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Oversize Melange Tee In Grey | Missguided *
Snake Detail Asymmetric Mini Skirt | Missguided *
Paisley Waterfall Kimono | Missguided *
Spike Bracelet In Silver | Missguided *
Necklace | River Island
Topshop Arabel Studded Cut Out Boots |

Yes, I misled you. This post has nothing to do with me performing the good old 'changing the lightbulb' or even some cray-zay 80s dance move for you all. What a shame. What I'm actually referring to is the awesome shapes of the clobber in this outfit. Urm. Yeah, my titles are really quite something aren't they...

I've been after an asymmetric skirt for a while, so when Missguided approached me to take part in a Blogger Edit, which is all about autumn / winter kimonos FYI, I had to opt for one to style within of my three outfits. It's actually surprisingly comfortable and flattering and the snakeskin effect on the pleather is perfect for autumn. The tee is also ridiculously soft! Nothin' like a baby soft cotton tee - simple pleasures (oh aren't I sad).

The kimono I chose will definitely take me through to next spring - it's going to be ideal to layer up and it looks cracking with almost anything. The waterfall cut at the back is a fab touch too. It's a reeeet old bargain at just £19.99 - plus, standard delivery is just £1 at the mo... it'd be rude not too make a cheeky purchase.

Expect two more outfits including the kimono over the next week or so!


  1. I love the waterfall Kimono :) Beautiful! xxx

  2. Loving that kimono, so pretty! You look amazing Robyn! x

  3. Love this outfit! The skirt is my favourite :) x

    Pastel Bokeh

  4. you look super beautiful! I just love this outfit ♥

  5. Love your skirt. Missguided have some amazing pieces in at the moment x

  6. I've been loving the whole asymmetric skirt think at the moment, this one looks so cool with the leather! I'm obsessed with it!!
    Eleanor x

  7. Such a cool outfit! I totally missed the whole kimono trend over Summer even though I do really like them but I just kindof forgot to get one! This one is perfect for a/w :)

  8. You look amazing - what an insane skirt xo

  9. I was so tempted to buy that skirt the other day and now I've seen how good it looks on you, I might have too!

    Julia x

  10. I love the shapes in this outfit too, and the kimono is lovely x

  11. Robyn I miss your outfit posts! Such a busy gal these days. ;) Super cool outfit, I now want to buy this baby soft tee! ;)

    Tara xo

  12. Love this look!
    Especially the kimono.


  13. Haha Chobyn I genuinely got excited and was expecting to scroll down and see you mid-dance. Next time m'dear, next time... As for the shapely outfit, I'm loving it!! You hot momma you!

    Exciting to throw shapes with you & Amy next weekend!! AH MA GERDDDDDDDD <3

    Tasha | So On Trend xxxx

  14. Loooove your skirt and booties! x

  15. the necklace you have on is so great, love those cutout boots too :)




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