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Boiler suit | Topshop (similar here and here, or here at Missguided)
Heels | Matalan (similar here)

No, I haven't started a new career as an electrician... although this boiler suit may have you thinking otherwise. I'm a bit unsure about it still, especially without a belt. But I'm willing myself to keep it a) because I feel a good blogger for trying something a bit out of my comfort zone b)  because it was an incredible bargain. I spotted this in the dregs of the Topshop sale - it was a whopping £130 originally (wowza!). But I managed to get it for just £36. It's absolutely incredible quality (as you can imagine for that bleedy price!) and was made in Britain. Needless to say I feel like I'm wearing some kind of silky blue British luxury onesie wearing this.

Hope you've all had a super weekend! We've been delving into a cheeky massive birthday cake sized Fondant Fancy this weekend. What a dream. The reduced bit in the bakery section is definitely my weakness.

grey faux leather skirt UK style blog British fashion blogger Topshop grey asymmetric skirt Personal style blogger
Sheer Check Top | New Look *
Jacket | via
Scarf | River Island
Faux Leather Asymmetric Skirt | Topshop
Boots | H&M

Hello again fellas (it's been a while! Well, two weeks to be precise). After a pretty manic couple of weeks, it's a relief to finally have a spare 15 mins to set up my camera and take some outfit snaps. Fortunately, I've somehow collated quite a bit to blog about (urmm, well, clothes). Looking forward to seeing what you guys make of my new garbs!

I picked up this skirt in the boxing day sales and almost shed a few happy sickeningly materialistic tears  upon seeing it could be mine for just £15. I can't lie, I was hoping and praying that this little baby would be in the sale the day I went shopping - how sad. The powers that be ensured it was even in stock in my size - wahey!

Grabbed this top yesterday for a measley £12.99 and I bloody love it. a) it's really comfy b) it's black c) it's checked. I definitely already have a stupid amount of checks in my wardrobe... but what's one little checked top?! OK... Must. Stop. Buying. Checked. Clothing.
UK Fashion Blogger British style blog Topshop Cut out boots black and white high rise trousers
Cut Out Shoulder Dress| eBay * (rolled up and worn as top!)
Tapered Black and White Trousers | *
Faux Fur Collar Leather Jacket | Daisy Street
Cut Out Boots | Topshop (via

It's been a while hasn't it! Although, not that much has changed since my face last appeared on here. But perhaps the most one thing is my hair. I decided to go for the chop just before Christmas. It wasn't one of those 'New Year, new start' thangs. It really had to be done as my mop had become a right straggly mess. Bless my hair, it's been through a lot - it deserved some money spent on it! Anyway, onto zee clobber!

I honestly can't believe the quality of these trousers. I can be a bit cautious of new brands (especially overseas ones where returning things is an absolute bugger). But I can honestly say, these are probably the snazziest trews I own! They're lined (offt fancy!) and are a pretty thick wool-like fabric. They're also the perfect length for me (they're rolled up here a little, but de-rolled with heels they'd be perf too). Having oddly short legs, this is quite the miracle. At just £27.72 these are a mega bargain.

My boyfriend did stop me as I was about to take these photos... 'hang on, those trousers remind me of something...oh, you're like Cruella de Vil'. Thanks Matt. But I love'em. (No Dalmatians were harmed in the making of this post)



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