Robyn maydayyellow new look check dress I'm Robyn. And I'm an introvert.

Now, if we previously crossed paths at school or college (hello darkness my old friend... jokes. Hi old pals) or you're my mum (hiya Debs, look at you go on your tablet) this won't be a shocker. But if you're just passing through my blog, follow me on social media, or we met within the past few years, this might be a bit more surprising.


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Since returning to blogging about a year ago now (you can read a bit about my hiatus here), I've been working with the wonderful Anna from Pear and Bear Photography to create my blog's style or fashion imagery. I've always loved photography (I actually studied it for a while, although, you wouldn't believe that if you saw my camera roll) and I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so collaborating with a photographer for my outfit posts was quite a natural move.

Anna is an absolute dream to work with and has done shoots with a number of bloggers. She's also pretty chocca with wedding photography and portraiture. So I was super keen to lightly toast (not grill) her about blogger shoots and best practise when it comes to nailing that perfect insta-worthy shot.

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Some of us have niggles we look to 'correct' through cosmetic procedures. I guess I can say that as of last weekend, I'm now (happily) a member of this camp. This post explains the reason behind my first foray into this world or niggle-nullifying. In the form of a non-surgical nose job, or non-surgical rhinoplasty. Simply put: dermal fillers injected into your nose, to change it's shape. Yep, I had injections in my NOSE *shudders* - I'm squeamish!

Robyn mayday Robyn mayday

With September (aka Fresher's season) approaching, I thought I'd reminisce about my very own uni experience. It actually makes me feel a liiiittle bit sick that I graduated four years ago now (WHERE 👏 DOES 👏 LIFE 👏 GO 👏). So as a Sociology graduate from the University of Nottingham, here are a few things I learnt... and surprise, surprise, there's very little academic content in here...

Hawaiian shirt H&M Hawaiian pyjama blouse "You're old for your age!": a phrase I seem to hear every time my quarter-life-status is thrown into conversation (by this, I mean I'm twenty-five, by the way). It's also a phrase that barely even makes sense... old for your age...? Huh??? Personally, I'm not convinced I come across older than I actually am, but maybe that's because I know that I wave at my dog and sniff my clothes (more on this to follow, don't you fear). So, just to show that I'm definitely not old for my age, I thought I'd share some pretty embarrassing things I do, aged twenty-five. Enjoy.

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It's been a little while since we've talked life stuff, hasn't it? My last 'personal' post was the one about keeping up with blogging. Which was, admittedly, horribly downbeat. So, I felt like it was time to sit down and tap away on my keyboard and spill some more positive life shiz. Fuelled on green tea, accompanied by cubes of cheese (seriously). What. A. Combo.

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Festivals - something us Brits can be proud to say we do ridiculously well, from incredible line-ups, to fashion with an edge. Forget Coachella-vibes-only, the British high street always serves up some unique pieces for UK festival season! So I'm massively excited to share this New Look festival-inspired outfit with you guys, as well as some of my favourite artists from across the line-ups. But first, let's just take a moment to appreciate this pink metallic anorak before we crack on with this post...

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Instagram has been the recipient of some major criticism lately. With the algorithm pissing off 99% of us and bots becoming widely used (I've written about bots here), there hasn't been a day over the past few months where Instagram hasn't been trashed within a 10-second scroll of my Twitter feed. With all this change it's sometimes easy to miss new features, or pointers on how that oh-so-mysterious algorithm actually works. Features can also be rolled out gradually across accounts, rather than in one hauuuge app update, so we won't all see them immediately, but we might hear about them (still very jealous of those with the linking within Stories feature!) And, of course, the full workings of the algorithm is a big ol' secret.

So, let's talk Instagram fingz I've discovered over the past couple of weeks....
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Personal style. It's just that - personal. But I guess you could say I've become increasingly selfish with it. Wanting to challenge myself more and more. To push my fashion boundaries.
I've added a few interesting pieces to my wardrobe recently, so I thought I'd let you in on how I'm continuing to progress my style. When I say interesting... I mean... have you SEEN this yellow jumper with kinda-crazy shoulder flaps?! How 'fashion-meets-Big-Bird' of me.

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So, this is pretty unusual for me. I'm sat down to write this post without a plan in mind, or even a title - just a feeling. Prepare for Robyn-gone-rogue. And a bit of an inspection into my mind right now.
Today I really wanted to write something completely honest. To share how I'm feeling at the moment about my blog and life in general. So here goes.

Robyn MaydayPink suede boots

Boots - I bloody love'em. My feet have spent approximately 90% of their footy little lives in them, ever since I started buying my own shoes. They remain my go-to footwear, aside from slippers, of course. And right now I can't get enough of seriously bold boots. I mean, just look at these pink suede babies!
Western, platform, cut out or flared heel styles... I'm lusting after them ALL! The wilder, the better.
I know, many of them are kinda out there. But here's why I'm so into them and a few bold-ass-boot options for you to shop right now.

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Recently, high-street retailers have been flogging tees, sweaters and hoodies featuring bold statement prints. No, I'm not talking about zebra print (even though it's admittedly wonderful)...  I'm talking slogans.
Feminist, girl power, viva la vulva-esque statement garms are everywhere right now. A bit of a Spice Girls 'Girl Power' tee revival, if you will. I had one of those from a 90s tour! And I wore a hoodie from H&M repping the same statement only a couple of months back.
I get why these tops could be interpreted as commodification of feminism, or even hypocritical in some ways (remember that 'this is what a feminist looks like' tee scandal a few years back?).
But to me, the recent boom in the use of these slogans forces us all to think about what they mean and enables us to wear our hearts on... well... our chests.

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I've never ventured into politics on my blog. And this post isn't for talking political parties, or even to enlighten you on my own political stance. This is a post about our opportunity in the coming weeks. Our opinion. Our power. Our say over something significant - something we only get to do every few years.

I get it - voting ain't easy at times. But here's why we should all do it, regardless of our indecision or disdain for what's on offer.

Let's get into a little storytime...

robyn roxburgh
robyn maydayAll too often, we shy away from seeing the good in ourselves. "I love your outfit today!" - is regularly shrugged off with "oh it's just Primark". Or "that was such a kind thing you did" followed up with a casual "ah it was nothing...".

It seems many of us just aren't very good at taking a compliment. Myself included. And we're also pretty shit at recognising amazing things about ourselves.


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UK fashion blogger
A couple of weeks have passed since spring officially sprung, and I'm absolutely living for it. Cue daylight (OMG. YES.) and the best season of trends in forever. Oh and less days of wrapping yourself up in a makeshift clothes-cocoon! Here's why spring is THE superior season IMO...


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Turns out I've been living under a rock... an Instagram-shaped rock. 'Bloggers', 'influencers' and generally all sorts of people are frequently using bots on Instagram - automated tools developed to gain you followers and likes. Here's how I found out that some of the 'grammers I followed were using bots, and why this tactic makes me feel so uncomfortable.


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I'll admit, seeing a 20/30-something with a designer bag is definitely not the norm (at least where I live, hence this silver beauty from ASOS). And I'll also confess to yelling 'HOLY SHIT' when, out of curiosity, I've googled the price of some seriously dreamy pieces. These gorgeous designer creations have become a familiar sight on my social media feeds over the years, with many influencers repping arm-candy from the likes of Gucci, Chanel and YSL. *Cue me furiously double tapping 99% of these 'grams*. But why are some people a bit dick-ish about seeing them on their social feeds?
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Twenty-five. It's kinda nice to meet you after all these years. The big pre-thirty milestone. An arguably meaningless milestone at that. Oh and do you like how I've tied my jumper into this post 😏? Thought so.
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If you'd have known me as a kid, you'd probably be shocked if you met me now. Not just because I was desperate to be an archaeologist (I really liked Time Team...). Needless to say, that didn't go to plan. You'd be stunned because I was an insanely timid child. But look at me now posting my photos all over the bloody internet?!

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"No". Sounds blunt, bitchy and a bit mean really. Doesn't it? Well, I think it's powerful, focused and positive (in the most contradictory way possible). But, equally, for me at least, has been difficult thing to say. But here's how I've made turning things down, or even just questioning things, easier for myself.

Valentine's Day outfit
Ah, Valentine's Day. Another day where the sun rises in the East and sets in the West and pigs don't fly. How wonderfully pessimistic of me. Really though, Valentine's Day is just another day... isn't it? Well, I've realised this year that maybe it's not.

(Not so) fresh from the Robyn Mayday archives, I've extracted some of the highlights of blogging circa 2012.  And it's all because this week five years ago, I started a blog. There are some cracking trends and changes we need to talk and laugh about!

At almost twenty years old, I was bored by Tumblr, a bit 'meh' about my degree and inspired by up and coming bloggers of the time (think LLYMLRS, Beautycrush etc.). So, *cue mystical music and smoke machine* let's take it back to a time when disco pants clad the legs of bloggers, my photos were, admittedly, shit and I wore pastel green jeans (please assess this look at the end of the post. Serious lols. You're gonna love'em). 

black ruffled jumper

Frills. Ruffles. Whatever you want to call them, I'm ridiculously into them right now. Ruffles have been filling my favourite high-street and online shops since late last 2016. Replicating some of the frilly and exaggerated trims seen on catwalks, with far more affordable price tags. Fast forward to spring and frills are still set to be a key trend. Thank the fashion people - as I can't be bothered with one-season wonders.

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Oh hi January 1st 2017. How did you happen?! They weren't lying when they said the older you get, the quicker the years pass by. I'm not much of the reminiscing type (if that's a thing), but I wanted share with you some of my plans for the next 364 days. From a new job, to blog plans and more - let's make it good one! Oh and please enjoy this whimsical photo of me.



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