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Man, things have been buuuusy in the life of Rob (what a comical title eh?!).

I was supposed to sort out this blog post over a week ago, hence the decent weather and flesh on show... but that clearly did not happen! So do not fear - I fully understand it's flipping freezing outside at the moment and certainly did not wear this today. If I had, I think I'd have blue skin or summin'. Well, it'd match the skirt...

I grabbed this skirt from the Lazy Oaf sale (on their website) a few weeks back, as they were doing 20% off of all stock. The cheeky little blighter has been in the back of my mind since I saw it months ago. So when I saw I could get it for around a tenner with delivery I was SO there.

I'm heading back down to Somerset (my previous home) for a few days with my 'rents soon. So perhaps you'll be lucky enough catch some photos of cows, cats (not native to Somerset, they're my own) and country pals on my Instagram / Twitter. Offttt you lucky lot you. 

Anddd I just remembered... I need to pack! Off I trot - see y'all soon!


  1. You look bloody awesome in this outfit x

  2. Absolutely love the skirt! You look lovely m'dear x

  3. That skirt's so pretty, you look awesome Robyn! x

  4. How cute is that skirt!? What a bargain. This weather is ridonkulous. I was in a mini briefly this weekend but today I was freeeezing.

    Tara x

    1. I haven't gone without tights fo rsooo long now :( booo!! xx

  5. I love this outfit Robyn, i am eyeing up those boots especially! x

  6. WOOOW this is gorgeoussss!!

    shabna x x
    my blog :B ->

  7. THat top is amazing! You look stunning xo

  8. I love your boots, am looking for a new winter pair! :)

    B xx

  9. oh hey ;)
    love that skirt Chobynnnnnn!!
    The print is groovilicious!
    Enjoy Somerset m'dear :D xxxx

    1. I thought you said growlilicious for a second there - phaha!!! xx

  10. Amazing! Everything about this look is perfect!

  11. Aww you look gorgeous, love this look Robyn!

    Read my latest post: ** TRASHION from Dumpster Design **

    Mags xxx

  12. Love your outfit here, so stylish yet looks effortless!

    Vicky x

  13. Oh this top is so cute! Love the look Robyn!

    -Trina ♥




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