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Personal style. It's just that - personal. But I guess you could say I've become increasingly selfish with it. Wanting to challenge myself more and more. To push my fashion boundaries.
I've added a few interesting pieces to my wardrobe recently, so I thought I'd let you in on how I'm continuing to progress my style. When I say interesting... I mean... have you SEEN this yellow jumper with kinda-crazy shoulder flaps?! How 'fashion-meets-Big-Bird' of me.

Robyn Maydayouigal red mules
So, this is pretty unusual for me. I'm sat down to write this post without a plan in mind, or even a title - just a feeling. Prepare for Robyn-gone-rogue. And a bit of an inspection into my mind right now.
Today I really wanted to write something completely honest. To share how I'm feeling at the moment about my blog and life in general. So here goes.

Robyn MaydayPink suede boots

Boots - I bloody love'em. My feet have spent approximately 90% of their footy little lives in them, ever since I started buying my own shoes. They remain my go-to footwear, aside from slippers, of course. And right now I can't get enough of seriously bold boots. I mean, just look at these pink suede babies!
Western, platform, cut out or flared heel styles... I'm lusting after them ALL! The wilder, the better.
I know, many of them are kinda out there. But here's why I'm so into them and a few bold-ass-boot options for you to shop right now.

Robyn MaydayRobyn Mayday blog
Recently, high-street retailers have been flogging tees, sweaters and hoodies featuring bold statement prints. No, I'm not talking about zebra print (even though it's admittedly wonderful)...  I'm talking slogans.
Feminist, girl power, viva la vulva-esque statement garms are everywhere right now. A bit of a Spice Girls 'Girl Power' tee revival, if you will. I had one of those from a 90s tour! And I wore a hoodie from H&M repping the same statement only a couple of months back.
I get why these tops could be interpreted as commodification of feminism, or even hypocritical in some ways (remember that 'this is what a feminist looks like' tee scandal a few years back?).
But to me, the recent boom in the use of these slogans forces us all to think about what they mean and enables us to wear our hearts on... well... our chests.



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