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Grey Layered Ruthenium Friendship Bracelet | Links of London *

I'm a massive advocate of any kind of basic, unfeminine, non-fancy-schmancy jewellery. Hence this ruthenium  Links of London bracelet fast becoming my go-to for accessorising. It's right up my street - simple, grey and dark silver. It's actually a men's piece, but the style means it fits my wrist perfectly.

Each bracelet also comes in a lovely little box - making these not just a fab keepsake gift for big birthdays and the like, but it makes it harder to misplace (if you remember to put it back in the box..!). Ideal for absent-minded folks like me...!

A lot of these are in the sale now, so grab a bargain before they sell out!
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Gingham Chiffon Top | TK Maxx
Sunglasses | Storm via TK Maxx
White Ripped Jeans | Missguided
White Geometric Bag | M&S
White Office Identity Sandals | House of Fraser*
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It's been a long time coming, but I'm finally off on holiday next week. This can only mean several glorious things. 1) Cocktails. 2) Food. 3) Lazing around and 4) Some sunshine in my vitamin D lacking life.

I can't lie, in prep for my holiday out of pure laziness I've been sporting flip flops in the rain quite a lot. Well. Pretty much every other day... I am a little ashamed, as I always used to hate posh uni boys in their jeans and sandals in the winter. But GUYS it's the summer...

These Office sandals from House of Fraser are too comfy to resist even in the all-too-common rains of the British Summer. Totally pretending the rain had never happened in these snaps.

Anyway, I'll be that annoying so and so Instagramming cocktails around the pool next week - so I apologise in advance. But I hear the weather is supposed to be super next week (just my luck!) so enjoy the rays ladies (and lads..?) - be back soon! x



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