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So, here is what I'll currently be sporting on the train down to London for the Company Style Blogger Awards! Fingers and tootsies crossed that this dress isn't a creasy bugger. I was SO happy when I spotted this little baby, it had been mis-labelled and was actually my size (lucky old me). For 11 squids I think I got a right old bargain there! I don't usually wear white, as more often than not it looks like a continuation of my skin... but I think because of the blue china print thing goin' on here it looks alright because I've got quite a yellowy pale complexion.

You might notice, I'm not wearing heels. This might be an absolute travesty to some of you, but there's no way I can traipse around London in heels. I'm really no good in them these days! I have feeble Bambi legs, so boots just feel more homely for my feet and not as risky (I'm so clumsy, I have actually effectively broken my knee before, so let's not do that again!). I'll save the heels for a night out when I'm feeling braver!

Let me know what you guys think!

A bit of a lack of posts over the past couple of days! Apologies about that, but I've been having a really pleasant break from life. I literally have no commitments at the moment (except finding a job I guess)! It's a strange yet relaxing(ish) feeling. Anyway, the one thing on my mind, which is fast approaching, is my holiday, which is in early June. This one was a bit of a spur of the moment video, I thought it might be handy to show my budget holiday essentials (fashion-wise)! Although, I'll warn you, I am definitely not the most stylish creature on holiday! 

Enjoy another bank holiday weekend (seriously, I never realised there were two so close together?!?!). I'll be posting about my Company Style Blog Awards bargain outfit soon (I've planned it all out finally, whoopie!). Excited to share it with you all :)!
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In all honesty, I've rarely been out of the house recently. I've just been staring blankly at my revision, hoping it will weave its way into my brain somehow. So to switch things up and do something I actually enjoy, I thought I'd style this jumper. The cut out detail on the back is pretty cool (kind of like Urban Outfitter tops I've seen) but it's actually got lace under it. Rather handy I think, as having a bra shining through the cut outs can be pretty annoying! But the lace conveniently obscures it. It's lightweight too, so ideal for spring.

I will actually have to venture out of the house tomorrow, as I have my final exam... EVER - eeek. My revision attempts have been a bit lacklustre as (like many of my friends) I'm really over exams / coursework / uni now and just want to move on. So let's hope the questions aren't too mean. Although, I say that  I'm over uni now... but I'll definitely miss being able to watch This Morning when I'm working full time (man, I'm cool). Oh and my blog sale is still up here!
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Ok, so truth is, I'm not a massive fan of wearing shoes (of any kind) without socks. I avoid shoes that require socklessness. Guess I'm a bit of a sock-lover. As I'd wanted cut out boots for a while I had pretty much written them off as I couldn't imagine them looking good with socks. But as I was waiting for the bus one day (cool aren't I) I spotted a girl wearing socks with her cut out boots. So, here's my (first) go at cut out boots + socks!

I can't express how much I love this shirt. I love all things comfortable but stylish, plus this is monochrome = ie. right up my street, in my house and on my body. This outfit is a bit of a cut out fest really, as you may have spotted, the shorts have cut out panels on the side. A little risque, but paired with a boyish top like this I think they're acceptable daytime wear! These are much comfier to wear than my other pleather shorts as they're thinner and have more give to them - so much better for spring / summer (HELLO sun. Where'd ya go?). Plus, they're just £18. Smashing. (And Fashion Union do student discount - bonus!)

Who else is gettin' their Eurovision on tonight?! You, my friends, are the cool ones. Bring it home Bonnie! (- realistically, that's never going to happen. But I love the European fusion of oddness that is Eurovison.)

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I know I'm not the only one who has been on the hunt for affordable cut out boots! With the likes of  Balenciaga screaming 'don't even bother' and Jeffrey Campell 'I require months of saving', my only option was Topshop. They've had some truly delicious cut out boots. The Adonis, Adonis2 and the Arabel... dangling dangerously in front of me like the crunchiest carrot you've ever seen. But realistically, I'd rather not fork out £85 on boots. That's the stinge-miester inside of me. I'd seen dupe boots around, but they weren't quite the ticket.

Whilst browsing next2nowt.com for potential, I noticed they had the Adonis boots for £35-45 (in my size!). They nearly had me clicking 'add to basket', until I spotted these little babies - the Aristotle boots. next2nowt don't cite the brand, just the shoe names. But a quick google revealed that these Aristotle boots were from Topshop and had retailed at a whopping £98 (- now out of stock). These were just £44, half the price, and looked almost brand new (except for missing the tassel at the front, but I prefer them without!). It was a bargain too good to be missed! And they arrived 2 days later.

So, anyone on the hunt for cheap (...maybe not cheap, but certainly more affordable) real leather cut out boots, check out next2nowt.com. The Aristotle boots are available in a size 8 here, but they constantly have new stock in, so keep them peepers peeled! Do make sure to read the item description for the item condition and size before you purchase too. These have been used, but probably only a handful of times. There are lots of other highstreet branded items to grab at cheaper prices on the site, so have a good gander! 

In tomorrows post I'll be styling these boots- so keep your eyes peeled for that one!
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Top | Topshop
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Needless to say, these photos were taken last week! I've had to say haiii to hail, wahoo, so I doubt I'll be cracking these shorts out for a little while again! Although, I am going on holiday in just over 3 weeks - actual wahooo - so hopefully hail won't feature on my little escapade.

A couple of summers ago I sold customised Levi cut offs on eBay to make a bit of cash. It was so unfortunate that this pair fit me too well to sell! They're definitely short-shorts. Cellulite is proabably (definitely) on display, but hey, that comes with being female (and eating too much cheese).

Well, I have an exam next week that I've not even got around to revising for (I think I went a bit OTT with chosing research based modules... eeek), so I'd best get started with that... Good luck to anyone else with exams! Let's hope my brain decides to digest everything in the space of a week eh.

Oh - I've added a loaaaad of new stuff to my blog sale - Topshop, Motel, Converse and lots more. All under £18 and P+P is FREE :)
Seeing as I mentioned a couple of fantastic cheap lippies in my recent April Fashion Finds, I thought I should show them on my lips. I always find swatches on the back of a hand are nothing like the outcome on your lips! So I thought it might be a good idea for me to put together a list of my 5 top cheap lipsticks for under a fiver. I don't wear lippy daily, but I'm becoming more and more fond of certain ones! I'm not sure that I'll ever spend a colossal £14 on a MAC lippy after finding these babies! 

For reference, I generally find lipsticks quite uncomfortable to wear and a bit of a hassle to reapply, plus my beauty knowledge is rather poor, so these are judged mainly on this basis!

cheap lipsticks
17 Supreme Shine in Hot Stuff, £4.99 at Boots - but I've found half price vouchers at the Advantage Card Kiosk! this was actually how I first tried the formula. Although it is called Supreme Shine, I don't really feel that the formula is massively shiny. There's no glitter particles in the formula (I personally dislike that in lipsticks) and it's not too drying. A good in-between for moisturising and mattifying. Hot Stuff is a relatively neutral bright red, I'd say it's slightly blue toned (I'm a bit rubbish with that kind of thing though). Favourite red lippy at the moment!

best affordable lipsticks
17 Supreme Shine in Red Devil, £4.99 at Boots - same formula as the former, but a darker shade, more like MAC's Russian Red. This is certainly more blue toned and I think it'd suit almost anyone! Again, pretty comfortable to wear and lasts well for the price!

budget lipstick
Maybelline Colour Sensational in 175 Pink Punch, £2.99 at eBay - not entirely sure if this is still in stores seeing as it's selling on eBay for such a cheap price?! But this is a super formula for me, a really bright shade, but not drying. I also really love the packaging! The colour hasn't photographed on my lips too well, it is more like the tube colour in real life! I haven't worn this loads because I do find it makes my teeth look a little yellower, but I just think the formula and price is super - might have to give some other shades a go.

cheapest lipsticks
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Tokyo, £5 at NYX - I seriously love this colour, but the formula is a bit tricky to wear if you have lips that tend to dry out when you use lippy - like mine! I really have to be having a good-lip-day for this one! It shows up every flake of skin, every crevice. This is an extremely matte finish, but is relatively comfortable to wear, although I wouldn't wear it all evening. It doesn't last very long on me either - I have to reapply really regularly. But I also have this Lip Cream in Amsterdam and love that shade. The doe-foot applicator enables precise applications for a clumsy'un like moi. The pink shade of Tokyo is a nice change to my red obsession! Plus, at a fiver it's a really affordable option for something a little different!

Barry M Lip Paint in 129 Palest Lavender, £4.49 at Barry M - this is my current favourite! If Barry M have reformulated all of their Lip Paints to be like this one, I might have to buy some more... It's a light pinky-purple with a blue undertone. I do have two older Lip Paints, but they're really quite drying. Palest Lavender is nothing like these older ones. It's a little less cakey and glides on a lot better. I also really love this shade - it washes me out a little, but it does look better when I have blonde hair! It does need reapplying every hour or so, but I love that Barry M provide more unusual colours in their range at budget prices.

I'd love to know of any of your bargain lipstick finds! I'm loving trying out crazy new shades - so please share your favourites in the comments!
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Heyyy lilac hair! Oh look, I match my bedding. Not such a cool purpley dude now haha! These jeans are pretty snazzy though. They're Cavalli inspired (as far as my fashion-lacking brain knows...) and are a steal at only £28 from Cherry Cherry. I've been sucked into the ornate print blouses in Primark recently, so as soon as I saw these they stood out to me, as I'm well into my printed trews at the moment! I just wish I was a little taller as these are fair bit long for me, but trousers always are unless I go for petite fits!

Can someone send me some motivation juice or something? I'm really lacking enthusiasm at the moment in terms of my final piece of coursework. Otherwise a kick in the rear will do!
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Well, look at me being all organised! If you who watched my last video (April Fashion Finds) you might recognise the top quarter of this outfit (if you're super visually aware!). Plus, my hair was still blonde when I took these photos! Anywhooo... I've tried to be an organised blogger recently as I've got my last ever academic commitments until the end of May. Last chance saloon buddies, so I'd better make a darn good effort!

Believe it or not, these shoes were only £3 from boohoo a few months back - they were the last pair! I've mentioned them before, but I can't get over what an absolute bargain that was. I can get over, however, the despicable blister they gave me on my walk to and from uni last week though. Jeez Louise. It's basically an open wound - TMI (apologies). They seem to have developed some kind of vendetta against me, spiky devils.

Right, back to this 5,000 word project, in which the word 'sexual' is ridiculously overused. I'm not sure whether including that is a good idea for my search engine leads... especially with the mention of pleather... Anyway. Enjoy your bank holiday worker beeeeez. Oh I've also got a blog sale here now! More to come :)

Ps. If the title seems a bit odd, I ate a satsuma that had reaaallly leathery skin the other day (think granny in Benidorm), so I found this amusing that I could tie it into this post. Yes, it's a bit weird, but that satsuma had character and deserves recognition. Ok?

It's bargain finds of the month time again! So for April I've chosen three fashion finds and one cheeky beauty find. All super affordable and things I've bought this month that should all still be available for you to buy. I won't ramble on, as I'm sure you'll have enough of that from the video! But as for the lippies, I've got a 'favourite lipsticks' post coming up soon, so you'll be able to see what they look like on then!

Today marked my last ever day of lectures (I've even dyed my hair purple / lilacy to rebel, I'm not ready to be an employee yet - wah!). I don't think it's actually hit me (like a massive old whale, as I'm expecting it to some point) that I'll (hopefully) never have academic education again and will have to start applying for jobs soon. Oh, scary. 

Enjoy the three day weekend chaps - I'll just be doing my final piece of coursework all weekend, boo! So no fun in the sun for moi. But I'm sure I'll just pig out on sweets as I tap away on my laptop as ever.

Ps. Voting closes very soon for the Company Blog Awards. If you'd like to, you can still vote for robynmayday.com as Best Thrifty Blog (category 9). Thanks to all who have voted! <3
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I've been after some hi-top tingz for a while. I quite fancied some Nike Blazers you see, but everyone at uni (and even the geese on campus) has them, plus they're rather pricey. But I sniffed out these hi-top Vans on MandMDirect for just £29.99 (real suede too!)- shaaaamazing. They're usually £59.99, so that's a 50% saving - spot on. Blazers seem to retail around the £70 mark now (ouch) so these are far more affordable and set me apart from the students and the geese.

Also, a £10 bag. Incredible I hear you cry. Yep, rivals Primark! And it's a pretty good dupe for the Mulberry Alexa. Satchels have grown on me since getting my Daisy Street one, so I felt a satchel-lovin' bond with this one as soon as I spotted it (especially as it's so dang cheap!). I have serious love for black bags with gold hardware.

I'm looking a little sports luxe here aren't I!? Ohh trendy. Well, it's somewhat appropriate... my boyfriend is running a half marathon again this year. He raised money for Help for Heroes last year and this year will probably run for a stroke charity, causes he has personal ties to. I could never run a mile, let alone 13 point something, so I have massive respect for him and all the other runners! I've nominated him in Reward a Runner, MandMDirect's facebook competition where he can win some sports goods if he gets the most votes. So if you'd like to, just scroll down the page and click the tick box next to my face to vote for him! If you know anyone running a marathon or half marathon this year, you can nominate them too :)!



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