Thought I would do a beauty post today as it's been a while. About 3 months back I made an order from E.L.F, consisting of a few brushes (angled contour brush, powder brush, total face brush and blusher / bronzing / blending brush) and one of their All Over Colour Sticks in Spotlight (here).

  I've not really used it full stop, as when I'd put it over my foundation as a highlighter it looked claggy and didn't blend well (if you know what I mean?!). I just put this down to the price of the product - you can't expect a brilliant finish from a £1.50 product. A few days ago I found it at the bottom of my makeup bag and decided to give it a go again.

   I tried it out again, this time straight onto the top of my cheekbone, on freshly cleansed and moisturised skin. It glided on smoothly and only a small amount of product was needed to get a lovely, dewy finish. With my fingers I gently patted it onto my skin - it feels slightly sticky. I'm uncomfortable with this feeling as my skin becomes oily in places throughout the day naturally, so this formula isn't ideal for me. But this is how I've found it can work for me! I applied my foundation over the top (Estee Lauder DW), aiding oil absorpstion, and noticed that my cheeks looked really fresh and slightly dewy, but not oily at all. I then neglect my cheeks when I powder.

   I find this technique adds a subtle glow to my skin without making my skin feel too tacky or worsening oiliness. I'm loving this finish at the moment, as my skin can look really dull with just DW on and a matte contouring powder. Try this technique out if, like me, you want to venture outside of the strictly matte skin!

   Unfortunately, my camera hasn't picked up the finish too well, but I'm sure you can imagine the lovely, subtle glimmer it gives my skin. My makeup looks a bit gross as I did it at 7 this morning.

L - Swatched once R - Heavily swatched (you can see you only need a small amount)

Ps. I've hit 150 followers! The giveaway is coming along very soon! I have, so far, a Cath Kidston Hand Cream, No 7 Eyelash Curlers and a Maybelline Extreme Moisture Lipstick in Nude Blush to give away - some of my favourite beauty products (and all are brand new may I add)! I'm going to pick up a couple more bits before I launch the giveaway so please keep your eyes peeled.


  1. I love E.L.F, their makeup is amazing!
    Haven't tried this, but I will;)
    Love your blog so I'm following, and you deserve over a million followers, cause your blog is so awesome:)

    1. You should it's a good product :) and thank you! xx

  2. ooh ive got this! ive neglected it as well but just started using it again! :)

  3. I'm so tempted to try this, think I'm going to make an order soon they have so many new thing's since I last bought from there :)

    (Btw Im having a small giveaway over on my blog btw, including some elf goodies and false eyelashes!) xxx

    1. I always feel like making a cheeky order from ELF! Oh I'll check it out as I'm already following :) xx

  4. I am tempted to try this! :) xxxx




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