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My week at home has come to an end. This means no more fancy cheese (yes, Philly is fancy to me), chocolate hot cross buns or early Easter eggs. Oh and no more heating. Back to the student house (ice cave). It was fab to spend time with my family and meet a little fluffy Persian (cat...). Although, the week has unfortunately been dedicated to my dissertation. But I had a nice little treat waiting for me in my room - some New Look shoes I grabbed from ASOS while the 25% off deal was on. And they fit - whoopie! I just hope it starts warming up as I fear my tootsies would fall off if I wore these out in the current temperatures!

These photos are from my Instagram (RobynMayday) - bit of a plug there haha ;)

Expect outfit posts next week!

Chiffon Kimono Jacket (sold out)

Erm. So I seem to have gone on an (extremely) early holiday clothes ‘top up’. Oh and all my buys seem to be the same colour… my go-to colour, black. Oops. But at least everything was extremely affordable! Actually, I never buy anything super snazzy for holiday. Things just get sun-creamy, sweaty and basically ruined (gross, but true). I usually do a bit of a pre-holiday Primark sweep to add some on-trend bits to my suitcase (a bit like Supermarket Sweep, but in Primark and without Dale Winton). Last year my suitcase was probably 80% Primark - gulp. This year I refuse to look like the grand Primarker of the Canaries. I should probably add, my holiday is in June. But hey, nothing like being organised! 

Somehow I ended up on the Select website. I think a free delivery deal was the culprit here – such a sucker for free delivery, sigh. There was a lot of potential. In fact, if I’d had it my way I would have spent over £50. But I decided 50% of it was just me being over zealous (look at me being all sensible!). So I cut my basket down to these items. 

First off, you’re probably wondering what the hell leggings are doing in this ‘holiday’ post – no, they’re not for holiday! The mesh detail is rather cool and they might come in handy if summer never comes (can’t lie, it’s possible considering the current arctic climate). So onto the actual holiday buys. My favourite is probably the kimono. It’s my alternative to a cardi, as I feel weird in cardigans- not sure why, it’s a strange statement, I know! I have a similar jacket from last year and it's nice and airy to wear in the heat. And for four quid, you really can’t go wrong! Also, the bikinis at Select are ideal for me. Being top heavy it's handy to be able to buy top and bottoms in different sizes without having to splurge. It's fab to find another budget fashion store that offers this other than Primark!

My order should arrive tomorrow or Friday, so I’ll keep you updated on the ‘keep’ and ‘return’ piles. Greedily, I’m hoping that they are all keepers!

(Ps. I know black isn’t technically a colour, but I’m not sure what else to refer to it as!)

(not exact! But same print)
Primark Black Boyfriend Fit T-Shirt

I did buy something(s) other than chocolate in Belgium! Well, minus that top in the middle, no it's not chocolate, but it's Primark number from good old Nottingham. I had a bit of spending dough (well.. Euro) so I felt like buying some blogable Belgian things and these two tops seemed just that.

Starting with Brandy Melville... my god... that shop was good! I'd describe the brand as a merging of Urban Outfitters and Topshop, with a dollop of Ark and hippyness in there too. The prices in Belgium were similar to Urban Outfitter prices - this was about €20 (£17). I was reasonably happy to pay that - it was my birthday! Although I fear that the one London store will probably be a tad pricier. The top I've linked to is on the US site and isn't the exact one that I bought, mine is a longer vest top with drop arm holes, but it's the same print.

As for Pull and Bear, I've visited the store in Stratford a couple of times, but I felt like the Belgian store was more 'my style'. But actually, saying that I haven't been to Pull and Bear in London for months now! I loved a ton of stuff in the Brussels store but decided to be a good Robyn and just get one thing. It's on the UK website at £9.99 - bargain! I did pay a little more in Euros surprisingly, but only another quid or so.

Finally, my Primark top that I couldn't leave out. I've actually got a second one of these too - a grey version - but I was wearing it when I took these photos (and in my last outfit post in fact ;) ). They are ridiculously versatile, a definite must have for spring. I can definitely see these flying off those Primark rails dang quick as they're only £3.50 each and there are white, red and blue shades too.

Hooray to my fellow students who've made it to Easter break! I'm working my (fluffy purple bed) socks off doing my dissertation still, but have got plenty of posts planned! By the way, the hilarious and foremost snazzy-stylin' Tasha from So On Trend has made me her Monday-Must-Read today! How super-kind is that? She's on my blogroll (ie. one of my absolute faves) so you seriously need to check her out in her cha-mazing garbs.
Over Sized T-Shirt | Primark
Necklace | Daisy and Eve

I bought this pinafore dress on a whim. It's something that I can't decide whether to keep or not, seeing as I already have my Daisy Street pinafore playsuit! But let's not lie... I will keep it. It was only £14.99 (well around the £13 mark with student discount!) and you can buy this exact black pinafore-y number from New Look. I was hankering after some black, denim dungarees you see, but I haven't spotted any good'uns and I don't imagine them being too flattering on me. So I guess this is my more flattering alternative!

I slathered on some red lippy as this is admittedly a bland outfit! My rather hazardous boots do jazz it up a little too, but I have only worn them once so far... this resulted in falling down the stairs in Lloyds, classy eh (I'm claiming lack of grip, although cocktails may have played some part in this). I think I'm lucky not to have impaled myself during my slip!

Hope y'all appreciate my crazy face on the bottom right. To see a crazier face of mine from the other day where I was doing my 'this is how I look when I try to look cool in posts' face. I hope that makes your day. Finally (I know, this has been a long'un!), I've got round to doing a basic Blog Roll (ie. the blogs I find myself stalking most regularly).  I'll be adding to it continuously as I did it very quickly last night.  But do take a look - I hope you make some new discoveries from it!

I had a seriously fantastic birthday thanks to my amazing boyfriend! I was whisked (well, Euro Star-ed) off to Brussels to explore for two full days. Perfect location! I'm a chocolate fan and I love little adventures! I didn't really know what to expect from Belgium if I'm honest, except for the obvious: chocolate. There was so much! Some of the shops had amazing decor. The exteriors were just as snazzy. The architecture in Brussels is incredible - the UK really has nothing on it.

Our hotel was super colourful. The web / design savvy of you might recognise Pantone as a colour system. Well, our hotel was part of the Pantone brand - every floor was a different Pantone shade. There was also coloured sugar downstairs (I may or may not have stolen a couple of as a keepsake..)- rather cool!

The food in general was fab too. Before going, I (embarrassingly) forgot that classic Belgian waffle. But once we were there they were everywhere. Genuinely, everywhere. Waffle shops every 20 metres and waffle vans (yep, like ice cream vans!) serving hot waffles. I also had a seriously spicy green thai curry, but as I'd had a few drinks I managed to handle it - cheers for that alcohol. On that note, Belgian beer is so much better than ours, and, ahem... stronger. We tried an 8% beast - brain-picklingly strong! One was even served in a skull mug - how alternative.

Don't I look so thrilled to be by that 'Little Man Pee' statue, aka Manneken Pis. That was an experience and a half, I tell you! We could hardily get this photo (required for comic value). There were about 100 people surrounding him at this point! Look at him dressed in gangster-like gear haha (apparently he has hundreds of outfits?! That's #fblogger status). We were a bit underwhelmed by his small stature, but it was hilarious to meet the 24 inch chap!

As for outfits, I kept it simple in the daytime. Comfort was key! It was mild enough to wear just a t-shirt at times. That stranger, the sun, made an appearance. In the evenings I dressed up my disco pants / pleather pleated skirt with jazzier tops. I also popped to Brandy Melville and Pull and Bear while I was there and bought a top from each - I'll share my purchases soon.

It was super to explore a city I'd never been to and to eat tons of food (I'll admit, my brain is preoccupied by food all the time). Anyone else popped over to Brussels before?
Super Cosy Tights | Primark

The minute I spotted this dress I fell in hieroglyphicy-love. Well, actually, I initially spotted the grey version. Then, after a quick browse I saw that there was a white one - I had to have it for £13.99. Monochrome again, yes! But I love the print and the fit is really forgiving (much needed when the past 3 days have consisted of a chinese, McDonalds and a trip to the pub!). There's also a pink version if you're a bit more fun than I am!

Ok, I seriously need to stop wearing this necklace. I'm starting to annoy myself by wearing it so much! The other bits of bling I got in this jewellery haul have kind of been neglected due to my love for this box chain number.

As you can tell, this is just a short post today! I've had a couple of days off from doing uni work, so I might commemorate the weekend by cooking some brownies with mini cream eggs in. Sounds good, but I'm not sure how they'll work out. I'm sure I'll post my results on my Instagram though (@RobynMayday). If I don't make them, it's because I've decided to be a slob instead.

Oh and I have no idea what the hieroglyphics mean. Interesting... I could be walking around with anything written on me. Cool.

Blink 182 Top | Gift! (DIY)
Monochrome Plaid Coat | Primark
Bracelet | eBay
Necklace | BHS (on sale!)

This is one of the tops I featured under my playsuit my Three Ways To Wear A Pinafore Playsuit post. Pretty much my favourite band t-shirt. My boyfriend bought it for me quite an age ago and as it's a blokes top it was a bit tight over the old chest, so the other day I snipped the arms off for some extra space. I've kinda started living in it now actually. Comfort is definitely dominating over style at the moment! I'm slobbing around in my pjs most days (trying) to do my dissertation. Definitely no blog worthy outfits since being back from Brussels (these photos were taken a couple of weeks back)!

This skirt was one of my prizes from the Lashes of London giveaway I won and it's become an absolute staple in my wardrobe at the moment as it goes with absolutely anything... although perhaps not a pleather pleated top... that could be a bit too much. But anyway, it's a flipping gem, and there's still some pleated pleather-y goodness left here. I've come to the conclusion I wear far too much pleather.

So, I say to those of you with dissertations - we will power through this together amigos.
Oh, and I deserve heckling for this distinctly cheesy title.

Ps. As you may have noticed, I've changed up my photos a bit here. Because I've been really busy with uni stuff and it's all so samey I felt like putting my post together a bit differently today. If you prefer my photos like this then let me know!

On this little blog I've had a few questions about my hair. Now, don't get me wrong - I reply to them! But I worry people won't check back to see my answers (darn Blogger commenting system). So, as  one of the most common questions has been about my hair care, I thought it'd be an idea to make a little video, that way  know people can watch it if they're interested. I filmed this video a week or so ago now so my hair is now freshly bleached, yay!

To be honest, how I look after my peroxide locks is nothing snazzy at all! As you might expect from me, all my haircare products are relatively cheap for the use I get out of them. But basically all of these products are really spectacular for the price!

If you use any of these products let me know what you think of them. Bottom line here - I'd definitely recommend those of you with bleached or dry hair to give the John Frieda Full Repair Perfect Ends Deep Infusion and argan / Moroccan oil a go. They really do make a massive difference to the quality and feel of my hair.

Shampoo and Conditioner | Tresemme Colour Fade Protection / sometimes Salon Silk
Purple Shampoo | Pro:Voke Twice Weekly
Serum-y stuff | John Frieda Full Repair Perfect Ends Deep Infusion
Heat / UV Defence | Tresemme
Hairspray | TIGI Catwalk Session Series Work It

Coming up soon, I'll be sharing some photos from my trip to Brussels - I rarely do lifestyle posts but it will include waffles, chocolate and makeup (yum, yum and yes), so I think it will be cool to have something a little different on here!

I haven't done a styling post in absolutely ages (think I might have only ever done one before?!) and seeing as I'm now on the old Youtube-ular, it seemed obligatory! 

So, I recently won a voucher in a Daisy Street twitter competition and chose this playsuit as part of my prize. It's a pinafore playsuit - basically, a fancy pair of dungarees! But they're super versatile and pinafore style everything is spilling out onto blogs at the moment. My absolute favourite pinafore-er (that's a new word, yep) has been Hannah's (Daisies and Dr Martens) Topshop pinafore dress - suits her perfectly and I love how she's styled it. So, I thought I'd join the pinafore party.

So I've put together three outfits. Two are casual and one is more dressy so I could show how versatile this little number is. For £19.99 it's a major bargain and will be fantastic for the massive monochrome trend this spring / summer. You can buy the Heather pinafore playsuit from Daisy Street here.

Let me know what your favourite is and don't forget to watch the video too if you're interested in seeing the outfits in action! By the way not too sure why the video has uploaded in a black box, but re-uploading / remaking the video didn't help, oh well! I tried haha!

Beanie | River Island
Boots | H&M

 Blink 182 Vest Top | DIY
Bracelet | eBay

Studded Blouse | Ever Ours
Tights | Primark

Top | Fairground (via Zalando*)
Denim Shirt | H&M
Leggings | H&M
Boots | H&M (blister inducing)
Beanie | H&M

Yo spaghetti Os. I think I might have to start using that as a term of address... my rather lazily dressed body is back on the internet. The title says it all really, I was proper late to meet people to walk to uni, so I had to put together something acceptable (ie. the first comfortable things at the top of my drawers). 

These photos were taken on my new fancy camera machine and I'm having a ton of fun playing around with it, although admittedly I did forget to use manual mode for these photos so they're probably not the best they could be! But just look at the video quality! I'm super pleased.

Update in the 'I'm going 'somewhere' in Europe' situation of my mini update post - I'm going to Brussels - yes, I'm going to be a sprout! Brussels is in Belgium (for anyone who I've cruelly confused), obviously famous for chocolate, but also a statue of a boy peeing. I'm not joking. Click here to see I'm not lying. I'm hoping to vlog the trip and hopefully my encounter with this cray-zay statue thing. Wow, I'm pretty worried about who will end up on my blog now through google searches... But anyway I'm SUPER excited. Click here to subscribe to my channel if you're interested in seeing that statue and / or other upcoming videos featuring the face of yours truely.

You may also notice I've got a dot com - whoopie! Only trouble is, when I link to RobynMayday.com without the www. part, it comes up with an error page (browsers correct this, but links from twitter and the like don't). Pretty annoying. I've followed all the instructions, so if anyone has any advice please help!

Have a fabu-louso weekend everyone!



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