Sorry for my lack of posts recently, I've been unwell. But fortunately, just as I was coming down with this weird coldy illnessy thing, I recorded a video. I wanted to do a tag video so you guys could get to know me better / get an insight into my strange, little brain.

  I'm going on holiday in a few days, but to prevent my feed looking boring / empty I've been lucky enough for a few bloggers to offer to do some posts for me. I hope you enjoy the posts and I'll say a quick thank you to them now - thank you!!!

   This may well be the last post from me before I go on holiday (although, I hope it isn't!) but I have a lot of packing to do, as the day after getting back from my holiday I'll be moving straight back home. So, enjoy the posts and I'll see you guys in a couple of weeks (but you might spy a post within the next couple of days!).

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