Firstly, sorry for the blog neglect. I've been ill, then revising, then procrastinating (seemingly never ending circle?!). I have exams coming up, so I'm trying to keep up with blogging as much I possibly can (especially whilst procrastinating...).

   I wanted to just let you all know that I'm starting to use my 'shop' now. You see my links on right column? My shop link is just there. I've actually titled it the Mayday Outlet, as it's basically clothes or shoes that I've never got round to wearing / don't fit me / I don't need (most of which I'll be very sad to see go...)! I've just listed my first product, some JC Foxy Glittery Gold lookalikes in a Eur 39 (a size UK6, but may also fit a large 5). They've never been worn, only tried on. I'm only shipping to the UK and won't be accepting returns - apologies if this is annoying, but it's the easiest way! They're just £18.99 and completely new... and gorgeous - bye bye lovely shoes :(. 

   Let's just enjoy the glittery delightfulness of these shoes for a moment...

   Good luck to everyone else with exams, I hope you all have a nice weekend! I'm off to The Cheesecake Shop tomorrow, so I hope to be sharing some photos with you next week as I'm hoping to share with you all some of the things I do in my life!


  1. amazing shoes!!

    id love if you could visit my newest outfit post :)


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