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   Personally, I'm not someone who is all too fussed about buying designer labels or premium brands. A) I just don't have the money and B) I'm more than happy with high street alternatives. However, looking at the sale and clearance departments of both high street and online stores that sell these brands and labels is usually pretty tempting. As you can see from the items I've featured above, you can get some huge discounts on world famous names in fashion. Cruise stock a whole range of brands and labels - my favourite from their current sale are these Just Cavalli leggings - reduced from £110 to £33, that's 70% off!

Yes, these clothes are likely to be from a collection that is now deemed 'old' in the fashion world, but the pieces I've picked out are great, functional additions to any wardrobe that's calling out for some designer names. They aren't in any way solely reflective of last seasons trends - black jeans are a staple for any wardrobe, the print on the leggings makes them a little more quirky, the novelty t-shirt is cute, the belt is classic and the dress has an unusual cut and print. See? They're all really quite classic pieces.

   It's not just the internet that's a super way of sourcing reduced designer products. I like to visit my local designer outlet a couple of times a year and pick up a few bargains. In my experience, the majority these outlets aren't often filled with big name, sought after designers such as the ones featured here, but they still offer brilliant discounts on numerous brands, from high street to designer.

Do you ever splash your cash on full priced designer pieces or do you hunt through the sales and outlets?


  1. Love a bit of wildfox! Great post x

  2. I love wildfox, great idea :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  3. ah I can always be tempted by a bargain! loveee the dress x

    1. Me too! So god for £12!! Like Primark priced!! xx

  4. agreed, its so hard to pass up a crazy sale!

  5. I definitely need to check out Cruise for Wildfox tees - they seem a much more reasonable price! <3

    Ellen xx

  6. Ah I like the wildfox tee! Much more purse friendly here too!


  7. I'm happy with high street alternatives, especially as as student. But, having said that, if I can find a staple trendless piece on sale I will buy it.


  8. Oh these Just Cavalli Leggins are so cute! Did you bought them?





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