Ahh more autumn cosiness! But before everyone clicks away from this post immediately... I KNOW, I know... those BOOTS. I'm hankering after them madly too.  They're available online very soon, so hold yer horses. Bookmark the page - or better still, if you pop on the product page you can get New Look to email you as soon as they hit the site! Really tempted to get these to set off my all-too-frequent all black outfits! I do get a hospital vibe from them admittedly, but let's call it NHS chic. I love'em.

I recently bought the black version of this furalicious cossack hat (you can see it here in my previous post). These cream mittens would match the hat perfectly. I definitely need some mittens or gloves right now - it's getting pretty nippy out there! 

When I popped into New Look the other day I spotted this grey shearling coat on offer - it's £20 off the original price at the moment. The Chritsmas jumper is another bargain, plus, I think it's quite a cute and modern take on the good old Chrsitmas jumper! 

Finally, these cute little cat print cupcake cases in matching packaging are very me! Plus, I crave cake in cold weather (not sure why, but gotta love cake). As a self-confessed crazy cat lady and cake lover I pretty much need these. Although I'd probaly never use them... they'd be kept for decoration because I'm weird like that.

Let me know if you're crying at the beauty of those boots like me... (sad aren't I).

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  1. Hahaha you know I'm ready to have some NHS chic in my life - they're amazing! :o xx

  2. The lots are amazing and such a great price. Love the NHS chic comment. I am all about the Christmas jumper too ha x


  3. That hat is SO perfect! xo

  4. These are all such lovely pieces and at great prices too! xx

  5. That Christmas jumper is ADORABLE. I'm such a sucker for festive knitwear.

  6. I'm guilty of clicking the link for the boots before I'd read the start of your post and seeing no sizes available was very distressing! Haha. Will be jumping on those as soon as they're out for sure! You've picked out some great bits, been loving New Look recently and the prices are pretty bank friendly too.

    Little Black Russian


    And I love that hat too! I wish I could get away with those types of boots but I can't :( I'm too girly with my style!

    Cat, xo
    I have a Little Beauty Giveaway currently on too :)

  8. NHS chic? Bahahaha! That hat is a beaut!

    Tara xo

  9. Great Picks. Hope you can stop by and check out my latest post www.nellecreations.com

  10. I love that Christmas jumper.....

  11. Robyn I've been watching these boots for what seems like forever!
    LOL - NHS CHIC, I LOVE that phrase!!
    La Mode D'Emm

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