Classic Coat + Converse

black diesel coat DIY converse DIT rose gold and white converse UK fashion blogger

Coat | Diesel (newer version here)
Bag | M&S
Jumper | Topshop
Skirt | George (similar here)
DIY Converse | Cloggs*

Jeez it's getting cold! We've actually turned the heating on this week - confirming it's definitely time to get my coat on! To be honest, not too sure how I managed wearing a skirt last weekend with these Converse... 

Cloggs challenged a group of bloggers to personalise a pair of white Converse. I decided to attempt a bit of a henna-style design. As I'm not very artistically skilled this was a hilarious challenge. Thank god for Google images...!

Looking forward to seeing what other bloggers have created too - must say doing this took me back to drawing in biro all over my first pairs of Converse. What a rebel. My Mum must have been so impressed... hope you prefer these ones Mum!


Boho + Marc

tribal print jumpsuit boho printed jumpsuit marc jacobs bag and sunglasses cross back detail jumpsuit

Jumpsuit | TK Maxx
Sunglasses | Marc by Marc Jacobs
Clutch | Marc Jacobs via TK Maxx (quick before it sells out!)
Platform Sandals | River Island

It's been a while guys! I just got back from a mega-relaxing holiday in Tenerife hence the photos in the sunshine on a balcony here. If only this were the UK eh?!

Anyway onto the important things. First off. This incredible Marc Jacobs clutch, which TK Maxx currently have online for £19.99. Kid ya not. It's real leather and super shiny gold. I got mine in store where the cashier told me they've had silver ones in from time to time too... Tellin' you now, if I see a silver one I will 100% nab that baby too! Grab one for yourself before they're gone.

This jumpsuit is so comfortable and has a perfect print. The colours really flatter and the wide legs and loose belly area are rather kind on the holiday chub - wahoo. I grabbed this for a measly £16.99 online a few weeks back - sadly I can't find it now. But it seems like a wholesale piece, so wouldn't be suprised if other retailers have it too.

Bleedy heck I'm writing a lot. Talk about blog-deprived. I'll leave you to it now. Enough rambling. 
I'll post some more holiday snaps soon!