Shirt - Topman
Fake Disco Pants - eBay
Boots - Topshop
Rings - Topshop and eBay
Necklace - Charity Shop

   This is a different take on this outfit post from a couple of weeks back. You guys might have realised my soft spot for versatile clothes and the two key items in this outfit are definitely that. By changing up how I wore the shirt and the accessories I tried to create an outfit suited to a more formal occasion (... some grown up event ...) rather than an outfit slung on for the purpose of trudging (can't be arse-edly) into uni.

   These fake disco pants and denim shirt are definitely staple items of my wardrobe. To see my post about the fake disco pants / where I got them click here. (Hmm.. this gives me an idea to do a post about my staple pieces...!)

   The necklace was found in a charity shop for £1.99. It's a bit long, but you can't complain when something's that cheap! I really need to do a charity shop haul post soon. I have a useless memory... so many things that I must get round to blogging about!

   The £1 Primark sunnies are starting to grow on me - still not too sure if they suit me, but I have decided that I like them. So they're staying!

   By the way, I took these photos on Thursday and the weather was so temperamental (as you may be able to see - rain clouds yet extremely sunny?!), so I added fade to them to disguise the strange lighting (rather unsuccessfully). My cameras being temperamental in the lighting in my room too. So I asked my Mum to take these photos outside - this explains why I look 'wooden' as she so kindly and eloquently described it! I never know what to do when other people take photos of me - I'm such an awkward person. Just to prove this, I managed to walk straight into a branch, which went into my eye right after these photos being taken. Brilliant!

Ps. If you've noticed I've increased the image sizes I'll be using on my blog to 500 pixel width - bigger = better (...?!)  so, sorry for any inconsistencies with image sizes on my blog that you may notice!

Pps... I now have pink hair! Wohoo!


  1. I love denim shirts, I have two and I still want more. Can't wait to see your pink hair. You look lovely. x

    1. Thank you! I have two as well! I love them- so easy to put with anything! Just posting about my hair :) xx

  2. you look smokin' hot in those pants.

  3. Waaaay late reply! ;_;
    But I just found your blog (it's lovely btw)
    I wanted to know how your "Disco Pants" are holding up so far? Im verrrry tempted to buy some. >->

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