It's about time things got a bit more interesting over here I think. So say hello to a new feature for my blog - The Fashion Blog Run-Down.

Since starting full-time work, I've got to admit, blogging regularly has become a lot harder.  But on top of that, I've found it tricky to find time to comment on posts, or even keep up to date with my favourite bloggers. And that makes me mighty sad, I tell ya.

So I had a little brainwave today. I've decided that at the end of every month I'll put together a kind of fashion blog run-down. It'll be a blast of outfits (that's the plan at the mo!) based on blogs I've read personally, but if anyone has a blog or outfit to shout about, I'd love to see it, so tweet me! I'm hoping that creating this post monthly will mean I can show some love for awesome blogs and outfits whilst keeping up-to-date with all everyone's cracking clobber.

Expect to see some inspiring ensembles and frickin' good favourites. 
Let's see how this goes then!

UK fashion blogger UK fashion blogger
UK fashion blogger UK fashion blogger

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Summer is almost officially over. Just 3 more weeks left as we head into September according to my old mate Google. I've definitely started to think about my autumn / winter wardrobe. I'm already craving jumpers, hats and jackets. And it looks like a lot of other UK bloggers are too.

1. Amy's Topshop jumper is bloody divine. I've got a thing for soft fabrics (in a normal-as-possible way). I want a pile of fluffy jumpers to roll around in (and wear). Now.
2. Think I may have to nab this asymmetric skirt off of Tasha. It's ideal for autumn - that colour is perfect! If I don't manage to steal it, I'll have to get one myself.
3.  Hermione's outfits always stand out as they often have a couple of pops of colour in them. Her neon beanie looks fab with her skirt - definitely going to add a couple more to my collection!
4. This shirt dress that Charlotte is wearing would be awesome for layering up with as it gets colder. Must. Not. Look. On. Monki.

Annnnd now I have many things to add to my A/W need list. Bet you guys do too!

Chiara Fashion are utter babes. They've kindly sent me three tops to give away to you fab lot (my readers)! The tops range from S/M to M/L but most of them should fit anyone UK size 8-12. If this disappoints you size-wise, I apologise guys. Hopefully I can give away some vouchers or something soon! But if you win the tops you can do what you like with them! You could even do another giveaway if you have your own blog. Whatever floats your boat. As you've probably guessed already, the winner will win all three tops shown.

As I say, this is open to my blog readers only. This giveaway is open worldwide - wahoo! So wherever you're from / living, as long as I can post your prizes to you, it's all good. Fill out the entry form below to be in with a chance of winning - there are optional entries for those of you who follow me on more than one platform.

Good luck!

(also available in white and 20% off until Monday)
Necklace | BHS
(half the original price!)

I'm in love with a jumpsuit. I said it. 

I discovered it in a random shop in Derby and crazily decided not to buy it the first time I saw it. Realising I'd been a fool, rather sadly, I went back the next day to try it on (what a weak being I am). It fitted like a dream. Now, I've never owned a jumpsuit, so I was admittedly a bit apprehensive about wearing it. But it's ridiculously easy to style and comfy to wear. Perfect-a-mondo. What do you guys make of it? You can get 20% off until Sunday at with code AUGBANK20.

Onto the shoes. I had to sell the pair of Topshop Arabels I originally bought as my strangely shaped feet were completely mushed in them. Luck was on my side though, as the exact same boots in the next size up appeared on As you guys can probably tell, this is my absolute faaaavourite website at the mo! They fit perfectly now and I can walk without my feet being crushed to a boney pulp - wahoo!

(from River Island sale)
Denim Snapback | New Look

I thought it would never happen. But it did. I bought something from the Rihanna collection at River Island. Not that I didn't *like* it, per se, more that it was extortionately priced. Fortunately though, I didn't fork out a load of dosh for this dress. It was originally £70 (erm.. whaaat?!), but had been reduced to £25. This  dress-shirt combo was cried out to me from amongst the leftovers of the River Island sale. I'm well pleased with it. It'll be ideal for work. Comfy, but not too casual! Minus the cap though. Pretty sure that's not office appropriate.

Bet y'all love my chronic bitch face in the third image. My foot seems reaaaally long in that photo. Curious. Maybe that's why I'm so infuriated. Anyway, would love to know if you chaps grabbed any bargz from the River Island sale!

Boots | H&M
Necklaces | F21 \ Boot sale

Textures. I love'em. So when these two flipping gorgeous items of clothing from Ark arrived at my door together, I knew I wanted to style them together. The dress is such an intriguing fabric. I love how it has see through  panels and a sassy lil' cut out at the back! I'll definitely be using this as a top too - maybe with a skirt I'm thinking? Just so versatile - I blumin' love it. The kimono is so, so beautiful too. I've never been one for fringing, but for some reason this babe seduced me. You tassely thing of wonder you.

I'm currently in the process of chomping my way through a 500g box of Guylian choccies (those sea shell ones!) prior to starting full time work on Monday. Certainly a very enjoyable (but unfortunately all too easy) pastime.
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Cropped Tee | Primark

HELLO fit skirt. I still cannot believe that this set me back just 8 measly pounds. £7.99 if we're going to be specific. It's not on the H&M site right now (hold ya horses!), but the polka dot version is. These circle  skirts are usually mighty unflattering on me as I'm not a bean pole (more like an uncooked, squidgy cocktail sausage... but not as smooth...?). This one is shorter than others I've tried though, which I think makes it the perfect shape for us little'uns. Well pleased with this. Must say, H&M have some bangin' new arrivals. I bought this skirt shopping with Tasha and she grabbed an incredible letter printed blazer for just 15 squids.

On another note, I've officially accepted the job I was offered in Digital Marketing - hooray! I don't start until next month, but I'm looking forward to learning new things and earning some moolah. High fives all round!
UK fashion blog

I seem to be a bit keen on prints at the moment! I'm loving Lazy Oaf stuff, but if only I could afford it, eh! The designs and prints are just bloody wonderful. Of course, Motel never fail to go all out on the print front. And you really can't go wrong with a jumper with a flipping top hat-wearing sloth on it. Want you in my life Mr Slothy.

Ps. If you liked my last outfit post, you can vote for me in the #IAMMissguded competition here :) it just takes one click - thanks buds!

Denim Snap Back | New Look
Oversized Bomber Coat | Primark

I cannot express how insanely comfortable these shorts are. Oh my. They're also 100% silk. Oh, and even better, they're in the French Connection sale for only £20 - a complete steal for real silk! I went for this khaki shade as I'm now starting to get some transitional pieces for Autumn (hence the new coat!) prepped seeing as the weather has begun to go downhill. I'm not complaining though! I think the between summer / autumn phase is my favourite clothes wise. 

This coat was just begging to be bought (I swear). Primark really is starting to rival the likes of super-stylish Topshop with these kinda designs! Heads up guys, seems like Primark's AW13 collection is starting to drop in stores!

And finally, you might have noticed I've invested in a second pair of cut out boots. Again, these are from and were (again!) half the original price they were flogged at in Topshop. Seems I can't get enough of snooping for some affordable cut out boots now.. Must. Stop.
british style blogger

Oh that Zara skort. Well, I say that, but you might have noticed that this isn't that Zara skort. I do like that blogger fave, but after trying one myself I decided it wasn't for me. But as I scouted around Zara a few weeks back I spotted this skort. Straight off, I absolutely love cobalt blue. Seriously though, if I could have half my wardrobe turned cobalt blue tomorrow... mmhm. This one seemed far more 'Robyn-esque' anyway. Can I just say though: Zara, you ain't catering to girls with junk in the trunk. These fit me well on the waist, but are rather snug over my bootay. But if I sized up the waist wasn't right. Oh well, power to the big behind.

In terms of these somewhat different photos I thought I'd live on the edge and go out alone to take photos in the park. Luckily, not many people were around to witness me being a loser to get some outdoor snaps. Reason being, as a photography keeno I like to make sure my photos are as interesting / decent as they can be (plus, our flat isn't ideal to take photos in). We'll see how long it goes before some 14 year old kids laugh at me and I run away, face in hands, crying. (Jokes. Although, I need to work out how to take outfit photos in my lunch break at work or something once I start with that full-time bizniz!)
UK style blogger outfit blogger missguided aw13 missguided event missguided 2013 british fashion blogger budget fashion blog

If someone asked me what the coolest and most hippity-hippest online brand out there is, hands down, it'd be Missguided. Well, my description there just goes to show how uncool I am... anyway... So when I was invited to the Missguided AW13 press day I was beyond excited to see what they had in store for next season.

My pick from the AW13 pieces was a blouse with a dollar print all over it, which you might have spotted me (licking?!) on Instagram - prettay bling bling eh. But I'll also let you in on something pretty ruddy cool. Missguided have taken on a footwear designer, who have put together their first exclusive collection for this season. Look at those kicks above! The they have a Jeffrey Campbell-ish vibe to them, but of course will be far, far more affordable. I honestly can't wait for these to come on the site! Missguided also have a new logo. If you hadn't already noticed it, have a look at it on my Instagram. (Wow, plugging my Instagram today - much!)

I got to meet Sarah (Blood Red Moon) and Leanne (It's All The Rage These Days) (- above) and Kavita (She Wears Fashion), Amy (Amy Valentine) and Sara (Sara Luxe / stylist for Missguided) who are all brilliant and made the day even better! Thanks to the Missguided team and the B Public Relations team (ps. they've all got amazing style!)
UK style blogger UK affordable fashion blog UK budget blog UK high street fashion blog
Pansy Print Playsuit | Warehouse *
Fedora | Minimum Mouse via eBay
Faux Leather Jacket | via
Necklace | River Island
Bag | New Look
Topshop Aristotle Cut Out Boots | via
Woahhh.. this is a bit girly for me. I don't believe I actually own any floral clothing. In all, I don't tend to buy feminine prints. But when I was offered to review an item from Warehouse, I decided to teeter out of my comfort zone a little. When I came across this playsuit, it seemed to bring me over to the flowery side instantly (I think it's the colours - the purple and yellow make a fab combo!). So I crossed my fingers and toes and hoped that I'd love it in real life after it had managed to steal my heart somehow online!

I shouldn't have fretted at all - this is such a perfect addition to my wardrobe. It's different to anything else I own and as I've been offered a job now (WHOOPIEEE! Ok, contain your excitement Robyn... ahem!) I think it'd look relatively professional with some tights for the office. It's actually a super length and it doesn't.. erm.. ride up into unspeakable places like some evil playsuits do. Thanks for making such a well cut playsuit Warehouse!

If you're thinking of grabbing this little baby, maybe consider sizing up. I did after spotting the model on the site was wearing my usual size, yet has far less flesh than me! It fits really beautifully and I must say, I love the silky fabric (what is it with me and textures?!). You can find more playsuits from Warehouse here in the dresses section.
clarks shoes sale John Lewis
All from Clarks shoes at John Lewis

I have such fond memories of Clarks. Those magical foot measuring machines made me love going to get my new school shoes as a kid! But in all honesty, it's a brand I've often forgotten about when it comes to buying some new ones and twos (that's shoes in rhyming slang for the cooler people out there!). I did pop in a few months back after seeing a luring 'sale' sign outside a Clarks store though. As it's somewhere my Mum shops at (no offence mum, love ya) I didn't expect to come across much to my taste. But when browsing I was seriously surprised. 

I mean, look at these shoes I've picked out here. Some of these I could imagine coming across in Topshop or other shops in that 'cool' bracket. The prices are probably similar too, but if your childhood memories of Clarks are anything like mine, you'll remember your Mum or Dad being massively peeved that it was the freakishly fast growth of my feet that meant they had to buy new shoes rather them falling apart with wear. For me, it's a brand I associate with quality. Maybe that's why it's not seen as a go-to brand for us younger folk! But I bet you young'uns like at least one pair of shoes I've picked out here!

My favourites here are the slipper shoes - it's probably a bit weird, but I really want to touch that hairy looking bit (that does sound weird. Oh god). I'll be looking to buy some smart, long-lasting shoes soon for work and these will be on my list! I'd love to know if you've got the same memories of Clarks as I do - man, I miss those cool foot measuring machines and the good old days of flashing lights on your trainers...

*This is a sponsored post written by yours truly!



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