Today is my birthday. Yes, I've hit the big two-zero! Scary. My plans for today were to do some of my final essay due in for Monday this morning (hasn't happened...) and to go shopping and then to La Tasca this afternoon / evening with my boyfriend (this definitely happened!).
   I'm very lucky - my boyfriend is a designer and he's offered to re-design my blog for me. So expect to see my blog with a much, much better design in the coming weeks!

   A quick mention - I'm thinking about launching some kind of giveaway when I get to 150 followers (7 to go!). Not too sure what the prize will be yet! But I'll decide in the next week or so. It will probably be beauty items or jewellery - keep your eyes peeled!

   I'm loving Hellocotton at the moment - I find it a lot more user friendly and well presented than other blogging sites and with the whole GFC fiasco, it is bound to grow and grow. I was also featured on the site in the fashion section the other day, which I'm really grateful for! I've found some brilliant blogs through the site - especially food blogs... oh my god... some of them are mouthwatering! - it's really grown on me! You can find me here on Hellocotton. I look at all the blogs of those who follow me!
  I just want to say how much I'm enjoying blogging on here - it's just over 2 months since I started posting on here and I love it! So many friendly bloggers - I reply to all of the comments left on my posts, as I value the time you've taken to leave them. The least I can do is reply and look at your blog (I genuinely do look at all of your blogs!) and potentially follow you! This probably sounds weird and soppy, but the general gist of what I'm saying is 'thank you!'.


  1. Awww Happy Birthday! :)
    I must check out hellocotton when I get chance! xx

  2. Happy birthday! hope you've had a lovely day. I love reading your blog

  3. Hey hun.. Thanks for the birthday wish.. x

    and happy bday!! we're like bday buddies.. and re hello cotton.. ive just discovered it too and I agree, its a great site.. Ill follow you there as "Yolandaas"

    Take Care xx

    1. I've followed you too :)! Hope you had a great birthday! xx

  4. happy belated birthday, dear :) i hope you had a great day and that's so kind of your boyfriend to change the layout of your blog, even if it's still so pretty right now :))
    I think your blog is great and I can't wait to read more :) I started following and maybe you'll have a look on my blog also, dear :))


    1. Thank you :) Just followed you back - loving your blog! xx

  5. aw, I hope you had a wonderful birthday! Happy belated. xxx




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