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Jumper | Bershka
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Oh hi photo of me smiling - my boyfriend complained about my moody faces as he took these snaps. Hence me sharing a photo of me cracking a cheeser. I bet he won't even see this!

I am a serial jumper lover... I've realised that I have about 3 favourite jumpers that I seem to wear when I'm in a cant-be-assed-to-sort-an-outfit mood. Reliable, comfy numbers that I will inevitably wear until they fall apart. This is one of them. I got it in Tenerife from Bershka and have worn it far too often ever since.

We're off to Barcelona tomorrow - I've come across this incredible chocolate / donut shop called Chok. There is a possibility that once I go in there I will never come back out again...

Get the look...


Best of the Sales Roundup

Whistles D-ring Jumpsuit
Moschino Swimsuit
Missguided Faux Fur Coat
5 Inch & Up x River Island Mules

There are still tons of fab bits left in the sales just about everywhere. Needless to say, I've been doing a lot of sale browsing. My boyfriend can definitely vouch for that... if you're reading this Matt, I apologise for neglecting you. But I've resisted spending my moolah - I'm off to Barcelona next week so I have curbed my spending(ish). So I thought you guys might appreciate a sale picks round up.

 I'm after a Chanel Boy bag look-alike and the Rebecca Minkoff number above is just perfect. It's not quite a 'dupe' as it's got it's own thing going on... I really love the quirky rucksack style. Plus, it's real leather, so you're still getting a quality piece. 

 Massively in love with Whistles pieces (as since forevs.)- this D-ring jumpsuit is so much like Topshop's... yet cheaper ... kid you not. The quality will undoubtedly be spot on too. Be quick though, there only seems to be a few left!