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Well, look at me being all organised! If you who watched my last video (April Fashion Finds) you might recognise the top quarter of this outfit (if you're super visually aware!). Plus, my hair was still blonde when I took these photos! Anywhooo... I've tried to be an organised blogger recently as I've got my last ever academic commitments until the end of May. Last chance saloon buddies, so I'd better make a darn good effort!

Believe it or not, these shoes were only £3 from boohoo a few months back - they were the last pair! I've mentioned them before, but I can't get over what an absolute bargain that was. I can get over, however, the despicable blister they gave me on my walk to and from uni last week though. Jeez Louise. It's basically an open wound - TMI (apologies). They seem to have developed some kind of vendetta against me, spiky devils.

Right, back to this 5,000 word project, in which the word 'sexual' is ridiculously overused. I'm not sure whether including that is a good idea for my search engine leads... especially with the mention of pleather... Anyway. Enjoy your bank holiday worker beeeeez. Oh I've also got a blog sale here now! More to come :)

Ps. If the title seems a bit odd, I ate a satsuma that had reaaallly leathery skin the other day (think granny in Benidorm), so I found this amusing that I could tie it into this post. Yes, it's a bit weird, but that satsuma had character and deserves recognition. Ok?


  1. When I first read this I thought it said the shorts gave you blisters ha! Cute outfit xo


  2. Love this outfit, £3 those shoes were a total bargain! Well jealous but not of that blister! xx


  3. Haha I think you're going to get a lot of "sexual pleather" views now! When I do my Friday Favourites, I always shorten it to FF, and use Roman numerals to number them. Ever since FF XXX, I've got a lot of views from people looking for big-breasted naughtiness!


    Ps: I apologise if this comment has affected your search terms even more!

  4. You look awesome Robyn! I love this outfit, and those shoes for £3 how could you not! They're so cute, and such a lovely colour too! xxx


  5. What a bargain! ;) I kind of want those shorts but I'd need to try them first because I'm a weird shape. Waaah, you look adorablz.


  6. Love this outfit, this makes me want those shorts in my life!xx


  7. You look gorgeous, I love the necklace. Can't believe £3 shoes, that's insane xo

  8. Shoutout to that satsuma! Haha!

    Love the shorts and the shoes are amazing! I don't have anything orange I don't think, need to change that! x

  9. Oh i adore this outfit, perfection! x


  10. Need those shorts and shoes! So lovely xx

  11. I looove this outfit! xxx

  12. Love how you described the wrinkly orange!!!!! Those shoes are fit... How dare they give your blisters!!! X

  13. Great outfit, love the shorts and loafers !!
    Misha x


  14. Wow! I am in Love with those shoes! :) x


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