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   I'll put it out there - Pilot was a shop I had completely forgotten about, until now. Funnily enough X Factor was what sparked this post (quite sad really!). If you watch it, you'll know one of the groups, MK1. From day one I thought it was hilarious that they'd names themselves after a teen fashion store (I also wondered if they knew this - not very 'urban!'). But the other day I stated thinking about the other shops around at the time Mk One existed (yeah, this is starting to sound like an odd case of nostalgia, but hear me out). One of these shops was Pilot. I think I'm right in saying that Pilot appeared on a Mary Portas program maybe 2 years ago, but after that I hadn't heard much about them.  

   Out of curiosity, I googled the name. popped up and so I clicked on it. I had a quick look through the website and unveiled some gems. Pilot still sells well priced, on trend products - I remember loving Pilot when I was about 11 because it was one of the 'cool' shops. (How funny is it that I could fit in size 6 clothing in those days and thought it was so cool to be buying from shops with 'grown up' sizes, yet today I'm desperately trying to fit into kids clothes!)

   So, here are some of my finds. I adore the dress - I've been hankering after a little red number for a couple of years now (yes, I know that seems ages, but I'm so fussy about the shade of red!) and this one is gorgeous! The coat is also lovely, I've just bought a black faux fur coat myself, but this one is equally as cosy looking! The snood is a perfect match for it! I'm not sure I could last more than 10 minutes in the heels, but they are beautiful.

Ontop of all this, I have a 10% discount code to share with you all, it's valid until the 30th November.
Enter: AWVC1121 at the checkout for 10% off at Pilot

   I'm not actually sure if Pilot still have stores, if they do then let me know! I've not bought anything from the site myself yet - have you?
Bat Jumper | Internacionale (was on offer in store)
Disco Pant Dupes | eBay
Studded Slippers | Matalan
This is literally my best find in ages and I'm so excited to share it! As I was casually strolling into my local Internacionale I spotted a promotion in the window... it was only a dupe of the bat jumper from the JW Anderson collection at Topshop! Even better - it was half price as it was offer of the week at just £10. Ten pounds. A tenner. I didn't need anymore convincing, it was fate! I picked up the jumper in a medium.

I'm beyond happy with it! I mean, the genuine JW Anderson Bat Jumper on the Topshop site is £69.99 and it's sold out too. I'm not going to lie, I would never pay that much for a jumper, regardless of the designer! So there was no way I would ever own the real deal. But I quite liked the design, so I'm hugely pleased that I came across it. It's the same deal with the disco pant lookalikes I'm wearing here too!

Unfortunately, the jumper isn't on the Internacionale website right now. The jumper is now on the website! I know some people dislike 'dupes' and see them as ripping off brands and designers, but not everyone can afford the big names, but it's worth seeking alternatives and that's what my blog is all about. What do you think of dupes / this jumper?

Ps. When I reach 500 GFC followers I'll be doing a giveaway!

Jumper | Primark
Matte Finish Disco Pants | Daisy Street
Boots | Doc Martens
Necklace | Forever 21

This is almost unheard of. I've bought something pink.

Apart from my Hello Kitty onesie, which is quite the outfit, may I add, I don't actually think I've bought a pink article of clothing for possibly months, maybe years?! I could be exaggerating a bit there, but I literally don't remember the last pink thing I bought! It's just a colour I'm not all that comfortable wearing generally. However, I was in Primark last week on the hunt for a cheap but warm jumper, as a thick jumper is perfect for walking to uni at this time of year. After a rummage around I came across this one. The candyfloss-y shade of it actually appealed to me oddly. I tried it on and I loved the fit - I was sold! I do wish the neck was a tad less open - I generally like my jumpers to be not too far off a crewneck! But I do love it.

I hope you're all having a good week so far - I'm not sure if I've already mentioned it, but I have a temporary job until Christmas. Before now, I've just been allocated to any department that's needed me that day, which has genuinely been an interesting experience. But today I found out I'm going to be put on womenswear now until the end of my contract. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not as I expect I'll be lusting after all the gorgeous clothes and accessories in the department! It was bad enough on menswear and stationary... I'll have to muster up some incredible will power the next couple of months!

By the way I'm not sure what's up with my major grump photo face at the moment, but I shall try to look a bit more jovial in future photos!

 Jumper | New Look
Necklace | Primark

I mentioned a little while ago that I'd bought a new burgundy jumper from New Look, well... tah dah! Here it is (finally)! The word I would use to describe this jumper is perfect. I love the style, the fit, the colour... everything! In fact, if I could afford to buy more, I would! It's just the right thickness, it's snug and looks great with a collar underneath too. For £19.99 I think it's a steal!

It comes in several other colours, which I've linked below the photo so you can have a look. I'd probably go for the blue one next if I had the cash - I need to step away from all these berry colours and add some different shades to my wardrobe in all honesty!

Thanks to good old student discount, I paid around the £17 mark, even better eh! I can't express how much I am in love with this jumper (that sounds a bit creepy... bit too much jumper love), but it's fast becoming my favourite. To conclude: I love jumpers.

Jumper | Next2Nowt
Dress | H&M
Boots | Topshop
Belt | Primark
Fur Stole | New Look 
Watch | Amazon

Walking to uni causes a bit of a dilemma for me. I'll take a peek out of my window in the morning, assess the weather, dress accordingly and (reluctantly) head outside for the sometimes 45 minute walk - I prefer to call it a trek - to uni. I'm not the fittest individual... not in the slightest... so I tend to get a tad warm. Basically, if I've put on a coat, I guarantee that I'll have taken it off within 5 minutes of leaving my house. A coat is a pain to lug around so I've started to layer up a bit more like I have here, or at least opt for a thin jacket rather than a coat so I can pop it in my bag. Things may change as winter approaches though!

 Onto the bargain that wasn't a bargain - the watch. It's an absolutely crap purchase, even for just a fiver. Ascetically, I like it a lot, but practically I have never come across something so useless. The little stick bit that goes through the hole (lovely description there...) to secure the watch isn't long enough (this is sounding more and more dodgy), so it comes undone within seconds of putting it on. Awful! I bought it for work as it'd be nice to know what time it is, but it looks like it'll live in my sewn-on pocket in my blazer (my blazer had no pockets so I had to get the I-won-this-tat-in-a-cracker mini sewing kit out and get DIY-ing). Maybe I should fork out for something haf-decent sometimes!

Shoes | MeeMee
Shirt | MeeMee
Bag | Barratts
Jeans | River Island
Coat | Primark (instore)
 Hat | eBay
Bracelet | eBay (or UK seller)

I'll briefly explain how this post came into being. Dogtooth is a popular at print at the moment, but in all honesty it's just not me. I'm not huge on the whole 'vintage' thing in general (although there are several exceptions!). So instead I've gone with a check print with a more modern feel. Check is probably my favourite print in the grand aray of prints.

I've fallen in love with the shirt. It's from, if you haven't already checked it out, you must! They sell everything from shoes, (...we'll come onto that in a second) to dresses, to coats, at a range of prices - at the risk of sounding gimmicky, they have something for everyone.

Moving onto these incredible shoes... what can I say, I'm in love with these babies too (don't worry, the shirt doesn't mind). I can imagine similar shoes being sold in Topshop around the £100 mark, but these are brilliant for £40. I'm genuinely telling myself that I must stay away from the MeeMee website out of fear of spending every penny I have.

The jeans are in the River Island sale, which I've been quite impressed by (I may have ordered a couple of pieces...). The only downside, as there is to every sale, is that these are now only available in two sizes. Slightly cropped jeans like these usually end up being an almost normal length on me, which is quite handy!

I'm not usually one for white bags, but this little number from Barratts appealed to me. The price is also quite appealing, but this is another sale piece, so if you want it get in there quickly! 

I like to check out the Primark AW12: See What's Landing in Store This Week page of every now and then as a self confessed Primark obsessing-freak. I probably spend more time in Primark than uni these days. I blame third year. Anyhow, it's just a really useful resource to find out what's new. This coat looks so cosy and I love a bit of faux fur, so it seemed perfect to throw on over the shirt to keep warm at this time of year.

   Goddiva is a site that I first heard of a couple of years ago. I think I spotted the brand in a magazine actually, the best place to find online fashion retailers beside blogs in my opinion! I hadn't visited the site in a while, so writing this post has confirmed to me that I should definitely be looking at Goddiva's gorgeous products way more often! They seem to have branched out a little since I last visited the site. I remember them best for their incredible party dresses, but they now sell knitwear, bags, skirts and so on.

   I must say though, the party dress section on the Goddiva site should definitely be your first port of call! If you're a bodycon lover, Goddiva's range of bodycon dresses is really impressive too. They sell really reasonably priced dresses and, although I've never ordered from the site myself, some of them are very appealing! They also sell some more expensive pieces, so whether you're looking to splurge or save you'll find something to suit your budget. I've picked out just a few bargains and beautiful things for you to lust over too. The LBD (little black dress!) section inspired me so I've chosen some of my favourite LBD numbers!

 1 | Metal Stud Bodycon Dress
2 | Gladiator Mini Grecian Dress
3 | Sweetheart Lace Dress
4 | Shift Dress with Origami Pleated Collar

   My personal favourite is the Sweetheart Lace Dress, as it would perfectly cover my pesky armpit boob area (I'm sure some of you girls know what I mean)! The shift dress with the pleated collar would be ideal for work and the two black studded dresses are absolute bargains! They'd be ideal if you're looking for a new going out outfit but don't want to fork out too much cash - brilliant if you're a student like me!

What's your favourite dress? Have you ever ordered form Goddiva?

(I have been monetarily compensated for this post)
 Top | Primark
Jacket | Car boot, DIY
Belt | Primark
Shoes | Matalan

   So, after writing  about my photography kit and having my first photography workshop at uni last week I realised that I haven't been using my camera that it's full potential. I'm quite annoyed at myself actually, as messing about with my camera in manual mode is something I really enjoyed back at college. So I've promised myself that I'll try my best to take better quality photos / not use auto mode!

   Apologies for the grumpy face, not too sure what was going on with it that day..! I threw this outfit together to show off some new(ish) additions to my wardrobe. Bar the top - an old number! Yes, berry has made yet another appearance! I bought this top in autumn of last year from Primark for a pittance, it's such a handy, basic top to layer up with.

   The skirt is from Internacionale and it's a discopant kind of material. I'd seen something similar in River Island, but this one was much more affordable at around £13. The cut and style of it is quite flattering - I actually wore it on a night out the day it arrived! I think it helped to disguise my drinking belly, if you don't know what I'm on about I majorly envy you. I was a bit gutted to see it's not on the website anymore - but you might be able to find it in your local Internacionale.

   The jacket is a DIY piece that I bought from a car boot sale then bleached a little to make it look a bit lighter / less perfect. I haven't really worn it at all yet - it still smells a bit bleachy (annoying!) and I like wearing it most with a skirt but it's been too chilly for such an outfit recently!

   I hope you're all having a great weekend, I'm heading to my boyfriends for a roast later! Can't wait! I've started working a 9 hour shift on Saturdays now, so Sundays are my lie in / resting the feet day. Although I have a ton of reading to do. I'm a tad overwhelmed by books at the moment so I guess I'll be reading flat out before my Sunday roast!

I thought I'd quickly share with you a bargain bracelet I ordered on Monday from eBay. It arrived yesterday (super speedy service for 89p postage!) and I'm really pleased with it so far! For 99p, I'm pretty astounded by it. And yeah... it's claimed to be 18K gold plated - but I'm a little suspicious of that claim due to the price.

Gold Heart Bracelet | eBay

I've bought quite a substantial amount of my jewellery collection from eBay as I find it's cheaper than the highstreet. Plus the quality of the jewellery across the board on eBay has always seemed similar (if not better) to similarly priced highstreet pieces.

The bracelet is also available with little stars on it too - just select the star shape option from the drop down box.
Since beginning my blog at the start of the year I've had a few questions regarding my photos: what camera I use probably being the most common. I thought I'd give you the low down on my photography kit in one fell swoop! Better late than never, eh?

   Before I start getting into any depth about it though, I'll tell you now, my camera was not bought for blogging! I did an A Level in photography, so the camera was bought to improve the quality of the images I was producing and to prepare me for potentially studying photography at university. Personally, I don't think owning a digital SLR is at all essential to producing good photos for your blog (I actually own a £30 Samsung camera which produces some pretty reasonable photos - click here to see some edited examples). But you might get to a stage where you'd like to be able to change lenses for different effects in your photos or maybe even take photography up as a more serious hobby.

   Anyhow! Enough with that; here's what I use to take the outfit photos, in fact any photos, for my blog. I'll provide a link to where you can buy things and a quick overview of each product in case you're particularly interested in any of them.

1. The Body - Canon 1000D: I've used my 1000D for about 4 years now. It does everything I need it too and I've never had any issues with it (I've heard there are common faults, but any electrical product generally does). Canon are known for being a reputable and reliable manufacturer of digital SLRs and their range goes all the way from beginner / amateur cameras to truly insane, professional lumps (some of them are ma-hoosive). I've never owned any other SLR body, so this one is bound to be my favourite!
This body isn't produced anymore, but the closest Canon currently produce is the Canon 1100D, available from Amazon with an 18 - 55mm lens. You can still get the 1000D second hand on eBay and Amazon with or without the 18 - 55mm lens.

2. The Lens - 18 - 55mm Canon lens and 50mm Canon lens: The former is a decent all round lens that is, handily, deemed as the standard lens so 99% of the time it's the lens that comes with Canon cameras. I say handily as this lens is great for producing your generic outfit photo - so perfect for me. It also allows you to zoom. You can get the Canon 18-55mm lens on Amazon here.
I recently bought the 50mm. I simply wanted another lens option, but also because I like the effects it can create (click here to see what I mean!). I bought my 50mm f/1.8 II on eBay for the same price it is on Amazon now (image from here). It's the cheapest of the Canon 50mm lenses; it does all I need it to! It's worth noting this lens doesn't zoom and makes you much closer to the subject - it's worth considering factors like this before diving straight into buying a lens. Check the compatibility of the lens too - imagine how annoying it'd be to buy a lush, pricey lens only for it not to fit!

(for my own images showing the difference between these two lenses click here: 18-55mm | 50mm)

3. The Tripod - Hama Star 63: A really basic, rather ugly but essential thing for an outfit / style blogger. Trust me, investing a few bob in a tripod is much better than stacking up books and cereal boxes to balance your camera on. There are good and bad reviews of this on Amazon. I've had a pretty average experience with it,  reflecting the price. I bought the Hama Star 63 from Amazon about 2 months ago for just under £17 - pretty cheap! The leg extending parts on it can be a little stiff, but otherwise it's a decent starter tripod.

4. Remote Shutter Release - Jueying 3m Remote Shutter Release: A wireless remote shutter release is probably a much more sensible option! You'll laugh at this, but I use a 3m lead remote shutter so I have to press the button and throw the remote away from me like a hot potato as my camera counts down for continuous shooting...! Ones with leads are cheaper, I got this Jueying 3m Remote Shutter Release from eBay and it's easy to use, you just plug it into a compatible SLR and off you go. (Image from here)

5. Editing Software - Photoshop Elements 6.0 & PhotoScape: I've used Photoshop itself before for a couple of years, but I can't afford that these days (...or bother finding illegal ways of downloading... ahem). I currently use Photoshop Elements 6.0, a simplified version of Photoshop. This version is old so it's not sold anymore, but the current version is Photoshop Elements 10.0, which you can buy here from Adobe for £78.15, a scratch of the cost of the real Photoshop!!! It sounds expensive, but I use it every time I process or edit my images.
I also use PhotoScape, a free program, which makes it easy to resize images and carry out basic editing. I'd really recommend it.

I'm hoping I've covered everything! There are a few other bits and bobs you might need, for example a camera bag, lens filters and so on, but I didn't want to make this post any longer than it already was. Feel free to ask any questions you might still have - I'm no expert but I might be able to help!

   A couple of weeks ago I was asked to take part in the How Would You Wear feature for More! magazine. Needless to say I was thrilled! I'd emailed them a few days before hearing back from Zoe, their Junior Stylist, I'd asked if they had any opportunities for me (you don't ask, you don't get, right?!)

  I found out I'd be styling these BDG blue ripped knee straight leg jeans from Urban Outfitters. Personally, these jeans aren't something I'd buy or even try on - they're a bit over the price I'd usually pay for jeans and the ripped knees aren't very 'me'. I prefer a plain old skinny jean in all honesty, I'm a bit of a plain Jane in that respect! But jeans are quite an easy thing to style, so I felt comfortable with the task.

   I took along several outfits to wear with the jeans; this ended up being a good thing actually as I was the last person to style them, so I needed to style it differently to the 4 other girls. Me and the stylists decided to go with my studded peplum top, faux leather jacket and flatforms as no one else had dressed the jeans up. I'd probably wear the outfit to go out for drinks (or something reasonably civilised like that). I had my hair done and the lovely Kerry White did my makeup - she used MAC's Ruby Woo on my lips if you were wondering what lipstick I've got on. Stephanie from Faiiint was there styling a different item - I've followed her blog for a while now and it's brilliant, so it was a privilege to meet her!

   Of course, I was nervous for the actual photo taking(s). I'm not a huge smiler, so putting on a cheesy grin was a bit of a challenge, but as you can see I managed it! The photographer gave me some direction luckily, so I don't look like too much of a plonker in the final image.

 Faux Leather Jacket | (similar here)
 Top | Random market-y shop
Flatforms | Primark
Jewellery | eBay

   I'm next to More!'s fashion editor - how cool is that?! And the reader, Jess, on my right clearly has amazing style - that's why How Would You Wear has got to be my favourite feature in the mag, everyone has such different styles and it's really fascinating to see - I guess that's why I got into blogging! Just a quick correction on the text explaining my outfit to avoid any confusion - the top wasn't Zara unfortunately, but I wish it was! Also, it doesn't describe my style well - mostly my fault, describing your style on the spot is a little daunting! Some of what I said was lost in transcription (the copywriter took notes on what I said!), but I do love black and my Docs as I'm sure you all know!

   As far as I'm aware anyone can take part in this feature, so if you're interested email It was such an incredible experience and opportunity, I'm really honoured to have taken part in it!

Leopard Print & Studded Platform Trainers | eBay
Black & Burgundy Platform Trainers | eBay

Ok, ok... so two of them are £10.49p! So, just over a tenner... but these flatform trainers are such a bargain! New Look are selling some for low top flatforms for £12.99 (instore - unfortunately can't find them online), but these ebay ones are cheaper! And personally I prefer the hi-top style. I wasn't mad about them at first, but, like creepers, they've grown on me oddly! I think the black or burgundy ones are my faves - I wonder if they're comfy though?! Anyone that has any, comment below!

What pair are your favourites? Do you even like the whole flatform trend?
Khaki Leather Sleeved Jacket | New Look
Top | Topshop
Jeans | Topshop
Scarf | H&M
Hat | Peacocks

   Well, it's that time of year when the hat and scarf comes out! I won't be surprised if in the next week or so gloves will be making an appearance too! I can't get enough of this scarf - I've worn it every day since I bought it I think!! It goes with anything and isn't too warm, so perfect for walking to uni as I tend to get a bit too warm in a woolly scarf.

   This top is reaaaally old now! Probably bought it about 3 years ago, but I love the slouchy fit, it's comfy and versatile and kind of matches the patterns and textures of the scarf.

   As you might of noticed from my last outfit post I've tried taking photos in a different part of my room, they seem to be coming out a bit better! There's just a bit of a weird distribution of light in this room as I have a bay window.

   I've been eating an insane amount of Dairy Milk this week. I literally love the stuff - my teeth don't though, oops...! It's helping me get through the disgusting amount of reading I'm having to do before even planning my dissertation though!

   Hope you're all well! Thanks to every one of my followers - I've hit 400 GFC followers, yay! I'm planning on doing a giveaway at 500 followers, so keep your eyes peeled for that one :)

Cardigan | Random shop
if you live in Nottingham and want the name of the shop tweet me @RobynMayday :)
Denim Shirt | H&M
Leggings | Primark
Boots | Dr Martens
Necklace | eBay

Excuse the hideous hair - I had a 9am lecture, resulting in me running late and therefore running out of time to make my hair look decent! On a more positive note, my lecturer is hilarious - he's Malaysian, camp and almost 50. He seems to enjoy throwing the odd swearword in, telling us his life stories and passioantely expressing his obsession with Meryl Streep (I'm not joking. He said he wants us to watch The Devil Wears Prada just because he is obsessed with her, bless him. And yes, this module is based on watching films!).

I spotted the cardigan in a random market-y type shop in Nottingham for £12. As I only have one other cardigan I snapped it up. It's pretty much identical to things being sold on sites such as Missguided at the moment! And these shoulder stud things are on jumpers in Topshop at the moment (great description there Robyn...). 

I'm a bit crazy for these random cheap shops, you can get such incredible bargains. Even though the window displays aren't much to shout about after a rummage I usually find quite a few things I'd buy. There's about 3 or 4 of these types of shops in Nottingham, I never go shopping without having a quick nosey about in at least one! They're a good alternative to Primark, the clothes are about the same price but you don't feel like sardines in a Primark shaped tin, which means you can actually breathe while you shop.

I'm off to watch Lower Than Atlantis tonight - very excited! I'll probably be deaf tomorrow, always seems to happen to me haha.

Faux leather studded skater skirt | eBay 

 I'd seen this faux leather skirt on several blogs over the past couple of months and seeing as the whole gothic / leather thing is back in this season I thought it might be worth trying to hunt down a cheaper alternative. 

   Now, I'm pretty sure this is identical to the skirt being sold by the online blogger-popular fashion retailers you might be familiar with. For example, Lavish Alice are selling this faux leather studded skater skirt for £20 - so the PU studded skirt from eBay is a whole £8 cheaper!

   I decided not to buy this myself as I've been buying far too many studded things. So I went for this PU look skirt from Internacionale, which is actually more like a discopant-look material skirt from River Island that I saw in store the other day for £25 (but I can't find it online darn it!). I really love it so I'll take some photos of it on this week!

Ps. This is my 100th post yay!
Skirt | eBay
Ring | New Look
Dress | H&M
Fur Stole | H&M
Jumper | New Look
Wristlet | New Look
Wedges | Boohoo

 I'm absolutely loving the berry, burgundy and wine shades emerging this season so I've been practically dribbling as I've put together this Less Spend, On Trend post! I think I've picked out some real bargains here.

I mean, the H&M dress - £3.99! I couldn't believe that price. Although, I'm assuming the deal is only on for a limited time, so you might have to order it soon before it goes up to the usual price of £12.99. I can imagine the side panels make it really flattering. I love fur stoles as they're often twice as warm as a scarf! I'd not come across a berry one until I nipped onto the H&M website.

I bought the jumper last week from New Look and it's perfect - comfy, warm and I love the style of it. I'm so glad I picked it up as I've already worn it numerous times - the weather at the moment is making wearing a jumper essential! I managed to get £2 off with my student discount - even better.

Are you loving the berry trend too? What's your favourite of my picks?



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