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A bit of a different outfit from me... and you might spot it's in a bit of a different location too! I'll be officially moving house (probably as you're reading this) to a new city (...20 minutes away. Nothing overly interesting!). So, welcome to my currently empty lounge! I took these photos as I had a few spare hours between reading my book, which ended abysmally, and eating fake Wotsists as I camped out waiting for our mattress to arrive. Oh the joys of being an adult / actually having to buy such things.

Anyway, onto the outfit. Much like my life will hopefully be soon (when I actually find a job), this outfit feels a bit more grown up. These jeans remind me of the Topshop Mom jeans that everyone's moved onto now (bye bye Jonis!). They are a little tight on my legs, more like straight leg jeans, but they should loosen up with wear. They're from Hidden Fashion and are just £9.99 - a brand I've spoken about before on my blog here. Their prices are insanely cheap and can pick up some real trendy little gems and delivery has always been speedy when I've ordered from them! I paired them with some silver cigarette heeled shoes, which I actually bought for interviews last year. But as I've seen these kind of shoes styled with boyfriend style jeans so much recently I thought I'd give it a go!

Well, back to packing my life up! I'm hoping to really get back into blogging while I'm looking for a job, as things have been a bit quieter over here recently as I've been so busy. So, hopefully you'll see more regular posts and comments from me while I have some free time. I really have missed reading and commenting on your blogs!


  1. Can't believe the price of those jeans, you look so great in them! Those shoes are amazing too

    Julia x

  2. I love this look, I really don't want to like mom jeans but everyone looks fab I. Them from what I've seen so far! X


  3. Wow you look awesome in those jeans, can't believe that's all they cost! You are quite the smart shopper.

  4. Love this outfit! the top is so nice with the cut out bit. I neeeed to try mom jeans x

  5. These look so good on you! Mom jeans are completely a staple of mine now xo

  6. Those jeans are great. Loving that clutch bag too - I bought it in the nude colour but kinda wish I'd picked up the black too!


  7. Jeans are great, I like simple jeans. They look great on you, and the whole look is adorable =^.^=

  8. oh I am in love with your shoes, your blog is just lovely, keep up the good work :)

    I'm hosting a ASOS giveaway on my blog, pop over and have a look if you want


  9. Those look great, I love how your styled them too!

  10. Gorgeous Robyn! Love how your photos aren't all serious :)



  11. I can't believe those jeans were less than a tenner - absolute bargain! My best mate has some vintage "mom" jeans (courtesy of the back of her mum's closet) which I'm so jealous of!

    P.s. Good luck with your house moving!

  12. That top is gorgeous! Good old Primark x

  13. They actually do look like mom jeans. By the way its really exciting that you're moving - I love the new spot even if it will soon be filled with furniture haha xx

  14. You look great - I love the jeans and the necklace :)

    Eve xxx

  15. You look great! love the shoes.



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