I had been pondering over buying a few pieces of  jewelry  from Forever 21 for the past couple of days. This morning I caved and whipped out my credit card to spend just £14.40 on two necklaces and a shirt. It's my birthday on 9th March and as I live over 4 hours away from my parents they can't just pop round to give me presents, so I'm ordering them to be delivered here on their behalf! 

   Although delivery from Forever 21 is £3.95 (if you spend under £50), you do get free returns, which is always handy when shopping online. 

   I'm a little bit concerned about the sizing of the shirt as I sometimes find these kind of shirts cling to my boobs and hang weirdly, so I went for a size up, I'm hoping it will be a bit looser fitting. Fingers crossed it will look nice on! I will write a post about the items when they arrive.

   Here's what I've bought:

Duo Cross Necklace

Faceted Cross Necklace

Striped High-Low Button Up

All images from Forever21.com


  1. I love 2nd necklace :) most get into forever 21 soon,
    Come check out my blog if you get a chance,
    Shannen Xx

    1. I've made a few purchases from Forever 21 before and have been pretty impressed by the quality in comparison to the price of most of their products! xx

  2. the striped shirt looks great!

    xx, Sabinna and David
    Broken Cookies

  3. I love the jewellery from forever21, so cheap! only thing that put's me off a bit is the cost of the postage especially if your only buying a few bits! xx

    1. Postage is a little steep - but I find most companies charge around this price, it does bug me though!

      Free returns are good though, as I've spent £50 before to get free delivery and then returned half the stuff! I found their old delivery company very slow at collecting my returns and you have to be in when they collect it... much easier for me to post it myself. They seem to have a different company doing their deliveries now though, so fingers crossed they're quicker at picking up returns!

  4. I love this shirt, it's lovely! I can't believe how well-priced it is x

    1. I know!! So similar to shirts I've seen in Topshop but way more affordable (for me anyway)! Keep your eyes peeled for a post about the quality / fit of it when it arrives :) xx

  5. love that shirt - really really jealous x

  6. Amazing shirt. Want want want!


    1. Just taken some photos of it on :) will post soon! xx




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