After uni today I ventured into Nottingham with the intention of picking up some foundation samples, a belt, some gloves and a skirt (I had a very particular one in mind.. black chiffon, pleated, high waisted, just above the knee - surely I'm not asking for too much?!). Here is what I brought back with me.

Belt - Primark £2.50    Top - Primark £4   Tights - New Look £5 (eee!!)    Bracelet - Miss Selfridge £4 (£5 w/o student discount - 20% off at the moment!)    Little jar (!?) sample - Estee Lauder Doublewear in Ecru    Mac samples - both NC15 Prolongwear and Studio Sculpt

   I did actually get some gloves from Primark too, but forgot to include them in the photo - just really bog standard black gloves, 2 pairs for £1, can't go wrong! It's so cold here at the moment and I've lost my mittens!

   I'm sure I'll do a post soon showing the belt / skirt / top in an outfit. Was actually hoping to find some jewelry in Primark, but was a bit let down by their current stock. Loving the tops Primark have in at the moment though, as well as the shoes, but I really don't need any more shoes (must get round to selling the many unused pairs I own on eBay!). 

  I rarely wear silver jewelry, but I was really taken by the bracelet - also Miss Selfridge currently has 20% off for students. Pretty sure this applies to their sale too (which is literally the whole of the upstairs in Nottingham, so tempting to pick a few bits up, but I resisted!). I saw Chloe's post (hello plum) where she was wearing a more or less identical bracelet from Topshop and loved it, so it's handy that Miss Selfridge had this one as I didn't visit Topshop today!

   I LOVE Henry Holland tights! I nipped into New Look to look for a skirt but came out with these beauties! I must admit - I haven't really taken a liking to the most recent collection, but I always seem to come across them in the sale and they're always the last pair! These were £5, reduced from £15, unopened- as I'm weirdly fussy about that! I have about 4 pairs of tights from various HH collections already, just because I love wearing them. Will see if the bones tights grown on me...

   As for the samples, I'll blog about these in detail another day.


  1. Aww that top is lovely! Definitely need to get myself to Primark. Great foundation choices. I love Double Wear and ProLongwear, hopefully you do too! :) xxx

    1. They had a few other similar tops too - loved them all! Definitely liking Double Wear but seems like the colour match the woman on the counter gave me was wrong.. too orangey :\! xx

  2. love those tights! nice blog sweety, followed! xo

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