Hi Guys,

   My name is Caroline from all about the girl and I offered to do a guest post for Robyn while she was away on holiday (not jealous at all!!!). I love Robyn's blog and I think she's got great style...so I hope I don't show her up with my measly little offering.

Shoes - Office
Jeggings - Gap
Blouse - Urban Outfitters
Jacket - Miss Selfridge

    So here I am, this is me, and my outfit. If you know my blog you'll recognise these wedges, I bought them for my holiday and they've barely left my feet since I got them...too bad it's now forecasted to rain in England for the rest of year (probably!) so looks like they'll be resigned to the back of the wardrobe for a while! As wedges go, they are the comfiest I've ever owned...AND they do them in tan, next pay cheque's purchase perhaps?! 

   The rest of the outfit is a fairly standard work day outfit for me, jeggings and a blouse?! Check! I bought this jacket a couple of years ago, and forgot about it for a while, and I just discovered it again the other day...I've since stuck it on top of every outfit this week! 

   I apologise that my photos aren't as pretty and as good quality as Robyn's but I'm pretty new to blogging and still getting to grips with photos...haven't braved outdoor pictures yet, but I'm feeling inspired by Robyn so watch this space.... 

   Hope Robyn is having a fab hol and hope I haven't bored you all too much :)

Ps. Robyn: Thanks so much Caroline! I love your jacket it's gorgeous! I love the variety of posts on Carolines blog, I love a bit of beauty and fashion mixed in together! Definitely go and have a nosey at her blog here!

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