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Leila White 68 American Jersey Football Top | OMG Fashion *
Denim Shirt | Topman
Shorts | F21
Boots | H&M
Nails | OPI 
Coke | Sainsbury's (if you really wanted to know)

Well, look at me being 'todilly' American, like, oh my gad. Coke in hand, American football jersey donned. Americans - feel free to laugh at me for being so ridiculously wrong in my perception of Americans. But hey, I'm pretty sure you all think we drink tea and wear top hats (that's what my Chinese housemate thought at least).

This top is sooo comfy and pretty similar to one I spotted in Topshop a couple of weeks back. What's so fab about this one is that it's just £15. I am wearing shorts, as you can probably spot! But I think oversized tees look awesome as tunicy things, hence the 'where are her trousers?!' look.

My holiday was just perfect! But one thing is on my mind now... tomorrow is THE day where I find out what 3 years of a right hard old slog has resulted in. All I can say is this is no where near A Level results day petrification, but it's still a little scary! Fingers and tootsies crossed!


  1. Loving the bold tee on you! oh darn it, why did I go and buy the topshop one already?!
    Good luck with your results tomorrow, I'm sure you will have done great :D

  2. Love that tee, its beat!x

  3. lookin awesome! Good luck in your results!! xx

  4. I LOVE your boots! xo

  5. Good luck for tomorrow hun! You look amazinggg, jel of those legs! x

  6. Haha as an American, I appreciate your perception.

    Life of Mabel

  7. Sometimes mens tops really are just needed in a girls wardrobe! Love the top! Good luck tomorrow xx

  8. jersey shirts are the most comfortable <3

  9. Love the shorts and jersey combo!x

  10. MISSED CHU. You're look all sunkissed and gorg, what a babe. Good luck!


  11. Love that tee! You look amazing :) xx

  12. GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR RESULTS :) :) I really want a coke now DAMNIT!! haha xx

  13. Jersey sports top. Coke can. So fitting. Definitely a scene from a movie or advert.

    I've been shopping around for the perfect jersey top / dress top. Loving this look at the moment.

    My latest post ** On the road again **

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