Hawaiian shirt H&M Hawaiian pyjama blouse "You're old for your age!": a phrase I seem to hear every time my quarter-life-status is thrown into conversation (by this, I mean I'm twenty-five, by the way). It's also a phrase that barely even makes sense... old for your age...? Huh??? Personally, I'm not convinced I come across older than I actually am, but maybe that's because I know that I wave at my dog and sniff my clothes (more on this to follow, don't you fear). So, just to show that I'm definitely not old for my age, I thought I'd share some pretty embarrassing things I do, aged twenty-five. Enjoy.

Robyn Mayday H&M gingham frill dress

It's been a little while since we've talked life stuff, hasn't it? My last 'personal' post was the one about keeping up with blogging. Which was, admittedly, horribly downbeat. So, I felt like it was time to sit down and tap away on my keyboard and spill some more positive life shiz. Fuelled on green tea, accompanied by cubes of cheese (seriously). What. A. Combo.



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