Robyn Mayday

Robyn Mayday is a style and opinion blog, written by Robyn Roxburgh (that's me!). Founded as a creative outlet whilst studying at uni back in 2012, fashion and style quickly became the focus of my content.

I aim to bring something a little different. With an eclectic sense of style and infatuation with anything a little bit weird, I like to take on various topics in my outfit posts. From personal advice and style musings, to girl power vibes and the low down on blogging.

To create high quality visuals to sit alongside my posts, I work with a photographer - Anna, from Pear and Bear Photography. We collaborate to find inspiring shoot locations around Nottingham.

I've worked with brands including ASOS, New Look and Missguided. Since 2013 I've worked full-time within the fashion, retail and finance marketing sectors. I literally live and breathe marketing! (And clothes. Let's not forget about the clothes).

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