This post has been worth the wait! Black, spiked boots for under £13 each - you heard me! I'm a massive fan of boots and pretty much exclusively buy them in black. In fact, most shoes I buy are black, bar a few that come out on the odd occasion when I'm feeling a bit jazzy. All three pairs are available in different colour and fabric variations if black faux leather isn't your thing, or you prefer a pop of colour on your feet!

This is another case of the "please buy these so I don't" post, just like this shoe post was, which featured UNIF Hellbound and Jeffrey Campbell Nightwalk dupes. I don't actually own any spiked shoes but I think they'd be absolutely ideal to jazz up a simple dress... ok time to stop imagining outfits with these shoes now! Otherwise I might somehow end up on the PayPal page! Although it's probably best I don't... as it would most likely result in a serious injury of some variety knowing me.

Ps. Outfit posts will resume very soon!

It's been a while hasn't it! Every now and then, life simply gets in the way of blogging. And this past week or so has been a case of exactly that. I'll put it bluntly, a) infections suck, b) antibiotics suck and c) third year sucks.

On a more positive note, I've got a few pieces of exciting and downright cool news. First off, I've got a new camera! I've not even properly tried it out yet due to my hectic life, but you guys will be seeing the products of it by the end of the week I'm hoping!

Next, my giveaway winner was randomly selected yesterday. The wonderful Mags from The Smart Girl's Fashion Guide is the lucky winner - wahoo! Thanks to everyone who entered.

And lastly, I'm on The Muse TV's Style File feature this week - a pretty cool feature! They've rated 5 of my outfits and I reveal the one thing that I'd never wear again (that will probably make some of you chuckle!). Click on the snazzy collage of my outfits below to head over to the Style File!

It's my birthday next Saturday (9th March) - the big 21. I'm going 'somewhere' in Europe for a few days from the 7th - a birthday surprise from my boyfriend! Super exciting! I'm hoping to vlog the trip, wherever it will be!

Hope you're all super and you'll see my face soon! Promise!

Dress | Primark £7
Belt | Came with dress!
Necklaces | BHS £2
Ring | BHS £1
Jacket | Boohoo 
(any jacket would go with this outfit!)
All from SALES :)!

If there's one thing that makes me feel instantly great, rather sadly... I confess, it's clothes. Well... also shoes. And jewellery...

So when I was given £20 to spend on whatever I wanted by Moneysupermarket, provided it made me feel good and I showed my money saving abilities, I immediately though back to my £25 outfit post. A challenge was struck - I would create a £20 outfit. Yes, twenty smackers, that's all. But I had faith in my bargain finding skills...

And so, here it is. It only took one shopping trip to buy everything. In total it was £18, but I made it up to £20 by treating myself to a pretzel smothered in icing and hundreds and thousands (yum!). In true Moneysupermarket style, I saved some dosh too. £44.99 to be precise! If I hadn't grabbed these items in the sale they would have set me back £64.99 - I kid you not!

If you want to see a little vlog of my shopping trip and a bit more about the individual items have a look at the video I made! I also chat about why I chose these bits - why they make me feel super! And of course there's a outfit video at the end.

I should probably add, the jacket wasn't bought using my rather crisp £20 note, but everything else was! You gotta keep warm guys!

Hi again cool Marvel jumper. This has rapidly become a favourite. Novelty-kind-of prints like this help to brighten up my otherwise relatively black and simple wardrobe. And yes, last time the post was 'Marvel-ous' and today it's 'Marvel-icious'. I'm so imaginative.

Guys. It's zee day of love tomorrow.... Valentine's... if you don't know what I'm on about. I recently wrote an article for Muse TV about a budget Valentine's (or just date suitable) outfit - click here if you're interested.

My plan is just to eat a load of chicken and go for some cocktails with the wonderful person who bought me this Marvel jumper. If you're not doing anything I'd greatly advise eating loads and drinking (in moderation of course).

 I always have a bit of a dilemma on Valentine's as to how fancy to dress. I want to look attractive, but at the same time I'm just going to be diving into a plate at Nandos. Greasy face and hands will be a likely outcome. A bib seems the smart choice. I'll make my outfit decision tomorrow! What are you guys wearing if you're off out?

Psst.. I've got a flipping amazing giveaway running to win 3 items from Lashes of London! Enter here!

Wahoo - a giveaway I hear you cry! Well, this is one cool giveaway, if I say so myself. I have 3 items from Lashes of London to send to one lucky person.

I recently won a facebook competition run by Lashes to win £200 of vouchers! How lucky was I! Like a pro, I splurged the lot and have some fantastic new additions to my wardrobe now. However, I wanted to treat you guys to something too. It's been a while since my last giveaway! So I chose this Bound Blue Lace top originally to giveaway (I've got one too!).

But I bought a load of size 10 stuff to try on and I ended up with a couple of things that didn't fit me. Inevitable when ordering online, eh! The two new spring / summer collection releases here, the Trixie Lilac PU skirt and Harlot Cut Out Bralet top were (fortunately for you lot!) these two things!

So, up for grabs I have these two gorgeous tops and a rather spectacular skirt in size 10. These will all go to one lucky winner!

I want to apologise for only giving away one size - my prizes were non exchangeable so I couldn't get a wider variety of sizes. But these things may fit you if you're an 8, 10 or 12. Even if you're not, you can do what you like with it... sell it, give it to a mate, whatever you like!

The only conditions are that you're a GFC follower (had issues with tracking followers on other platforms last time :\!) and have a UK address (sorry - I'm a bit strapped for cash at the minute so can't offer worldwide postage!). There are other optional entries too!

Watch the video to see the garbs and for a bit more info! Good luck my fab little readers!

Striped Turtle Neck Crop Top | Karma Clothing*
Denim Jacket | Car Boot / DIY
Bracelet | Cheap Monday*
Boots | Dr Martens

Well, I basically look a bit like I've been plucked from the 90s. But this top is ideal for SS13. Stripes AND monochrome. Probably a bit early to the party, but that's how I roll (it's all good, I get to drink all the punch and take all the nibbles before anyone else gets to them).

Black and white striped jeans were on many-a-legs a few months ago. So it does make me wince slightly at both monochrome and stripes being top of the trends for the coming season. Just because those jeans were a bit annoying (just like how disco pants are annoying, yet I still wear them. Hypocrite - yes). I'm quite a fan of loud tops at the moment, so this turtleneck, beetlejuice-y number is just my thing, despite the pattern.

It's quite chilly to have my pasty old midriff out at the moment so I did throw on my trusty fur coat before venturing out like this last weekend! Oh, and my boyfriend endearingly chanted 'BEETLEJUICE BEETLEJUICE BEETLEJUICE' at me when he saw me, hence the title.

Top | Topshop
Creepers | Barratts *
Ring | Dorothy Perkins

To me, one of the worst things about it not being socially acceptable to  wearing pyjamas outside my house is being uncomfortable. Actually, I do wear my PJs to Tesco, but that's passable... But really, I can't cope with super tight jeans or tops that feel like some form of straight jacket very regularly.

I know some people own AA disco pants and say they can be majorly tight, these dupes are actually very comfy. Again here I've popped my Primark super cosy tights under my disco pants because a) it's ruddy freezing outside and b) I worry that with cheaper disco pants in some lights you could see right through the fabric - not ideal! This takes me back to Friday when I saw a girl wearing leggings and you could see right through to her ladybird print pants... definitely felt for her. Preferably I'd like to avoid that situation!

My fur coat is incredibly handy in the mad, blustery weather at the moment. My hair goes MENTAL in the wind though and my beanies just fly off. I always feel so much more affected by gusts of wind than other people. I'm forever getting grit in my eyes, being blown into the road and my hair flailing about crazily. Everyone else just seems to walk by normally. I don't understand! Does anyone else get this?

Ps. I'm not aiming to post a video of my outfit alongside my photos in most posts! Hope you're enjoying them :)
Pleather Jacket | Boohoo via Next2Nowt
(also in gold - got mine in the sale in my local store)

I'm creeeam crackered. Hence the uninspiring and absolutely pants title. Starting my final (EVER) term is scary and stressful in equal measures. I printed out 9 copies of my weekly timetable to help me plan things - I must be more organised. I may have left Saturdays and Sundays off of it though. Think my subconscious was being a bit tactical there...

Onto the outfit! I wanted to try the off the shoulder thing, so when I saw this cute number in the Motel sale a few weeks back for £15 I felt it was a coincidentally good buy. I bought this in my 'I don't have enough going out clothes' phase, but I have no excuse to buy such clobber due to rarely going 'out-out'. No more fancy pants clothing purchases for me for a while. 

 It's insanely tight for a medium however, so size up if you get a similar dress from Motel (might just be because this is printed? Not sure.) This one has sold out now, but Motel do lots of similar off the shoulder dresses.

For 30% off Motel dresses use code 'FEBDRESS30' (valid until 4th Feb)
20% off everything else with 'robynmayday'
(except sale!)

So this box chain necklace is probably the most super-duper buy from my recent mini jewellery haul. A couple of people have asked me about it already - I've only worn it twice! One did recoil in horror when I mentioned 'BHS' (I think she was expecting me to say Topshop or something with street cred). But I tell you, BHS is the new hipster hangout.



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