new years party outfit

Ok. We need to talk about this coat. Yes, it's a velvet puffer coat (- or is it puffa?!). And it's potentially the best highstreet find... ever. Coming across a Stella McCartney style jacket for less than 10% of the designer price is a pretty bloody exciting thing, is it not?! I know, I know... velvet isn't everyone's cup of tea. So, if you're not sold, read on to find out why you need a velvet puffa in your life too.

radley kennington

So, it's just over a week until Christmas... yes a week. How terrifying, but equally exciting! To add to my festive excitement, I received this amazing little gift from Radley the other week - the Kennington Mini Domed Grab Bag. And the verdict: I'm seriously besotted! They weren't wrong when they said good things come in small packages.

wearing double leopard print

The cold weather brings with it some wonderful stuff. Snug nights in, crisp leaves, hot chocolate... and leopard print. Ok, so a slight jump there. But it is the ultimate Autumn / Winter print! So I've been thinking of how can I can wear more of it.  And to go the extra mile for this post, I'm not just wearing double leopard print. Yes - that's triple leopard print. Uh huh.



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