Top - Primark
Hoodie - American Apparel
Jeans - Topshop
Sunglasses - Peacocks
Necklace - Forever 21

   I'll be heading home tomorrow (explains my slight absence from outfit posts / any posts over the past few days!), which will be fun... the 3 hour train ride and 1 hour drive home from the station sucks! Due to packing away most of my clothes into a huge case to lug home, I've been left with clothes I haven't worn in an age that have been stuffed to the back of my drawers. This outfit is a result of that! Not much effort made at all, but it's just one of those days.

   I do love this top though. I bought it from the men's section in Primark last year and cut it up a bit to look a bit more interesting. I haven't worn it since last summer so it was good to re-discover it this morning! I like that it's not clingy and is of course an ideal print for summer! Yeah, I know, it's not summer yet, but it damn well feels like it!

    The jeans I've had for yonks. They're 'jeggings' according to Topshop - to me they're actually jeans though, just a tad more lightweight, so they're great for this strange weather at the moment. The hoodie is American Apparel, another old purchase, but it goes with anything. Could do with a larger size these days though! The sunnies were a cheap purchase from Peacocks a couple of years back. I have such trouble finding sunnies I actually like on me - so I seem to stick to the same old pair, until they break!

   Hope everyone has had a good week! Have brill a weekend!




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