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I've never ventured into politics on my blog. And this post isn't for talking political parties, or even to enlighten you on my own political stance. This is a post about our opportunity in the coming weeks. Our opinion. Our power. Our say over something significant - something we only get to do every few years.

I get it - voting ain't easy at times. But here's why we should all do it, regardless of our indecision or disdain for what's on offer.

Let's get into a little storytime...

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robyn maydayAll too often, we shy away from seeing the good in ourselves. "I love your outfit today!" - is regularly shrugged off with "oh it's just Primark". Or "that was such a kind thing you did" followed up with a casual "ah it was nothing...".

It seems many of us just aren't very good at taking a compliment. Myself included. And we're also pretty shit at recognising amazing things about ourselves.


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A couple of weeks have passed since spring officially sprung, and I'm absolutely living for it. Cue daylight (OMG. YES.) and the best season of trends in forever. Oh and less days of wrapping yourself up in a makeshift clothes-cocoon! Here's why spring is THE superior season IMO...




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