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Words cannot express my adoration for Primark Super High-waisted Jeans. I fell for the blumin' hype around Topshop Jonis last year (love ya Toppers, but those black Jonis aren't your best...) and was pretty dissapointed by them after a few wears. My less-than-brill Joni experience was just with the black pair though; I know people have found other shades to be better fortunately. But I've found a reeeet old gem in Primark with these black skinny jeans. I already had them in navy, but picked them up in black after I gave up with my Joni jeans. 

These Primark babies are just £10 - definitely fashion-blogger-dupe material (or better than dupe..?!) They're not as stretchy as the Topshop Joni jeans and are thicker; although, this comes as a bit of a bonus as they don't go out of shape as rapidly!

Let me know if you've owned either pair of jeans and what you thought of them - always good to hear other people's experiences :)


  1. I loved my black Joni jeans at first but they're really faded now and the knees go baggy too quickly for my liking! Think I'll need to give these a go. I love your boots, what a great find! x

    1. Same! They were SO comfy at first and now they're just a mess ha! xx

  2. These are dupes and a half Chobyn! I've got to get myself to Primark x

  3. I'm so annoyed with my black jonis. They've totally lost their shape and stretched at the waist so are now far too big. I might have a go at shrinking them in the tumble dryer haha but if that doesn't work then these Primark dupes seem like a good option!

    Sarah Nunn | UK Style Blog

  4. Fab jeans for a tenner and they are high waisted - result! Also loving your top too hun :)

    Charlie xx

  5. I tried a pair of these jeans on a few weeks ago and loved them but I didn't get them, wish I did. A trip to Primark is needed!
    Jess xo

  6. I saw these in my local primark and didn't end up buying them, I wish I had now though!
    Love your bag too :)
    emmerliejay x

  7. You look gorgeous - I've never ever bought jeans from Primark! Your shirt is gorgeous xo

  8. Love this outfit! I need to keep a look out for those jeans in primark!x

  9. These jeans fit you like a glove!! I'm gonna have to get to Primark and stock up.
    I way prefer high waisted jeans that have a single button visible as opposed to three of four.
    Good work Primark, good work!
    JS xx

  10. Definitely going to have to try these out, flipping love the H&M Vagabond dupes too!
    Love this post

  11. Gosh, I definitely want to try these but I don't think I can fit any more jeans in my jeans wardrobe! Wahhhh. They don't look like Primark at all. Super duper dupe! <3

    Tara xo

  12. I have so much love for Primark jeans

  13. Love them! Have them in every colour Found them much better than my joni jeans!!

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  15. Those boots. Love love love xxxx

  16. Omg those jeans are perfect, did you get them in Primark? Need to snap those asap! Love your outfit as always :) The vagabond dupes are so cute xo

  17. I bought a pair of Primark jeans for £8 and they are AMAZING! Never ever returning to Topshop again! Spent £40 on jeans twice for them to tear and the outer thigh!

    Brunette in Louboutins

  18. Great look! That bag is awesome!

  19. I got a pair of black high waisted skinny jeans from Primark 2 years ago for 5€! They're still going strong.
    I ripped them at the knees and I love them even more like that. Brilliant!


    This is wicked, loving the backwards cap and those booties! You're like totes 90s and I'm loving it!
    MISS YOW xxxx

  21. These are a STEAL...need to head down to primark! Can't go wrong with black jeans in winter!

  22. Anything's worth a try, I tried the Topshop Leigh ones and they are baggy, wrinkly, and grey now! Wah! These look way better. Awesome outfit, as per! xxx

  23. Oh I love the jumper/sweatshirt whatever you want to call it, its lovely! I never usually go for jeans although I do have a very similar pair of jeans which are from River Island (I got them for uniform which made them free, yay!) and think they are soooo much better than the Joni's!

    Love the boots too!


  24. Tall: depending on your figure, you have several jean styles to choose from. You could start with Leslie Jean Designs an extra low rise style to show off your flat tummy and slim hips. If you are looking to accentuate your long legs, then wear a high-waist jean.

  25. nice




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