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Oversized Comic Print Tee | Primark
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Mad luv for this top. I saw it in Primark a good couple of weeks back. It was 'I. NEED. YOU.' at first sight. The slouchy fit, the print, the £6 price tag - it was just spot on, bargain-alicious. Somehow, I didn't buy it that day though, I thought I'd give myself a little bit of time to mull it over - uh huh, a super risky decision when it comes to Primark as things come and go in that place like.. well, let's not go there. But it was fate - when I nipped into the store the other day it was still there. I had to size down twice as it's literally mahoosive fitting, but I like that it's wearable as a top or a dress.

As for the H&M bag, again, fate led me to this little bay-bay (well, I like to tell myself that...). H&M had put on quite the spread of these bags in a selection of white, black and neon orange. As tempted as I was to go for the white version, I wear enough monochrome as it is, so I thought the traffic cone-ish shade of the orange would be a better choice. I have literally no small bags so for £9.99 this had to be mine! The colour hasn't photographed too well (darn neon!) but it's really, really bright!

Well, tonight I'm off to see a midnight viewing of Iron Man 3 at the IMAX. Kind of ties in with the outfit eh! I wish it was acceptable to take a sleeping bag, but alas, I must appear normal and not embarrass my boyfriend. Copious amounts of caffeine will be consumed so that I can stay awake until 12 and then for the whole film (party animal here).

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  1. I love this! That tee/dress is just perf, and for £6 how could you not! It's such a great shape too, I love it! Although at this point I doubt it'll still be in stock, especially in my rubbishy local primark; but never mind! You look awesome, and that bag is just so so cute, and such a gorgeous colour! xxx


  2. I love this top! I bought it a few weeks ago and it's amazing! You look lovely xo


  3. I can't believe that top is only 6 quid, what a bargain! So cute. Love the sunnies too, hopefully the sunshine stays so you can get good use out of them :D enjoy Iron Man 3!


  4. I love that t-shirt! It's amazing. I think I'm going to have to invest in it! And the bag is so cute. You wear such nice clothes!! xx


  5. This is such a great look, and such a bargain indeed! Need to head down to my local primark x

  6. I've been keeping my eye out for this tee - I love it!

  7. Lovely dress! I love the pop of colour from your cute bag x


  8. THAT bag. Super impressed by your cinema dedication, I wish we lived closer so I could've dragged you to the midnight Twilight showings! ;)


  9. love the dress can't believe it was only £6!! the colour of the bag looks great too, v pretty!! xxx

  10. oh wow I love this dress so much, the print is so quirky and I love stuff with writing on! Can't believe it's only £6! I would definitely buy one but my local primark is awful so doubt they would stock it! X


  11. Great outfit! love the bad and dress.


  12. I really love you're style and how it's so cheap! I'm really sad I can't find most of things in Portugal =(
    That dress is just amazing ;D

  13. Stunning! That bag is such a perfect color!

  14. Love this outfit! Needed something to wear out on Saturday, i'm going to have to find this tee! :)


  15. Oooohh I love that t-shirt/dress - especially for 6 quid! Gonna have to take a trip into Primark this weekend to see if there's any left!

  16. Ooh I love it! Will definitely be far too short on me though :( xxx

  17. £6! that is an amazing t-shirt for an amazing price! I'm off to Primark!


  18. Oh wow! Soooo beautiful dress! Perfect outfit! ^_^

  19. Love it! Looks amazing as a dress hun!

    Oh and voted for you for Best Thrify blog :)

    Thanks! Charlie xx LurchHoundLoves.com | UK Fashion Blog

  20. no way is that primark! so cool. Love this outfit xx

  21. Such a funky dress - and as ever - BARGAIN! You are the queen of this! Have voted for you in the Company Style Blog Awards!

    My latest post ** High Street Fashion Week Outfit 1 **
    Mags x

  22. I fancy you. I love that dress. And we are BAG TWINS NOW TOO. Zomfg!


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