I am Katrin from Tarte Aux Fraises. I am 23 years old and live in Geneva, Switzerland. I wanted to show you today how to do a Switzerland inspired messy bun. I wear this a lot when my hair is dirty, it takes super short time and I only need 5 bobby pins for it! 

Step 1

Begin with brushed dirty hair. 
Step 2

Split hair in two parts, lower and upper.

Step 3

Twist the upper part and form a bun, bobby pin it down. (I use 1 - 2 bobby pins)

Step 4

Split the lower part into two parts and start braiding one side.
Step 5

Pin the braid on the opposite side of head with a bobby pin

Step 6

Do the same with the other half.

Step 7

Make sure the braids are stuck and the bun is holding. Spray with hairspray if you want (I never do)

As you can see the hair needs to be long to do this. 

If you want to know what make-up I am wearing in these pictures, it is from my Make-Up Monday #10

Bisous :) 
Ps. Robyn: This hairstyle is so cute! I might even try it out on holiday! Doesn't Katrin have the most gorgeous hair you've every seen?!

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  1. what a lovely post!

    love your blog, definitely following!

    from helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com // @thelovecatsinc




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