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Oversized Bomber Coat | Primark

I cannot express how insanely comfortable these shorts are. Oh my. They're also 100% silk. Oh, and even better, they're in the French Connection sale for only £20 - a complete steal for real silk! I went for this khaki shade as I'm now starting to get some transitional pieces for Autumn (hence the new coat!) prepped seeing as the weather has begun to go downhill. I'm not complaining though! I think the between summer / autumn phase is my favourite clothes wise. 

This coat was just begging to be bought (I swear). Primark really is starting to rival the likes of super-stylish Topshop with these kinda designs! Heads up guys, seems like Primark's AW13 collection is starting to drop in stores!

And finally, you might have noticed I've invested in a second pair of cut out boots. Again, these are from and were (again!) half the original price they were flogged at in Topshop. Seems I can't get enough of snooping for some affordable cut out boots now.. Must. Stop.


  1. The bomber jacket is amazing
    Great blog, would love u to check mine out at
    Looking forward to more posts xx

  2. Ooooh my freakin' gosh. Robyn I LOVE this look! You're just too cool. I'm jealous of your mini cut out boot collection. I want some Arabels but I'm a half size so I don't know what I'd take & they're always out of stock in the stores near me. WAH.

    Tara xo

  3. VERY cool outfit. You pull it all off so effortlessly!

    Helen at "Hels Yeah" xx

  4. I love that top and those shoes! I'll definitely be popping into Primark soon if they are getting as stylish as you say!x

  5. You look freaking incredible Robyn! I absolutely love this outfit! That tee is amazing, and your jacket is awesome definitely wouldn't have guessed it was primark! xxx

  6. amazing outfit love the backwards hat/bomber jacket look!


  7. I love this! Your hat looks so cool xo

  8. Love your cut out boots, the stud detailing is perfect x

  9. I really need to start looking on next2nowt, it's just somewhere I always forget to check! Those shorts are lovely too, I'm desperate to track down the perfect pair of silk shorts!

    - Tabitha at x

  10. Love your boots, and I seriously can't believe your jacket is from Primark (I would never have been able to tell)!

  11. The shorts are such a steal! Absolutely gorgeous.
    Love the top too, definitely gonna have to check out Brandy Melville xo

  12. the jacket is a-maaazing :)x

  13. i looooooooove this!
    you look so gorgeous

    hats look really good on you!

  14. I really wish I had a Primark in the US to go to! Also, those cutout boots are fab. I have a nude pair that I have loved all summer, I need a black pair!

  15. That Jacket is so cool! I must have a look in Primark,
    i always love there Autumn Collections.

    Kerrie x

  16. So much love for the boots. :)

    Ruth x

  17. Those shorts look JUICY!
    And so does the bargain coat :) suits you very mucccccch
    BEAUT xxx

  18. Absolutely love the jacket - fingers crossed it comes in to my local store soon!
    rebekah emilia xxx




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