, another couple of weeks have flown by, but I've got a bright little outfit for ya. A bit of a rarity from my wardrobe. Plus, a few thoughts around how I'm focusing on being more happy. 
Top Apps for bloggers

With gazillions of apps around these days and new ones emerging all the frigging time, I thought I'd give a run down of my faves right now. These all make my life better or easier in some way and are all absolutely free! Yaaaas 🙌 But first, lets take a moment to admire my super cute pup on my phone background.... aww!

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As a few of you may know, I stopped blogging for a good year and a bit. In May 2015 I gave it all up. I've absolutely loved blogging since I started back in 2012 (WOAH. Where does time go?!). 

best budget makeup

Switching it up a little today to bring you my all time fave affordable make-up buys. These are all products I've bought and loved for quite some time (some of them maybe for too long...). Real daily staples when it comes to making me look human at 5:30am.
Robyn Mayday blog Raw hem edge skirt grey suede jacket Robyn Mayday fashion blogger Missguided velvet heeled boots UK fashion blog

HELLO sunshine. I'm literally so glad the weather perked up - skirt is onnn! This ASOS number is my new fave.
tux jacket
how to wear tuxedo jacket
tk maxx suede tassel star bag
western suede tie choker
all saints pony skin heels
robyn mayday nottingham blogger

Yep, I'm sporting all black. Pretty standard for me day to day! However, I'm actually wearing a fancy tux / blazer. Count yourself lucky, seeing me in a snazzy item of clothing 😂

H&M kick flare jeans
Glitter platform sole slip ons
Robyn Mayday fashion blogger
patch jumper forever21
badge jumper sweater

Badge Emoji Jumper | Forever 21 (similar)
Western Belt |
Kick Flare Jeans | H&M (similar @ UO)
Suede Satchel | UO (similar @ Yoox)
Blue Pom Pom | Topshop (similar @ PLT)
Glitter Slip Ons | River Island @ ASOS

So. I pretty much feel like a 8 year old wearing this outfit. To be quite honest, this top attracts some attention every single time I wear it. To be expected really when your donning bananas, radishes, lobsters and peaches (basically tiny sassy butts) all at once.
H&M kick flare jeans
Robyn Mayday blog
Chanel boy bag dupe
Stradivarius top
New Look premium shoes
Robyn Mayday Style blogger

Biker Jacket | similar @ Urban Outfitters
Printed Tee | Stradivarius
Kick Flare Jeans | identical Topshop ones here
Studded Heeled Sandals | identical from Senso @ Revolve
Quilted Bag | similar @ Forever 21 or Rebecca Minkoff

This week has absolutely flowwwn by... at the risk of sounding like an absolute granny here, where does time go?! Anyway...

In the year I've been away from blogging, nothings really changed much - in that I'm still absolutely obsessed with finding bargains. This tee is one of those absolute steals. I'd come across Stradivarius on my Spanish holds before - they're owned by the same company as Zara. However, it tends to be slightly cheaper and verges a little more on the  TRF @ Zara side of the spectrum. So when I spotted they'd lauched in the UK anddd that it's free delivery for orders over £50 I was sold. I filled up my basket (including this babe of a printed tee for just £7.99). There's some right gems on there, so you need to go check that out.

As I'm a bit of a short-ass, I had to hack away even more at these kick flares to make them how they actually should be 😂 - classic. However, they're super comfy and as I basically live in denim, these switch up my standard skinnies nicely for a (very tiny) nod to summer. Yes to getting a bit of ankle out!

M&S bomber jacket
fringed zara suede bag
embroided bomber jacket
quilted bomber
Embroided Bomber | M&S (almost gone! Wah!) 
Try this one from Urban, or this cheaper version
Cami Top | River Island (similar)
Ripped Knee Jamie Jeans | Topshop
Fringed Bag | Zara (similar at Urban)
Pointed Boots | M&S (similar at Dune)

Now, I'm not sure what the thought was here with this outfit. But it's somewhere between Ryan Gosling in Drive (thanks to a reference made by a colleague at work) and a cowboy (actual name references fail me). Basically, a weird combo.

I came across this amazing M&S jacket a couple of months ago - hence it now being pretty much out of stock...! I've done a quick scour of the web and found a couple of other embroidered bombers that are probably even fancier than this one. This M&S one is perfect though admittedly - the quilting makes it super cushion-y and snug on cold-ish days and I fell in love with the embroidery.

I'd also like to add, these shoes are a) difficult to walk in - they make my feet about 2 inches longer than they actually are b) they'd make excellent kicking implements. So if I'm wearing these, don't touch my food. Robyn doesn't share food.

Slogan T-Shirt (Primark) | love this tee from ASOS!
Bike Jacket (H&M) similar from New Look

Star Print Jeans |
Leopard Heels (Miss KG, out of stock, wahh) | try these snazzy babes from Faith
Western Style Belt |

📷 by Pear Bear Photography

So... I'm back! HELLO OUT THERE 👽. It's been a while hasn't it. Over a year in fact... and a LOT has changed those 365+ days (including getting a new job, a puppy and a house...!). I feel out of the blogging loop big time. And I'm missing it! Hence this attempt of getting back into the game.

Without getting too excited here over some cotton, these jeans have fast become my absolute faves. They're a (ridiculously) cheap take on these Stella McCartney Star Jeans - but a bit grottier looking (in a good way?!). Nabbing these for just £25 was one of my best denim purchases ever. You can get similar ones from Glamourous here. Talking of a good purchase, an inpromptu Primark trip resulted in me grabbing this £5 San Franciso printed tee. I hadn't been in for an age, so when I spotted this bad boy amongst some other beaut slogan t-shirts I had to get it.

Right, that was weird. Good weird though. C'ya next Sunday!



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