Goddiva is a site that I first heard of a couple of years ago. I think I spotted the brand in a magazine actually, the best place to find online fashion retailers beside blogs in my opinion! I hadn't visited the site in a while, so writing this post has confirmed to me that I should definitely be looking at Goddiva's gorgeous products way more often! They seem to have branched out a little since I last visited the site. I remember them best for their incredible party dresses, but they now sell knitwear, bags, skirts and so on.

   I must say though, the party dress section on the Goddiva site should definitely be your first port of call! If you're a bodycon lover, Goddiva's range of bodycon dresses is really impressive too. They sell really reasonably priced dresses and, although I've never ordered from the site myself, some of them are very appealing! They also sell some more expensive pieces, so whether you're looking to splurge or save you'll find something to suit your budget. I've picked out just a few bargains and beautiful things for you to lust over too. The LBD (little black dress!) section inspired me so I've chosen some of my favourite LBD numbers!

 1 | Metal Stud Bodycon Dress
2 | Gladiator Mini Grecian Dress
3 | Sweetheart Lace Dress
4 | Shift Dress with Origami Pleated Collar

   My personal favourite is the Sweetheart Lace Dress, as it would perfectly cover my pesky armpit boob area (I'm sure some of you girls know what I mean)! The shift dress with the pleated collar would be ideal for work and the two black studded dresses are absolute bargains! They'd be ideal if you're looking for a new going out outfit but don't want to fork out too much cash - brilliant if you're a student like me!

What's your favourite dress? Have you ever ordered form Goddiva?

(I have been monetarily compensated for this post)


  1. These are all beauts, I think my favourite is number 3... xo

  2. Such beautiful dresses! so classy and versatile!


    1. You're right - they are classy! Never thought of that haha :) xx

  3. mmmm love LBD's


  4. Replies
    1. Yeah I really love the variety they offer on the site :) xx

  5. When I heard the name I instantly thought of the chocolate bran, with an extra "D". ;) The second dress is very pretty and reminds me of Versace designs. x

  6. The sweetheart dress is simply beautiful! Xo

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE these. Need to buy a new LBD, soon for the holidays!





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