New Look Pink Metallic Anorak New Look Festival Outfit

Festivals - something us Brits can be proud to say we do ridiculously well, from incredible line-ups, to fashion with an edge. Forget Coachella-vibes-only, the British high street always serves up some unique pieces for UK festival season! So I'm massively excited to share this New Look festival-inspired outfit with you guys, as well as some of my favourite artists from across the line-ups. But first, let's just take a moment to appreciate this pink metallic anorak before we crack on with this post...

H&M shorts suit H&M pinstripe suit

Instagram has been the recipient of some major criticism lately. With the algorithm pissing off 99% of us and bots becoming widely used (I've written about bots here), there hasn't been a day over the past few months where Instagram hasn't been trashed within a 10-second scroll of my Twitter feed. With all this change it's sometimes easy to miss new features, or pointers on how that oh-so-mysterious algorithm actually works. Features can also be rolled out gradually across accounts, rather than in one hauuuge app update, so we won't all see them immediately, but we might hear about them (still very jealous of those with the linking within Stories feature!) And, of course, the full workings of the algorithm is a big ol' secret.

So, let's talk Instagram fingz I've discovered over the past couple of weeks....



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