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At least, getting into it isn't... or back into it, if you've got a history of being a serial gym-dumper like me.


I've got a long-term relationship with the gym that's comparable to Jelena.

You know, Selena and Justin Biebs? On-again-off-again, 'on a break', rekindled romance... basically, more twists and turns than a turkey twizzler.

But over past year, me and the gym have been back on. So let's talk about how I've coaxed my lazy-self into getting my ass to the gym regularly. Because exercising can be major effort when you're laid-back AF.

Make it convenient 

I can't stress how important this is when your most used phrase is 'cba'. Exercising has to be convenient for us leisurely shits.

I'm lucky because I've got a gym at work, meaning lunch time = gym time at least a few days per week. So, I'm not really taking any time out of my non-work life to exercise and I'm in 'get shit done' mode already. I'll then eat my lunch at my desk post-workout.

There's also weights in my garage, so some weekends I'll sneak in a sesh before showering on a Saturday / Sunday morning.

I once paid for half a year's membership at a gym about 7 miles away from my house and went a grand total of (wait for it - *drum roll*)... once. It was effort for me to get to. I wasted hundreds of pounds. Don't be an dumb shit like me and pretend you're going to make any kind of effort.

Adidas stella trainers

Create a bit of regularity

I set an ideal number of times to go to the gym weekly, as well as a goal for the length of time I'm there for. There's a sense of achievement when I've nailed these goals. Being able to mentally tick a box makes me one happy person.

Planning gym-time into my work diary helps out massively too. I'll do this for the week ahead, usually before my diary looks like Outlook has vommed all over itself.

But shit happens and, every so often, so does a damn tasty Hong Kong style chicken and chill on the sofa. Ugh... crispy chicken and sofas. You make me a weak woman. Sometimes I don't hit my goals. But I don't get pissed off about it, I just accept it and make sure I can do my mental box-ticking the following week.

With time, you'll work out a do-able per sesh / per week goal. I now aim for around 4 workouts per week, of around 30 to 50 minutes each. Sometimes I'll only manage two in a week, but that then spurs me on to want to do more the next week. Nicely linking onto...

It will eventually feel natural to just go. And you'll probably start enjoying it

It is absolutely easier said than done, but working out does eventually become part of your life. After a while of going, it starts to feel kind of weird if you don't work out.

It goes from seeming like major effort (this is where motivation is SO important - up next!), but with time you will find it weird if you're not donning your Lycras and sweating like Theresa May in a room full of millennials (political pun in a fitness post, probably not ok.) a couple of times a week.

Adidas stella trainers

Discover your motivation

Suss out why you want to exercise, and what will help you want to actually do it. Because it's not really normal to want to be in a room surrounded by stinky, sweaty humans you don't know (unless you're into that kinda shit).

It's different for everyone, but I've got a few core things that motivate me to a) get my ass to the gym and b) actually crack on with it once I'm there...

  1. My mental health. I've felt first hand the difference a workout can make to your state of mind. The times in my life where I've felt the lowest align with the times where I've not exercised regularly. I don't think it's a coincidence!
  2. Having a good workout kit. I don't buy gym clothes in abundance, but I like to have staple items: good trainers, high waisted leggings and cropped tees / sweatshirts. I tend to stick to classic brands like Adidas, Nike, Puma and Reebok and swear by high waisted leggings from the latter two!
  3. Music is key. I tend to mix it up every session and never stick to one genre. For example, today's playlist consisted of The Subways, Arctic Monkeys, Bring Me The Horizon, Charli XCX and The Weeknd. Whatever keeps me interested for about 3 minutes at a time works basically.

Robyn Mayday fitness

Train how you want to train

First off, suss out if you prefer going it solo, if you want a workout buddy or if your a class kinda person. I usually go it solo. Like I've said before, I like my alone time and going on my own lets me zone out for a bit.

Then, see what floats your boat in terms of your workout. I haven't done any running for months - I only do it when I really fancy it because, to me, it's really dull. I've also got a shit knee, which is a convenient excuse not to run...


Right now, I do 2-3 days on legs and glutes and another day on arms/chest and back, doing about 5-10 mins abs each session. I just do various weight-based exercises... and then put my head under a vending machine whilst pressing 2537 buttons. Simple.

Robyn mayday

Recognise your results

It's super rewarding to see results and progress when you put time and effort into anything. For me, when I can up a weight or push myself through more reps or sets - that's awesome. I know I'm doing something right!

Most weeks I find that I can improve in this way, and if I just fixated on how my body changes body I'd notice very little, because it's so gradual. That said - if I can look in the mirror and feel chuffed with progress, that's a nice bonus too.

That's it! Share any other tips you guys have with me too x


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    Totally needed to read this today - I’m a gym dumper too and I’m trying to get back into it! xxx

  2. These are all great tips! I completely agree with the first one about convenience... there's an amazing gym in my apartment building so going after work is perfect, especially since it's freezing in Boston!

    Kendal // Life With Kendal

  3. I love this post!! And I relate to it so much! I’m also lucky enough to have a gym at work so I do lunchtime sessions too and it’s so convenient!! Also love the gym wear you have on in this! Xxx

    Robyn |




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