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It's been a while hasn't it! Although, not that much has changed since my face last appeared on here. But perhaps the most one thing is my hair. I decided to go for the chop just before Christmas. It wasn't one of those 'New Year, new start' thangs. It really had to be done as my mop had become a right straggly mess. Bless my hair, it's been through a lot - it deserved some money spent on it! Anyway, onto zee clobber!

I honestly can't believe the quality of these trousers. I can be a bit cautious of new brands (especially overseas ones where returning things is an absolute bugger). But I can honestly say, these are probably the snazziest trews I own! They're lined (offt fancy!) and are a pretty thick wool-like fabric. They're also the perfect length for me (they're rolled up here a little, but de-rolled with heels they'd be perf too). Having oddly short legs, this is quite the miracle. At just £27.72 these are a mega bargain.

My boyfriend did stop me as I was about to take these photos... 'hang on, those trousers remind me of something...oh, you're like Cruella de Vil'. Thanks Matt. But I love'em. (No Dalmatians were harmed in the making of this post)


  1. I love these trousers, I used to want a pair of tights that were half black half white but these are definitely a step up from those. Your new hair looks lovely as well, it really suits you!


  2. You look awesome Robyn, those trousers are just soooo cool! x


  3. I am in love with those trousers, seriously cool might have to be total copy cat and get involved on payday! You look awesome gurrrllll <3


  4. All you need is a cigarette holder and a puppy under the other arm mate ;)

    These trews are amazing! I've got a pair of striped ones but they're no where near as snazzy as these! <3 Claire @ Jazzpad

  5. oh my sweet lord those trousers are just amazing! bladdy gorgeous babe and loving the new hair! xx

  6. Honestly want these trousers more than life. x

  7. Probably the best trousers of the year so far xo

  8. Love your new hair!
    And those trousers are immense :)

    Rosie x

  9. I love them!!!


  10. Robyn your new hair looks SHAMAZING x

  11. Love love love those trousers! Definitely a bit Cruella, but in the best possible way! :D

  12. Loving the new hair doo doll :) xx


  13. Those pants are my god! amazing really


  14. I love the new 'do'!! Thanks for putting that song in ny head hahaha. Love these trousers, the bolder the better!

    Tara xo

  15. Gorgeous look, I love the pants

    xo' M

  16. Ah these trousers are amazing! looking lovely :)

  17. these pants are so fun and funky! You rock the hell out of them...i'm pretty sure if i tried to wear them I'd look so odd.


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