Top - Primark
Hoodie - American Apparel
Jeans - Topshop
Sunglasses - Peacocks
Necklace - Forever 21

   I'll be heading home tomorrow (explains my slight absence from outfit posts / any posts over the past few days!), which will be fun... the 3 hour train ride and 1 hour drive home from the station sucks! Due to packing away most of my clothes into a huge case to lug home, I've been left with clothes I haven't worn in an age that have been stuffed to the back of my drawers. This outfit is a result of that! Not much effort made at all, but it's just one of those days.

   I do love this top though. I bought it from the men's section in Primark last year and cut it up a bit to look a bit more interesting. I haven't worn it since last summer so it was good to re-discover it this morning! I like that it's not clingy and is of course an ideal print for summer! Yeah, I know, it's not summer yet, but it damn well feels like it!

    The jeans I've had for yonks. They're 'jeggings' according to Topshop - to me they're actually jeans though, just a tad more lightweight, so they're great for this strange weather at the moment. The hoodie is American Apparel, another old purchase, but it goes with anything. Could do with a larger size these days though! The sunnies were a cheap purchase from Peacocks a couple of years back. I have such trouble finding sunnies I actually like on me - so I seem to stick to the same old pair, until they break!

   Hope everyone has had a good week! Have brill a weekend!
   Over this weekend I've done a tonne of needless trawling through eBay in order to avoid doing uni work. Yesterday I came across this  bracelet on eBay, I wasn't actually searching for a dupe of the spiked ASOS bracelet at the time, I was looking for an ear cuff similar to the ones at Regal Rose. If you read my blog regularly, your bound to know that I can't resist a good dupe / bargain / lookalikey product! I love sharing what I find with you guys and I hope you like this find too.

   Seeing as I've been hankering after the ASOS original of this bracelet for over a month now, as soon as I happened to cross paths with this cheaper alternative I had to get it! The only difference seems to be in the colours. The eBay bracelet has an antique finish on both the gold and silver versions, there's a black bracelet too, which seems to be a kind of matte material. Whereas the ASOS bracelet looks like a polished silver coloured metal, as you can see here. I'm 80% sure there was a gold version of this bracelet on ASOS too, but I can't seem to find it! 

   Anyhow  - take a look at the comparison of both silver versions of the bracelet for yourself...

   The ASOS version is £10, free delivery is offered my ASOS on all orders too. The eBay version (available in 3 colours) is £2.99, postage is an extra £1. That's £3.99 in total, 60% less than ASOS! It's also from a UK seller with 100% positive feedback. I ordered myself the silver coloured bracelet from eBay yesterday. I'll let you know about the quality and such when it arrives!

    By the way I'm currently running a giveaway! It's really quick to enter and just 15 bloggers have entered so far (thank you if you're reading this :)!), meaning the odds of winning are pretty good at the moment! I've tried to be as generous as possible, so please click the link and check it out.

Shirt - Topman
Top - Topshop
Necklace - ASOS 
(you can win the same necklace in this giveaway!)
Disco Pant Dupes - eBay
Trainers - Nike SB

   This is what I've worn this morning into uni, so far it's been a relatively interesting day. I headed to uni for 10 for an economics experiment, which I got £13 for, then popped to the library and went to my seminar. I just got back and was excited to see that Sugarlips have posted me a top to review and style - I'll be doing a post featuring this soon - I have a feeling that it's going to be a challenge to style as the top is quite unusual, but I'm looking forward to doing it! I did have a bit of a laugh at how this top has travelled all the way from LA just to get to Nottingham, two worlds very much apart!

   Don't forget to enter my giveaway! Click here!

Ps. Hope you guys notice my new blog design is up! Eeep! Let me know what you think - I really love it. Thanks to my boyfriend to doing it!

   I've had a few questions about how I colour my hair, so I thought it might be worthwhile making a post about it. My natural hair colour generally looks a lot darker than it actually is, as when my roots grow through they are right next to my bleached hair! I've been told by my hairdresser I'm a level 6ish, so if you're the same level as me naturally this post is probably most appropriate to you, but obviously different hair types and so on influence the processing time and so on. So please don't follow this exactly, you will have your own processing time and perhaps need a different developer. This may be wrong or not perfect but it does the job for me.

   I'm no expert, I've picked all of this up from watching my own hairdresser bleach and tone my hair several times when I've had the money. I end up doing my own when I am lacking funds of if I'm at home, as I have never found a salon I really like at home, whereas here in Nottingham have found Jacks hairdressers to be brilliant. I went there having highlights and came out fully blonde in May last year. I was really happy with it and I've been bleaching my hair the same way, just with a different toner, ever since.

The Result

   First off, a quick comparison of my hair with roots vs. my hair pretty much freshly bleached and toned today... it's a pretty stark difference! When I do my roots it takes a bit of getting used to for a few days. I think the picture on the left is the longest I have ever left my roots since using full head bleach - somewhere between 2 and 3 months I'd say. It's much easier and quicker if you leave it about 6 weeks! Next time I won't leave it so long...

The Products

Creme Peroxide, Wella Blondor, Koleston Colour (Note: I now use Koleston Rich Naturals light tones usually), tint brush, mixing bowl and scoop.

   I use Wella Blondor Multi Blonde Powder as this is what my hairdresser uses on my hair. I buy this larger container now. I've always had good results from this powder, but I don't think it matters massively what powder you use, I personally would rather pay for the brand my hairdresser uses in this case though!

    20 vol developer lifts my hair fine. It's also preferable to avoid 30 vol (I hear...) as it's even more damaging to the hair. I also find it's better to let your hair lift gradually (50 mins max with the Wella Blondor) with 20 vol as if you imagine putting 30 vol on hair that's already a dirty blonde colour the bleaching process would probably be done within 20 mins, meaning I would only have applied bleach to half of my hair before the already bleached parts had finished processing! Nightmare situation!

   You need non-metallic tools when colouring hair like these; a plastic tint brush and mixing bowl are great - they're inexpensive and will last forever! I just use this kitchen measurer to measure out my bleach and developer ratios as I'm a cheapskate. Gloves will also be needed in bleaching and toning.

   The Wella Koleston Perfect range can be used to lighten already light hair with 20 vol developer or above, or darken for shades darker than your own hair, but I follow the instructions on the leaflet inside for 'Pastel Toning' (I think that's what it says). I dilute my 20 vol developer to 10 vol by adding the same amount of water to it, then mix with Koleston - usually I now use Rich Naturals rather than Perfect.

The Process

   1. I section my hair into 4 sections (like + on my head!) and secure each section.

   2. I mix my powder and developer to the ratio of 1 : 1.5 to 1 : 2 max. Basically anywhere between these two ratios, to a consistency that seems good to work with.

   3. I start applying from the back of my head at the bottom. If you want a better idea of how this is done take note of how your hairdresser does it or watch a professional do it on Youtube. Take relatively thin linear sections of hair, applying plenty of bleach. Coat the underneath first then pull the layer down and apply to the top of the layer. It's important to work quickly but only apply the bleach to your natural hair - any on already bleached hair is likely to cause damage! So the key is work quickly but carefully. I get my Mum to do the back two sections of hair and I do the front as it's very tricky to do the back well yourself I find!

   4. Once all the roots are coated, make sure you have really covered all your roots, especially the parts that will show in your parting. Even baby hairs need covering! Here's a hilarious picture of how I look once my roots are all covered (about 20 mins into developing here).

   5. You don't want to bleach to the colour of the rest of your hair... it sounds gross, but you want to scrape some bleach off and find your hair is a light yellowish colour. Google 'bleaching stages' if you want to get a good idea of what I mean. You can see the hair goes from orange to yellow to light yellow then white. You want to start washing the bleach off at a light yellow for a colour result similar to mine. This takes up to 50 mins on my hair, usually between 40-50 mins.

   6. Wash off the bleach. Shampoo and if you need to, apply a little conditioner. I usually do as my hair is quite fine but I have quite a lot of it, so it tangles like mad. Try not to apply too much though as I remember my hairdresser saying that it can hinder the toning process.

  7. You will now have hideous yellowy, probably slightly brassy, roots. Yum. To counteract this you NEED a toner. You don't reach bright blonde through bleaching alone, or you'd probably have hair that tears and looks like candy floss or, actually, none left at all! So, for my toner, I follow instructions for 'Pastel Toning' in the leaflet that comes with my Koleston Perfect tube - toner to developer 1 : 2. I simply put in 1 scoop of toner, 1 scoop of 20 vol developer and 1 scoop of water (diluting the developer to 10 vol - which will deposit colour but won't lift the hair).

  8. Apply the toner at the roots first - I separate my hair into 4 again usually, applying in the same way, but in larger sections than I bleach, as I find I need to be pretty quick applying my toner for an even finish. Make sure the roots are covered well again though, I usually put a glove on one of my hands and mush the toner around my roots a bit after roughly applying it to make sure I've covered the roots evenly. My hairdresser said you shouldn't apply toner to the front of the head until it's had a bit of time to develop as it clings to this area, but I'm not bothered about this. My colour leaves a lilacy hue to these parts, which I don't mind at all! It goes in a wash or two.

   9. After about 7 minutes (including the time it takes to apply) I'll take the remaining toner down the ends of my hair then comb it through. You don't want too much product on the ends / lengths as these parts are drier than your roots so the product will cling to them.

   10. Once your hair has become a more even colour from root to end (some people say to leave it just 5 mins in total, I leave mine like 10-15 as I like a very light result and don't mind the toner making my hair a bit lilacy) wash it out well. I shampoo and condition after this. Then I dry my hair, applying heat protection before hand of course. Voila! You have ashy, light blonde roots once again! And lovely freshly toned hair!

   Sorry this is such a long post - I thought I'd go through the whole process to avoid missing anything out. I hope this has been useful to someone! EDIT: May 2013: sorry if I have not replied to questions. I am really not qualified to do so - it's best to go see a hairdresser if you are unsure about anything!

   The time has come for my first giveaway! Everything arrived that I'd ordered and I'm really pleased with what I've managed to get my hands on. These are some of my favourite products and I'm excited for one of you to try these bits out for yourself, for free!

   I know it's not the worlds most extravagant giveaway, I'm on a very tight student budget. But I wanted to do something to thank all of you for following me. Hitting 150 followers last week was brilliant - it's amazing to think you guys actually like my blog enough to follow it, so thank you so much! I thought I'd just give a short explanation for selecting each of these products and some close up pictures, just to show that they are absolutely brand new!

No 7 Eyelash Curlers

   Eyelash curlers are one of the most essential items in my everyday makeup routine. I have the Primark ones, but I thought I'd spend more than £1 on a giveaway item! These were about £7.25, so hopefully they're pretty decent! They come with 2 spare pads so the cushioned part of the curlers can be replaced.

Cath Kidston Wild Rose Hand Cream (30ml)

   I have 2 more of these in other scents and I absolutely love them. The formula contains no parabens and no sulphates, so it's a lot more skin friendly making it more gentle on the skin. The cream is really hydrating so even a small tube like this lasts quite long time.

Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick in Nude Blush

   I absolutely love the Moisture Extreme formula. It barely feels like you're wearing lipstick. It provides surprisingly impressive pigmentation and hydration at the same time, making it perfect for everyday wear. I haven't tried this shade myself, but this shade seems like it would suit most skin colours and appeal to most people.

Gogo Philip Vintage Bijoux Gold Heart Charm Necklace

   I've been on the hunt for a necklace just like this for ages now. I came across this one last week and ordered two - one for myself and one for this giveaway - from ASOS. If you've followed me for a while you make have noticed that I love simple jewellery, so that it can match any outfit. I think this necklace represents that perfectly. I have photographed it in it's packaging, as it will be sent out to the winner, alongside my own version of the necklace so you can see it in all it's glory.



1. I apologise to anyone who doesn't live in the UK, but this giveaway is only be open to UK residents. I can't afford international shipping at the moment - so future giveaways may be open to international entries when I have the funds!

2. You MUST follow me via GFC. (To prevent any confusion, this is simply done by clicking the 'Follow' button on the navbar at the top of my blog or by finding the 'Follow' button on the sidebar of my blog, where it shows my followers.)

3. You MUST comment on this post with your email and include the name / link of my post you've enjoyed most and why. Feel free to leave your blog links. I love to look at everyone else's blogs!

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  • Any entries from people who have no UK address, do not follow me via GFC or leave their email address will not be counted!

Thank you for entering and good luck!
  Charlotte (her blog is A Blonde Mess) gave me the idea to do this post just over a month ago when she commented on this post, about my recent Forever 21 order asking how I'd wear this shirt. I really love the shirt, I haven't actually managed to wear it out yet though. So, having made this post now - hopefully I'll start wearing it! Unfortunately I can't seem to find it on the Forever 21 website anymore, I'm guessing it was popular and sold out as it's a great, cheap alternative (at about £10) for this Topshop shirt, now also sold out online, which was £30.

   Here are 3 ideas of ways to wear the shirt, I tried to make each of them quite different.

Way 1: With Denim Hotpants

    Probably the outfit best suited to summer - you could pop some tights under the shorts and maybe throw a leather jacket over the top to make it suitable for spring! (These shorts are VERY short, I know, but your only young once! Haha!)

Necklace - eBay
Shorts - DIY
Belt - Primark
Lipstick - Maybelline Extreme Moisture in Royal Red

Way 2: Under a Dress

   This is pretty suitable for the weather right now here in England I think. It's also a little bit quirky and cute! 

Dress - H&M
Belt - Primark
Bracelet - Miss Selfridge
Necklace - Forever 21

Way 3: Under a blazer

   A really simple way to dress up this shirt a little. I think this would look great for a drinks or a meal out.

Blazer - Primark
Shorts - Forever 21
Bracelet - Miss Selfridge

Ps. My new blog design will be up in the next few days! I got my boyfriend to help me bleach my hair yesterday - think it might need a bit more lightening at the front / re-toning as it's too warm for my liking, but at least  I am rootless now. Still waiting on two of my giveaway items to arrive. They should arrive by tomorrow so fingers crossed I'll get the giveaway set up this week!

   I bought stuff, as ever, that I don't really need but can't bring myself to take back. This time, it's a blazer and a dress from Primark. Both were £15. I'll go into the blazer in my post that will follow this one.

   I spotted this dress and was unsure about it at first, but I ended up buying it and thinking "...mehh...I'll probably end up taking this back". I tried it on today and I'm in love with it! I think it's cute and girly yet a bit unusual (well, it won't be that unusual as it's from Primark, but you get what I mean). It's not overly girly though, which means it's allowed into my wardrobe - I'm still a bit of a tomboy at heart.

   It looks pretty well made and well finished for the price. The fabric is floaty chiffon, peachy cream in colour, with fuchsia and black detailing and a cute ribbon that ties into a bow around the collar. It also came with a thin, pink belt. The only thing I'm a little annoyed about is that it didn't come with a slip underneath it. I don't know if I picked up one without a slip or if they just don't have them, but for £15 it seems a bit weird not to get a slip under a dress this see-through...

   I've put a grey H&M dress underneath to counteract this, which is fine for now, but I think it will look funny in some lights. I'll probably have to get a cream one. If I pop into Primark within the next week or two and I haven't worn this out by then, then I'll see if these dresses are meant to have little slips underneath (unless any of you guys know?). Overall, I really do like it despite this though. I hope you guys think this purchase is justified by the cuteness of this dress!

Ps. My legs look oddly grey, even though they are very pale anyway. Damn lighting.
  Thought I would do a beauty post today as it's been a while. About 3 months back I made an order from E.L.F, consisting of a few brushes (angled contour brush, powder brush, total face brush and blusher / bronzing / blending brush) and one of their All Over Colour Sticks in Spotlight (here).

  I've not really used it full stop, as when I'd put it over my foundation as a highlighter it looked claggy and didn't blend well (if you know what I mean?!). I just put this down to the price of the product - you can't expect a brilliant finish from a £1.50 product. A few days ago I found it at the bottom of my makeup bag and decided to give it a go again.

   I tried it out again, this time straight onto the top of my cheekbone, on freshly cleansed and moisturised skin. It glided on smoothly and only a small amount of product was needed to get a lovely, dewy finish. With my fingers I gently patted it onto my skin - it feels slightly sticky. I'm uncomfortable with this feeling as my skin becomes oily in places throughout the day naturally, so this formula isn't ideal for me. But this is how I've found it can work for me! I applied my foundation over the top (Estee Lauder DW), aiding oil absorpstion, and noticed that my cheeks looked really fresh and slightly dewy, but not oily at all. I then neglect my cheeks when I powder.

   I find this technique adds a subtle glow to my skin without making my skin feel too tacky or worsening oiliness. I'm loving this finish at the moment, as my skin can look really dull with just DW on and a matte contouring powder. Try this technique out if, like me, you want to venture outside of the strictly matte skin!

   Unfortunately, my camera hasn't picked up the finish too well, but I'm sure you can imagine the lovely, subtle glimmer it gives my skin. My makeup looks a bit gross as I did it at 7 this morning.

L - Swatched once R - Heavily swatched (you can see you only need a small amount)

Ps. I've hit 150 followers! The giveaway is coming along very soon! I have, so far, a Cath Kidston Hand Cream, No 7 Eyelash Curlers and a Maybelline Extreme Moisture Lipstick in Nude Blush to give away - some of my favourite beauty products (and all are brand new may I add)! I'm going to pick up a couple more bits before I launch the giveaway so please keep your eyes peeled.

 Dress - Primark
Cardigan - Next 2 Nowt (Miss Selfridge potentially?!)
Belt - Primark
Tights - Primark
Ring - eBay
Necklace - Forever 21
Boots - Topshop 
(Sorry for lack of shoe-showing.. I can rarely seem to get full length photos in my room!!)

   I'm pleased (and proud) to announce that all of my essays for this terms have been completed and handed in! Just two more essays and two exams and my second year of uni will be over - it hasn't half gone quickly. So, expect slightly more regular and better quality blog posts, at least until I start the next batch of essays!

   I made another order from Next 2 Nowt, and again, I'm really impressed by the quality of clothes and the service. This cardigan looks like it's from Miss Selfridge (from what remains of the label, which they remove to prevent store returns), but was only £12.

   I'd seen this Primark t-shirt dress popping up on a number of blogs over the past few days. It's very similar to this dress being sold on Topshop for £25. It is a slightly different colour, but  spending £25 on a simple dress made from bog standard t-shirt material on my student budget seems crazy, so I snapped this one up at a just £8 straight away. There were a few midi versions left in Primark too. Fingers crossed Primark decide to bring out some other colourways as I love it! I found that the sizing ran slightly large though - don't know if anyone else found this? - so it's probably best to try it on before buying.

   The tights were quite a random purchase from Primark for £3.50. They're almost legging-like in thickness and are a maroony colour. The inside is a kind of fleecy, soft material - so cosy! From what I remember there were black and navy varieties too, which I was planning on picking up too after trying these on. I'm not so sure now though, as I've just taken them out the washing machine and there's some bobbling already on one of the legs. It's not hugely noticeable, and I'm not sure if it's from washing or wearing.

   I'm off to eat some of my leftover lasagne now... although I'm not sure if I can face it as I ate so much yesterday!
   Today is my birthday. Yes, I've hit the big two-zero! Scary. My plans for today were to do some of my final essay due in for Monday this morning (hasn't happened...) and to go shopping and then to La Tasca this afternoon / evening with my boyfriend (this definitely happened!).
   I'm very lucky - my boyfriend is a designer and he's offered to re-design my blog for me. So expect to see my blog with a much, much better design in the coming weeks!

   A quick mention - I'm thinking about launching some kind of giveaway when I get to 150 followers (7 to go!). Not too sure what the prize will be yet! But I'll decide in the next week or so. It will probably be beauty items or jewellery - keep your eyes peeled!

   I'm loving Hellocotton at the moment - I find it a lot more user friendly and well presented than other blogging sites and with the whole GFC fiasco, it is bound to grow and grow. I was also featured on the site in the fashion section the other day, which I'm really grateful for! I've found some brilliant blogs through the site - especially food blogs... oh my god... some of them are mouthwatering! - it's really grown on me! You can find me here on Hellocotton. I look at all the blogs of those who follow me!
  I just want to say how much I'm enjoying blogging on here - it's just over 2 months since I started posting on here and I love it! So many friendly bloggers - I reply to all of the comments left on my posts, as I value the time you've taken to leave them. The least I can do is reply and look at your blog (I genuinely do look at all of your blogs!) and potentially follow you! This probably sounds weird and soppy, but the general gist of what I'm saying is 'thank you!'.
    I bought this ring on Tuesday evening after seeing a £4.99 off voucher for eBay. Yes, a voucher for £4.99 off everything via paypal! I used it straight away. Apparently there were only 50,000 vouchers, so I'm glad I ordered this at about 11pm!

   I've seen a few bloggers with the plain, chunky rings as inspired by a particular designer - from what I've read. I'm really annoyed, I can't find the link to the blog post I read which said the designer they're inspired by, or the ASOS link from where people are getting the cheaper versions! If you know what I'm on about, link below! I spotted this one on a little eBay jewellery hunt for around £5.99 (size P½) with delivery. I used my voucher on this when I got to the checkout and it only cost me 98p!

  It arrived this morning, packaged well in a little jiffy bag. Inside there was a nice little black pouch too, which is always nicer than simply opening a parcel to find a neglected, loose piece of jewellery! I am really impressed by the quality - I didn't expect too much as it's not too expensive, but it actually looks well made and well finished, the engraving is tidy and it just looks pristine! It reads XOXO all the way round. The only slight weird thing is that it can spell out OXO which makes me feel like I'm advertising stock cubes.

   There are quite a few varieties of engravings available on different sized rings on this seller's shop. I think it's cute - let me know what you think!

   For the purpose of not making a huge post dedicated just to the Ark sale I've collated small bundle of my favourite items, trying to stick to the theme of monochrome / burgundy. All the items shown here are under £16 (unbelievable, right?!) and Ark offer free delivery to the UK on all orders, which is really impressive (and makes it harder to resist a sneaky purchase).

   If you love a steal like me, keep an eye on their sale items. Actually, look now - as there are so many gems in the sale right now that I didn't get a chance to include here. The reductions are really good!

Dress - £15
Playsuit - £15
Cardigan - £16
Belt - £11.99

Please note: the belt is the only item that isn't in the sale - but I think it is still well priced. The Religion earrings are out of stock too, but I love them too much to get rid of them from this post!
   I swear I'm seeing more and more people donning denim shirts again, or is it just me? After failing to find the one I bought last year from Primark, I picked up this one in H&M the other weekend for £14.99. Not badly priced at all considering the ridiculous prices Topshop charge for extremely similar, if not identical, shirts. After rediscovering my own love for the denim shirt, I decided to put together several different outfits. Needless to say, there a million other ways to wear denim shirts, but these some outfits featuring my favourite day-to-day items or new purchases.

   Apologies for my appalling roots - I will get round to sorting them out soon! Also, I'm aware that I look moody in most of these photos, I'm so knackered from uni work at the moment and watching One Born Every Minute before bed disrupted my sleep!

Way 1: Wrap Around Skirt

Skirt - Next2Nowt (I think it's ex-Bohoo)
(If you haven't already looked at this website click here now! They sell brands such as Topshop, Bohoo and so on with labels removed / excess stock for brilliant prices)
Belt - Primark
Bracelet - eBay
Ring - Topshop
Lipstick - Maybelline Extreme Moisture in Royal Red

Way 2: Under a Jumper

Jumper - Next2Nowt
Bracelet - same as above
Fake Disco Pants - eBay (see this post)

Way 3: With Disco Pants

Necklace - eBay
Fake Disco Pants - eBay (see this post)

Way 4: With a Leather Jacket / (kind of a 5th way!) Bright Jeans

 Jacket - Next2Nowt
Jeans - Matalan (featuring these too much... but I love them!)
Necklace - Forever 21

   I've not done a post like this before - so if you enjoyed it let me know! And also, if you'd like to see me style anything in particular just comment below, as I'm open to any ideas you guys have, as long as I own the item you want to see me style!



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