Gingham Blush

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Gingham Hareem Trousers | In Love With Fashion
White Mules | ASOS

Weeee hola bank holiday weekend! I can't lie, I am definitely not wearing this outfit today. The reality is me slobbed out on the sofa still in my PJs. Whilst eating half a dozen Creme Eggs. Living. Tha. Dream.

I may well have discovered my fave trousers ever in the whole world. These Love hareems are ridiculously comfortable and have the ideal smart-casj vibe. They are actually a silky kind of fabric, which I didn't expect, but hey! That means I can wear them in the summer.

Right, I'm off to look at holidays on the interwebz, eggs-cititng times (ever the comedian, seriously I should be on TV or something). Enjoy your bank holiday guys!


All White

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Sweatshirt with Mesh Panel | Missguided
(also in black and pink)
White High Waisted Jeans | Missguided *
White Mules | ASOS

This could not be further from my usual outfits now could it. Look at me swapping head to toe black for all white! I can confirm that people find white outfits a lot stranger than black... at least in Derby anyway.

Got to say, Missguided are truly on point this season. These jeans and snazzy mesh-topped sweater make the perfect combo. The jeans do have a cheeky little rip in the buttock area, which came as a bit of a surprise (shan't be wearing these to work!), but nothing a long t-shirt can't hide!

Despite having fallen in love with these ASOS mule-y thangs (the word mule cracks me up, am I the only one?), they're killer... in a bad way. I am suffering major blistering at their... canvas-y hands, but I'm hoping they'll soften up soon!