Flowers.. and That.

Pleather Jacket | Boohoo via Next2Nowt
(also in gold - got mine in the sale in my local store)

I'm creeeam crackered. Hence the uninspiring and absolutely pants title. Starting my final (EVER) term is scary and stressful in equal measures. I printed out 9 copies of my weekly timetable to help me plan things - I must be more organised. I may have left Saturdays and Sundays off of it though. Think my subconscious was being a bit tactical there...

Onto the outfit! I wanted to try the off the shoulder thing, so when I saw this cute number in the Motel sale a few weeks back for £15 I felt it was a coincidentally good buy. I bought this in my 'I don't have enough going out clothes' phase, but I have no excuse to buy such clobber due to rarely going 'out-out'. No more fancy pants clothing purchases for me for a while. 

 It's insanely tight for a medium however, so size up if you get a similar dress from Motel (might just be because this is printed? Not sure.) This one has sold out now, but Motel do lots of similar off the shoulder dresses.

For 30% off Motel dresses use code 'FEBDRESS30' (valid until 4th Feb)
20% off everything else with 'robynmayday'
(except sale!)

So this box chain necklace is probably the most super-duper buy from my recent mini jewellery haul. A couple of people have asked me about it already - I've only worn it twice! One did recoil in horror when I mentioned 'BHS' (I think she was expecting me to say Topshop or something with street cred). But I tell you, BHS is the new hipster hangout.



  1. Dress is gorgeous on great outfit xxx


  2. I love this outfit, and your hair! It looks great! I was eying up those off the shoulder dresses so thanks for the discount code and tip about sizing. I always find motel dresses quite small fitting!

    Amy x cocktailsinteacups.blogspot.co.uk

  3. I love this on you! I actually ordered this for my friend's birthday in September and ended up returning it because it was ridiculously tight and I was just so uncomfortable! It really does look great on you though! xxx

  4. i love that dress!
    so cute!

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  5. Aw, i love that dress. The style is like something from Grease! You look stunning, your hair really suits you like that too xo


  6. Love motel so that's a handy 30% off!!



  7. I love your style. Follow us?
    I m new follower
    Chocolate Rose Style

  8. you look amazing! love this outfit :)

  9. I love that dress, i've had my eye on the Catalina off the shoulder dress on Motel, they're so lovely!

    Sophierosehearts x

  10. that off the shoulder dress is so cute x

  11. You look amazing! That dress is awesome, it has such a gorgeous pattern! xxx

  12. You have a lovely figure :)
    Gorgeous dress!

    UK High Street Fashion & Style

  13. That dress is simply lovely!

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  14. Ahhh, you look gorgeous. I always find Motel run small!

    The Style Rawr!

  15. This dress looks gorgeous on you, your figure is amazing!xx

  16. I really like your outfit, so cute! The off the shoulder dress looks fab on ya! xx

  17. That dress looks bloody fabulous on you xx

  18. 9 copies!! You'll be the most organised person ever! Good luck with the rest of the term xx

  19. Wowowowwww look at you! I LOVE this outfit!
    I'm always buying going out clothes but never going out too, final year is murder for my social life! On the plus side when I do go for a night out I have multiple options. haha :)

    http://www.danielleyc.com/ xx

  20. Gorgeous outfit, I love the dress! :)



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