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The weekend... blink and you'll miss it. 

Although, I think this weekend that all too familiar experience was partly due to consuming many potent ciders / scrumpys yesterday at a beer festival (fortunately there was a'plennnty of cider, as I'm not a beer fan!). Fermented apple-y goodness. If I could have rolled a barrel of the stuff home, I would of.

Well, these trews are might comfy! Despite feeling a bit autumnal in this shade, as I wear a lot of black, it's good to have some variety in my wardrobe! It's good not to look so morbid day to day! High waisted trousers are perfect for work as they look a bit smarter (I seem to have a habit of dressing casually... good thing it's not frowned upon where I work!). 

Anyhow. The moral of today's post is that your don't have to spend too much precious dollah to get your hands on some fab fitting trews. You can nab these babies for just under a tenner - urm. Can I have more in every colour under the sun please?!

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Turtle Neck Top | River Island
Faux Leather Joggers | Topshop (similar at Missguided)
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Bag | Topshop
Teddy Fur Pea Coat | Topshop (similar at Warehouse)

It's still mighty cold outside isn't it! Despite the cheeky sun making me think it's be somewhat warmer outside today, oh man was I wrong... So I'm massively glad I nabbed this mega cosy Topshop coat in the sale a week or so back. It totally lives up to it's name - I feel like a big old polar bear wearing it. Perfect for when I have to hop into my freezing cold car in the mornings! These trousers are pretty thick too actually, making them a super warm combo with my new coat! 

I've had a right good time looking at people's LFW outfits and musings over the past few days. Ya'll are some brave ladies tackling the cobbles in heels! 

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Top | Topman
Jeans | DIY
Bomber Coat | Primark
Bracelet | Cheap Monday
Tika2 Skater Slip Ons | Topshop (similar here)

Well, look at me blogging twice in one week! This is practically unheard of these days! To be fair, I've just been really looking forward to sharing with you all by second pair of shiny shoes. Urgh, I'm sad. Quarter-life crisis or what.

I just had to snap up these Vans-alike Topshop slip ons on the weekend. They remind me of my younger wanna-be-emo days (anyone else have a few pairs of these?!). I did order the pony skin-like pair online a few weeks ago, but found the fit extremely snug. Although my local store didn't have the pony ones in (wahh!), they did have these shiny little beasties in the next size up. Hello twinkle toes.

Having completely forgotten that owned this oversized bomber jacket, it was quite a treat coming across it on the weekend!  Comparing this to my last post is such a contrast - but I do like me some boyish clobber and an all black ensemble!

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Sequin Top | River Island
Fluffy Pink Skirt | New Look
Shiny Black Cleated Sole Boots | Matalan

Instead of being in the shiny skirts crew, I'm starting a shiny shoe crew. After buying three pairs of shiny patent / pvc-ish shoes this weekend, I think it might be worth establising SSA (Shiny Shoes Anonymous). Anyone else's bank balance suffering at the hands of shiny shoes, feel free to get in contact then I can share your shoes too ahem, we can get through this together.

I'm also sporting this rather soft little New Look skirt. It's really not like me to wear pink, but the zips on this make it feel a little less pretty and a bit more ugly and brash. I love me some ugly clothes / shoes, must admit! I'm crazy for anything soft and fluffalicious, so this skirt is right on the money. Plus, it was only £14.99! Wahey!

Right, I'm off to chuck a fruit pie in the oven and then eat the whole thing. I feel I deserve it after lining up 2 more outfit posts for the next week or so! What a good little blogger I am (... on the rare occasion).



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