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Turns out I've been living under a rock... an Instagram-shaped rock. 'Bloggers', 'influencers' and generally all sorts of people are frequently using bots on Instagram - automated tools developed to gain you followers and likes. Here's how I found out that some of the 'grammers I followed were using bots, and why this tactic makes me feel so uncomfortable.


Robyn Mayday UK style blogger

I'll admit, seeing a 20/30-something with a designer bag is definitely not the norm (at least where I live, hence this silver beauty from ASOS). And I'll also confess to yelling 'HOLY SHIT' when, out of curiosity, I've googled the price of some seriously dreamy pieces. These gorgeous designer creations have become a familiar sight on my social media feeds over the years, with many influencers repping arm-candy from the likes of Gucci, Chanel and YSL. *Cue me furiously double tapping 99% of these 'grams*. But why are some people a bit dick-ish about seeing them on their social feeds?
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Twenty-five. It's kinda nice to meet you after all these years. The big pre-thirty milestone. An arguably meaningless milestone at that. Oh and do you like how I've tied my jumper into this post 😏? Thought so.



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