Cruella Jumper | Mina UK*
Jacket | Boohoo (I think!) via Next2Nowt
Shorts | DIY Levi 501s

So for only the second time in my life, I won a competition! Mina UK were running a facebook competition to win a jumper, I entered and won! I was genuinely so surprised as I enter so many competitions (practically daily!) and have only ever won something once before.

It's a textured number with little sparkly threads in it along with the black and white. I can't lie, the association with 101 Dalmatians excites me a little, but I think I'd rather be Perdy than Cruella (Am I getting a little too into this... I think I am). But I do like the white spots on the black - so I guess I can't really be a Dalmatian, boo.

The style of it is very unusual. I think I'm probably a bit too top heavy to pull it off without wearing a jacket on top to make it a little less baggy! But I love layering, so that's all good with me.

After lurking around the Mina UK site I would describe the brand as quite vintage inspired, with heritage style pieces and a lot of feminine cuts and fabrics. Have a snoop around the site if your on the hunt for some unique pieces to add to your wardrobe this season!

Well, doesn't this post link nicely onto my own giveaway! How convenient ;) if you haven't yet entered, you'd be silly not to! All you need to do is follow my blog by GFC. You could win over £30 worth of goodies!


  1. Love the pattern of the jumper! It looks great on you! xxx

  2. I love how you've styled it, congrats on winning! I'm a new follower :) xx

  3. COngrats on your win! I love how you've styled this, looks soo cosy xo

    1. Thank you :) I've not trialed it outdoors yet! xx

  4. love your jumper, well done on winning x

  5. The love the jumper it's so cute!

  6. Well done, the jumper is gorgeous! Xo

  7. Love this outfit

  8. Love the outfit, Robyn!! ♥
    New follower here!


  9. Love this outfit! You're beautiful follow me if you wantttt! xoxo

  10. Love the jumper, and how you teamed it with a leather jacket :)


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