An 'I Woke Up Late' Outfit

Top | Fairground (via Zalando*)
Denim Shirt | H&M
Leggings | H&M
Boots | H&M (blister inducing)
Beanie | H&M

Yo spaghetti Os. I think I might have to start using that as a term of address... my rather lazily dressed body is back on the internet. The title says it all really, I was proper late to meet people to walk to uni, so I had to put together something acceptable (ie. the first comfortable things at the top of my drawers). 

These photos were taken on my new fancy camera machine and I'm having a ton of fun playing around with it, although admittedly I did forget to use manual mode for these photos so they're probably not the best they could be! But just look at the video quality! I'm super pleased.

Update in the 'I'm going 'somewhere' in Europe' situation of my mini update post - I'm going to Brussels - yes, I'm going to be a sprout! Brussels is in Belgium (for anyone who I've cruelly confused), obviously famous for chocolate, but also a statue of a boy peeing. I'm not joking. Click here to see I'm not lying. I'm hoping to vlog the trip and hopefully my encounter with this cray-zay statue thing. Wow, I'm pretty worried about who will end up on my blog now through google searches... But anyway I'm SUPER excited. Click here to subscribe to my channel if you're interested in seeing that statue and / or other upcoming videos featuring the face of yours truely.

You may also notice I've got a dot com - whoopie! Only trouble is, when I link to RobynMayday.com without the www. part, it comes up with an error page (browsers correct this, but links from twitter and the like don't). Pretty annoying. I've followed all the instructions, so if anyone has any advice please help!

Have a fabu-louso weekend everyone!


  1. That beanie looks super cute! Sometimes rushed outfits just really work like this!xo


  2. I got a fairground top of Zalando, it's great I got such a discount. It looks great on you by the way :)


  3. Your top is amazing. Also love your boots, shame they are blister inducing! x

  4. Very cute, hope your blisters get better!


  5. Love this outfit! You look great! xxx

  6. These boots are gorgeous and I also just found your Youtube channel and subscribed :) xxx


  7. Very cute outfit! Lovely blog you have here. I'm your newest follower :) Would you mind checking out our blog & following back via GFC and Bloglovin'? Looking forward to your next post! xx


  8. Enjoy your trip! You look gorgeous, make more videos :)

    A little bit Unique


  9. I have these days too, haha! You still look adorable! :)

    Bella - http://sittingwaitingwishin.blogspot.com/

  10. It's been a while since I went to .com, but from what I remember there was something very specific, and very easy to do via blogger itself that meant it linked without putting www. Sorry I can't remember what though!

    - Tabitha at scaredtoast.com x

  11. how do you manage to wake up late and still look amazing!? i love this outfit :)
    can't wait to see your brussels vlog... have fun being a sprout ;) xx


  12. Your top is awesome! Great outfit! :)



  13. hi dear! i just found your blog and i love it! great post! would you like to follow each other?

  14. LOVE this - your shirt is insane xo

  15. Jesus. If that's your 'running late' outfit then I'd love to see what you looked like after 5 hours hair and makeup and a pro stylist like some of the models I've worked with in my last job. This outfit is actually effortless. LOVE.

    My latest post ** one Of A Kind LBD **

    Magsy xx

    PS) The skirt arrived - waiting for some other bits to arrive before I post!

  16. Love your fashion blog. By the way, maybe we could follow each other on Bloglovin and/or GFC?

    Please leave me a comment on my blog and I will follow you!



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